Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Leaving for Good!

Last Thursday, got a chance to talk with my colleagues at KCITS. So happy when they visited me here at PESO office. We have never ending chit chats, as if were not seeing each other for quite sometime. They have mentioned that Jenny had tender her resignation effective last month because she will be getting married and plan to have their honeymoon to of the destin vacation rentals in Florida as a gift of his father and mother in-law to be. They told me that she was very excited because her dream is coming true. Best wishes Jen, till we meet again!


After the wrath of hurricane Ondoy, a lot of our countrymen are now joining hand in hand to help the victims of the said hurricane who leaves an unforgettable mark to the lives of many Filipinos. Some affected areas are now starting cleaning and fixing their houses while others are still waiting the water to go down on their respective premises. The MMDA is providing heavy equipments like rv towing trucks, fire trucks and pay loaders to help clear the areas affected.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Very Proud for Andrei!

We are very proud of my nephew's achievement! His teacher talk to my mom about his exemplary performance at school. Andrei made to the top 10 and we are not expecting it. He is only turning 5 this October 12 and it is his first formal school attendance. Andrei is now joining the class of Kinder II at CMC. Awarding of certificates will be on October 1, 2009 right after the flag raising ceremony. Keep it up Andrei, we are very proud of you!

Friday, September 18, 2009

December is coming!

Less than a hundred days, the most awaited vacation time is nearly coming soon! I emailed my cousin living in New York, asking if they will be coming home for Christmas break. This morning I already had her response and I've learned his husband already book to New Orleans motels for their travel on second week of December. Ate Angging added, they will be going home for sure March of next year with my Tita Baby during, timely for Pao's graduation!

Just in Time!

Thanks GOD! We've make it, we already finished the video documentary of Region XII's sea-based category contender for Model OFW Family of the Year Award, around 2 o'clock in the morning! I go home around 2:15 but I need to go back to Zoomers Editing House at 7 am to get all the DVD copy cause Kuya Buoy Gallegos, the contender needs to bring the his entry to OWWA 12 at Koronadal City before 12 noon. Working with his entry is another challenging work for me hence after 3 long years I was able to make a video presentation again. I am just very thankful because we met the deadline given to us by OWWA 12. Another buzzer beater for me hehehe...

Canada's Finest!

So happy cause after several months of leaving messages to my loving Tita Baby, she finally go online last Tuesday. We have fun chatting and updating regarding ourlives. We missed her very much. If you want to see my tita's face, just try to look at Vilma Santos pictures, thats how beautiful she is. Tita told me that they will be planning to go home next year, their baggage will be ship 6 months advance including the bell tv that Tito Red promise to my dear Granny cause she keeps on complaining that she wanted to have a flat tv on her room. Sossy!

I wish... I wish!

This is the latest photo of Kiks and Baby Leeyah... Kiks looks so skinny after 7 months of giving birth to this beautiful angel. I remember when Kiks posted this pics on her facebook, a friend ask her what is her secret of losing weight so fast, did she use the best weight loss pill in town? She replied... breastfeeding and exercise my friend"! Few words but powerful hehehe

The father and son tandem!

This is the latest picture of my brother Aris and nephew Andrei . I took this 2 weeks ago when the whole family had a bonding moment at Kidapawan City Plaza. Andrei looks so demure here hehehehe... unlike his papa Aris who give it's 100% close up smile LOL!

Acne Free!

Before her wedding day, Jojo is complaining bout her face. With so much stress during the wedding preparation she got a lot of pimples but thanks to Acneticin because she is now have a flawless skin. She uses this product two weeks before her wedding day and look what she's got! Olah.... very beautiful!


Aside from being a gadget freak, my brother is also in shoe addiction! He wanted to collect different kind of shoes like Adidas, Nike, Fila, Dr. martins and Clarks shoes. This hobby started when he was still in college. I observed that his son Andrei, goes the same way... hmmmm life father like son hehehe!

Monday, September 14, 2009

For their Kids!

If you have noticed, I am not updating my blog for almost a week now... its because I am busy making the entry of Kuya Buoy for the Model OFW Family of the Year Award for the National Level. While I am preparing the documents I notice that the 5 of them have a life insurance policy. I told ate Dang about it and she laugh.. she told me that his husband Buoy really prepares it for them. Hmmm... very responsible and loving head of the family! hehehehe

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maging In Ka Naman!

Most of my friends are now Facebook wannabee's! A monthe ago a friend texted me if I have an account on the said networking site and I told her, no I dont have... She teased me saying " Hey gurl, maging Inn ka naman"! I just replied ok, i'll sign up if am not busy anymore! With my curiousity I get one and now am enjoying the feature though I have to explore more cause, am telling you " ignorante pa ko hehehehe"! Last week while I am online, she told me " accept mo request ko para neighbor tayo sa farmtown! Again, I ask her ano yon hahhahhaha.... she told me, you don't know that....? I replied sorry gurl I told you, di ako in! She taught me how to get one and now meron na but........... hehehehe... wala'y tanom! sigh

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I want a Pet!

When my nephew Andrei started his schooling, Mama and I stood as his personal tutors. Last night while were reviewing about different animals and pet supplies , out of nowhere he ask me a question and it goes this way " Tita, how can a giraff help us?" I was shock with his line of questioning.... I just smiled and thrown back the question to him and observed how he will reason out hehehehe... After telling him, I hug him and told him you're so smart!

It works!

In my one month stay here at Publice Employment Service Office, I've learned a lot about employment recruitment. I am amaze that Phil-Job Net of Department of Labor and Employment really works. My boss told me that last year they will be able to employ numbers of Domestic to Hong Kong through this site. The agency representative in HK interviewed the applicant through live chat video conferencing. Yesterday, another batch of applicants was screen and they are plannint to do the same.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Next month the Admin Section of the Cotabato Provincial Hospital will be travelling to Boracay as part of their Lakbay Aral. They are all very excited about this development. My sister in law is one of them. The group will be divided into 1st and second batch. Not all doctors cannot avail this travel specifically Dra. Filipinas hence she has a medical travel in relation with his specialization as an OB-GYN. The last time I talked with her she told me that she will just asked a vacation in replace of the said opportunity.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maraming Salamat po, KA ERDY!

My whole family is one of the lucky brethren who got a chance to met Bro. EraƱo " Ka Erdy" G. Manalo. That experience is one of the most treasured moment of our lives. The first time I saw and touch the hand of Ka Erdy was during my Elementary days. During early 80's my family always travel to Manila to visit my lola and relatives who lives in Caloocan City. Our stay in Manila will not be complete if we will not be able to visit the Central Office to see Ka Erdy every Balikbayan Day. I can still remember that our reunion will start with attending a worship service at the Central Temple before proceeding to another activity. Ka Erdy, is one of the most humane person I've ever met in my life. He is a great Spiritual leader. He has a great influence not only to the whole Church but to the nation as well.

The last time I saw and shake the hand of Ka Erdy was in 1994 when he lead the worship service at Locale of Caloocan. Fifteen long years had past but I can freshly remember that I cut classes so that I will be able to attend the Special Worship Service. The worship service that time was schedule at 6 pm but I was in the church as early as 3pm, thats how excited I am but mind you I almost not able to enter the church compound cause a lot of brethren was flocking as early as 8 in the morning according to the guard. The overflowing crowd never stops me to enter the church. Though, no more seat for me inside the Church but being inside alone is enough for me. That is one of the most unforgettable worship service of my life, I can't hardly breath because my heart is full of joy. The tears in my eyes shows how lucky I am to be a member of the Church of Christ.

Last August 31, 2009 at around 3:53 pm. Ka Erdy was rested by GOD at the age of 84. When my family learned it, our tears flow because of so much sadness. The whole church is mourning of his death. We know Ka Erdy is a big lost to our lives but we believe GOD will continue to shower his blessings and guide the whole church through Ka Eduardo V. Manalo. Ka Erdy Maraming Salamat po sa pagmamahal, pagmamalasakit, patnubay at pangunguna sa buong IGLESIA. Ang alala po ninyo ay mananatiling buhay sa aming mga puso at patuloy po kaming maglilingkod at itataguyod namin ang aming pananampalataya sa ating AMA. Muli, MARAMING SALAMAT PO, KA ERDY! MAHAL NA MAHAL NAMIN KAYO!