Monday, July 6, 2009

We will miss you Uncle Vic!

Last Saturday, our neighbor Ate Felma informed us that Uncle Vic had a stroke and unluckily he did not survive. Uncle Vic was my papa's best friend, they are great buddies since they were still young untill the last minute of his life. Itik, was the name given by my father to uncle hence according to him uncle was like a duck if he talks. We will be missing uncle Vic for sure, his silly jokes, his advices and his company. The body of uncle lays at Cotabato City and will be transfered at Buayan, Mlang, North Cotabato. Kuya Junior his eldest son was tasked to arrange all the needs for his dad including the papers of uncle Vic's insurances. Kuya told us that one of his dad's term life insurance had not matured yet but the family decided to waive the right t so that they can use the money for the funeral of Uncle Vic. Interment service will be schedule when Eugene his youngest son arrives on Thursday!

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