Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am now at PESO!

Effective today, I am now reporting to Peso office. Got instruction from the City HRMO last Monday. My transfer was a bit abrupt but as a good soldier I need to comply before I will complain. I was task with a new assignment not because I didn't perform well at KCITS but PESO office needs my service. I felt a heavy heart leaving my previous workplace cause 3 years is not joke. We are the one who started the operation way back 2006, I and my Engr. EHL started KCITS operation without a single paper at the office but in less than 2 years we already established a system of the entire operation and completed all the equipments needed. Anyways, I felt like a turtle thrown to a river cause in my new assignment I felt less pressure and lesser responsibilities. I will blog for more soon!

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