Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel and Work

Got a chance to work with Non-Government Organization(NGO) years ago. I enjoyed my work when I was in Project-Aim, aside from good compensation I also have a chance to travel while I am working. Our director Kuya Rey have a chance travel abroad particularly in European countries. This time the DKA partner will sponsor his trip to USA and he is very excited about it cause its his first time to travel in US territory. They will be touring all around Chicago, California and they will be staying at Florida for 2 weeks before going to New York. Kuya Rey will now experience the orlando vacations yepey... so happy for him.

MOFYA Awardee

This is the plague of Kuya Bouy Gallegos, when he won the outstanding achievement award sea based OFW Regional Level . His entry for the National Level was already submitted and evaluated last August17, 2009 at Koronadal City. We are very optomistic that Kuya Bouy can bagged the award again... I will surely blog about this soon!


Got a text from my former boss that he just received his US visa and thanking me for helping him pray for it. I am glad he has it now cause Kuya Rey waited it for 3 long years. Yup, that how patient he is in waiting for his US visa. Well, his waiting is worth waiting for cause the US government granted him a multiple entry, great! Kuya will be staying in California and it would be possible for him to experience the Vegas vacations hence his sister Ate Lulu promised him a tour package once he step on Uncle Sam's land. Good luck, Kuya Rey so happy for you.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tatakbo ka ba?

I've seen the commercial flix of GMA-7 for TATAKBO KA BA? A lot of politicians and personalities was involve. At first, I thought it was all about politics and I told to myself |" its too early to talk about 2010 election". As the commercial continous, I've learn it is all about TATAKBO KA BA, FUN RUN in connection with the documentary segment of the station for 2010 ELEKSYON NA, TATAKBO KA BA? HAMON PARA SA KAAYUSAN NG PILIPINAS. I was amaze of the idea of this program and I'm sure it will be another milestone for the GMA public affairs program. Yesterday, I visited the website of the station and so excited to download the official entry form as if I am joining the contest hehehehe.... Anyways, just wanted to have a copy for myself for a souvenir cause in a day or two after the event it would not be possible to download it anymore. Please read the details below for the schedule!

When: August 30, 2009
Time: 5:30 a.m.
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Registration fee: P250.00
Distances: 5k/10k
Registration begins on August 3, Monday – Sunday at the GMA Network Center, Timog Entrance

Vacation of your life!

Holiday season is coming up soon specially now that Ber months is moving fast. I myself loves to spent vacation with my whole family and I am looking forward to have one before the year ends. If I just have enough money, I want to experience the Branson vacations packages that offers once in life time experience. I am really wishing for this to happen soon! wink..

Taking it Easy!

I am now preparing myself for my diet regimen as prescribed by my doctor. I know it would be tough for me to do this but with determination I know I can do it! I really wanted to ge through with my excessive fats and I know with the fat burning program that is prepared for me, it will be very possible. For now, I am taking it easy so that my metabolism will slowly adjust with the changes.

The Promise!

Seen this pictures this morning when I am browsing the net. This pictures where taken from my friends online wedding albums. I feel attracted with it, so I decided to make a post using this materials. This bible and ring photo is from Cha and Jojo's wedding. They got married last May 9, 2009 here in Kidapawan city. To date,Cha is already 2 months on the way and the couple were both very excited about this new chapter of their lives.

The other photo is came from Lermz and Andy wedding album. I know Lermz will be surprise when she will be seing this hehehehe... I just can't stop my self admiring the love of this couple. I haven't ventured their love story from the start but the time I knew both of them, their story is very inspiring. I was able to attend their wedding at General Santos City last February 16, 2008. That was also the first time I met Lermz and Andy. For short, their wedding day was our Eyeball day.

Package for my Boss!

Last Friday, while we are having our snacks. A mailman came to the office and look for our Boss. Since Ate Ming was still eating that time, Mr. Postman hand-in to me the package notice. I immediately gave it to my boss. She is very happy reading the content of the notice: Note: Notebook in the package (Sony Vaio inside). The office is just a hundred meter away from the post office so, she immediately get the package. When she came back her smile is endless, she told us it came from an OFW from HONGKONG whom she help 2 years ago.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Supplement Helps!

After got sick and hospitalized for 15 days 5 months ago, my doctor advice me to take food supplements.I know how important supplements is to our body like hgh specially nowadays that pollutants is everywhere. My doctor advice me that all medications should be according to his guidance. Well, I am a good patient thats why I followed all his orders. To date, I am taking 4 supplements for myself including vitamins C, E, D and B complex.

1st Accomplishement!

In less than two weeks of my stay here at PESO, I am happy to say that I already had my 1st accomplishment. I already finished a documentary of Mr. Gazello Gallegos for his achievement as an Overseas Filipino Worker for 21 years. Kuya Bouy as I called him is only 43 years old. He already won the Most Outstanding OFW Family Award 2009 in the provincial and regional level awarded last July of this year. I helped his family to package his entry for the National level and last Monday it was evaluated by the panelist at Koronadal City. We are hoping for the best result of our entry. My boss told me that during her presentation of the documentary the panelist were all impressed, in fact they had received several applauses specially in the ending part of the presentation. Hmmm.... I am very happy when I've heard it, the hardwork and sleepless nights in packing the entry is worth compensatable. Were looking forward for the big announcement at the end of this month. Wish us luck guys!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He is coming!

Super Bob is coming, he is the honey of my other bessie Ember. As early as now, they already have their iterinary where to go to cause Super Bob will just stay for less than a month. This morning Ember texted me that she will be going to her dentist for prophylaxis and she is very happy cause she had a dental discounts for that activity. I tease her about her excitement on Super Bob's coming but she just responded me a crisp loud laugh... hehehehe, naughty sister!

Monday, August 17, 2009

In Preparation!

Ethel dear and Dada Raul is now busy shopping for the things needed of their baby boy. When my bessie Ethel was in SM city, she texted me that they are now on the swing sets section of the department store. They are scouting for strollers, cribs and swing bumper for baby boy. She is very excited about the things they are buying for the baby. Every aspect they wanted to take into, she is happily sharing it with me which I am really grateful.

Friday, August 14, 2009

4 Dimentional viewing!

This is the baby picture of my best friend Ethel who is on her 29 weeks of pregnancy. She text me last Monday night and sent me the 4 dimension ultra sound of his baby Boy. I know my sister dear and his hubby is very happy cause baby boy is very healthy. I am very amaze of the technology really made wonders hehehe... Ethel and RAul is now very busy buying things for their upcoming baby.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Andrei's Swimming Pool!

I've noticed lately that my nephew Andrei loves to swim. He always asked permission to my dad to go to a nearby swimming pool. At the age of 4 he wanted to learn how to swim properly, I told my youngest brother about it and he replied he is planning to buy a kiddie pool for his son. I myself is very excited for that development and wish that it has a spa filters just like a standard pool. My brother told me that it will be his birthday gift to Andrei this coming October.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am now at PESO!

Effective today, I am now reporting to Peso office. Got instruction from the City HRMO last Monday. My transfer was a bit abrupt but as a good soldier I need to comply before I will complain. I was task with a new assignment not because I didn't perform well at KCITS but PESO office needs my service. I felt a heavy heart leaving my previous workplace cause 3 years is not joke. We are the one who started the operation way back 2006, I and my Engr. EHL started KCITS operation without a single paper at the office but in less than 2 years we already established a system of the entire operation and completed all the equipments needed. Anyways, I felt like a turtle thrown to a river cause in my new assignment I felt less pressure and lesser responsibilities. I will blog for more soon!