Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maging In Ka Naman!

Most of my friends are now Facebook wannabee's! A monthe ago a friend texted me if I have an account on the said networking site and I told her, no I dont have... She teased me saying " Hey gurl, maging Inn ka naman"! I just replied ok, i'll sign up if am not busy anymore! With my curiousity I get one and now am enjoying the feature though I have to explore more cause, am telling you " ignorante pa ko hehehehe"! Last week while I am online, she told me " accept mo request ko para neighbor tayo sa farmtown! Again, I ask her ano yon hahhahhaha.... she told me, you don't know that....? I replied sorry gurl I told you, di ako in! She taught me how to get one and now meron na but........... hehehehe... wala'y tanom! sigh

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