Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Result!

Lately, Mr. migraine hits me again. It was really painful compared with other attacks. I really wanted to cry every time I felt the ticks on my nerves. My sleeping habit is also affected, that resulted a dark circles under eye which pissed me off. I was really hated how I look today, I felt am a living zombie walking under the heat of the sun hehehehe!

Good for me!

Just an update for my diet regimen. Got another visit with my doctor yesterday for my regular check up and of course the use of my fat burner diet supplements. She told me that I am in good shape and advice to continue my diet program. Lately, I was a bit worried cause my hands are cramping again which is a sign of high sugar. Just so happy that the result of my laboratory is normal, Thanks God!

My favorite!

This is my online friend Mr. and Mrs. Pitts. This picture was taken during their church wedding. I love blogging about this couple because they are very nice. Carm's is one of my favorite subject in terms of lenses. She is a person with no angle at all. All of her shot is adorable. The camera really loves her!

Good luck Bessie!

Bessie Iris got a new house in lot in DECA Homes Club House in Davao City. According to her, this is her gift to herself after successfully tagged as an agent of one of the top franchises in the world of realty. So happy for my best friend, she got a long way to prove herself in the field she had chosen. Yesterday, she told me that the blessing of her new house will be schedule on December 7, timely for her 30th birthday celebration. Congrats dear, so proud of you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Advantage

At first I don't know what does of Blue Advantage mean? Got a research on it and I found out its all about having a health plans. I personally believe that investing through plans specifically health is indeed worthy. Just like in my case, this year I was hospitalized for 15 days . My two health insurance has of great help. Though I have still an excess but its very minimal, so thankful about it cause it doesn't bother my family in term of financial assistance.

The ATE in ME!

My figure as an Ate always remains on me. Even though I committed one big wrong decision in my life that hurt my family, my friends and some of my colleagues. I am still thankful that the respect is still there. Despite of the mishap I've done with my life, they are still there for me. I am so bless to have them in my life. The attitude and love still remains and they are still counting on me for advices. I still don't know what's in me though my close friends tell me that I do posses an attitude of being a good ate.

Mama's secret!

Mama celebrated her 60th birthday last October 1, 2009! A lot says that mama looks younger than her age which is very flattering in her part! I can attest to that cause some of her friends with same age looks older than her. Mama has no secret at all, she just use wrinkle cream everyday to stay fresh and young. It really works for her.


In buying any products, I may say that am a bit picky specially with the quality of materials used. I always prefer manufactured homes garments hence I am sure that it pass the Q Standards. This coming month my father will be celebrating it 63rd birthday and were planning to give him a customize rocking chair which I am sure he will surely love it.

Basketball for a Cause!

The Kidapawan City Market Vendors Association spearheaded a project called Basketball for a Cause featuring the shining stars of show business. The proceeds of the said project will be donated to the street children of Kidapawan City. It will held at the City gym today at exactly 5:00 in the afternoon. The guest stars is headed by a top caliber actors like Christopher de Leon, and Philip Salvador. The event will also participated by Joko Diaz, Patrick dela Rosa , Paul Apaceble, Jordan Herrera, Carlos Morales, JC Montero , Gene Padilla and recently concluded FAMAS 2009 Best Actor Allen Dizon. For sure this event will become blockbuster tonight!

I hate my face!

I really hate how I look right now, I noticed that am having a lot of small pimples lately. I better had an acne treatment right away so that I can immediately rid out of this things on my skin. It really pissed me off, grrr! I wish after few application of the cream my face will look brighter again! Hoping for the best!


It's been three months since Uncle Vic had past away because of cardiac arrest. Auntie Lynn pay us a visit last Saturday with his grandson Alec Dave. She told my mom that she is still processing the claims of his husband till now and positively hoping that she can get in before the month ends. The couple tend to invest for their future during their younger years that includes social security disability, health, accident and death plans!

On his way out!

"Dear please help me pray for safe and normal delivery. Naglalabor na ako dito sa Kidapawan Doctors Hospital. Sakit na masyado tummy ko!" This is the exact words that Ethel dear text me at exactly 10:50 in the morning! She is now on labor room and I am praying for her safe delivery with baby Enzo. The whole family is in the hospital right now to show their love and morale support to Ethel Vera. I told Dada Raul to text me right away if Ethel gave birth already so that I can visit them asap! Be strong dear....


Since the usb drive have out in the market, I became a big fan of it! In fact, I have four of them from as low as 256 megabytes down to my 4 gigabytes capacity. Am so happy to say its still usable till now. A lot of usb is now sprouting in the market and the price is very cheap but I still prefer to buy a Branded usb drive hence it is more durable and the cost is very affordable. In fact am planning to upgrade my 4gb to 16 this December so that I can store a lot of pictures on it!

Very nice!

Last October 15,16 & 17 one of the biggest super mall in Davao City conduct a 3 day sale. My brother got a chance to shop during that days and he availed a lot of discount on his purchases. Little bro bought papa and mama a body wash. A fruity gel bath for me and bubble bath for his son. Andrei loves to take a bath everyday hence he enjoyed playing the good smelling bubbles and walk in bath with his cousins!

Sem break!

Yepeey, its vacation time, this what my nephew and nieces shouted last Friday after they second grading examination. The three of them will spend their vacation at our home in Kalasuyan. My mama and papa are also very excited about this cause they really wanting that their grand children will be with them all the time. The joy they felt is unmeasurable. My mom already did her grocery last Friday so that the kids have their consumables for the entire vacation. How lucky they are!

Friday, October 23, 2009

What a question!

My bessie Iris now venture to realty. She had attended a seminar last Wednesday and now she is a full time agent. She shared to me that one of her colleague asked what is term life insurance which refers to the benefits they will be getting from the company aside from the commission. She candidly told me, she was surprise of the delivery of the question and she cant stop herself laughing!

I must open it!

Last week, my youngest brother upgrade his cellphone. He bought it online and it was an unlocked phone which is very advantageous to him cause he need not to pay extra penny for opening it! My dear bro maintained three sim cards, 1 for smart and 2 for sun network. The new cell he bought was a dual phone. According to him the performance is very satisfactory and the price is not that bad...

Farm Town Addicts!

Yes, am guilty your honor! I can consider my self as a farm town addict hehehehe... Its been more than a months since I started this game and still now am hook unto it. I am now on my 30th level and still working hard to reach level 34 so that I can buy my mansion house lol! What I like most on this game is its not a time consuming game, I speak for myself here cause I know somebody spend almost 12 hours playing it non-stop. Know what? my boss and I were neighbors hahahaha! In Farm town you can use your creativity from lay-outing down to designing your farm lot. In my case, am still planning to redecorate my Ea's little haven. I wish I can reach the level 34 so that I can design it permanently!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Papa's collection!

My father loves collecting Industrial parts specially the one which is very useful to him. My mother called his attention one day because our spring plungers is missing. Papa forgot to tell mama that my eldest brother borrowed it. Mom asked me to text Kuya to bring the plungers back cause she needs it. Bro replied positively and told me he will bring it back this weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My bessie Iris got a good news today her gall bladder stone has lessen, am so happy about this development cause am really praying for the health of my dear sister. She told me that the best colon cleanser, she uses helped a lot on her cleansing diet. Her doctor advise her to continue used the said product hence it has positive effect on her...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Bonding!

Am so glad that our parents raise me and my siblings very close. We treated each other as friends. One of our bonding is adventure. In fact the three of us, climb the peak of Mt. Apo together. Lately, our interest has change we like playing online games and we have our new recruit aside from my nephew Andrei and two nieces Alxia and Aleighx, our father join us hehehehe!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Go Ace!

We learned that the ACE hardware, Kidapawan city branch will be targeting its soft opening before the year ends. This development is indeed a big achievement for the city hence despite of the global crisis, investment in the city still rises. My father is a big fan of ACE, I can say this because everytime we went to Davao City he never fails to visit the store. Why not, cause this is a one stop hardware and it offers a wide array of materials including Kohler faucets and others. We in PESO is now waiting for the job order from the company cause a lot of job seekers are now asking for the job opportunity from this prestigious hardware!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hoping for the Best!

This is the cover I made for Kuya Buoy. We received a communication from OWWA National Office yesterday, informing us that the awarding ceremony of Model OFW Family of the Year Award 2009 will be on 3rd week of November. We already inform the family of our contender and they are very excited about it. Reaching the National Level is enough for them but of course we are hoping for the best.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby Ea is crawling!

My baby Ea is now on her 7th month and she is now starting to crawl. We are very happy about her fast development. I and my mom is now planning to bought new sets of mattresses for her to use everyday. I told my brother to canvass it at Davao City hence selection is much wider compared her in our place.

The gift!

Last October 12, my dear nephew Andrei celebrated his 5th birthday at the school. He had fun eating spaghetti with his classmates. After his class, I got another surprise for him! I brought him the the NOVO store and let him choose the gift he wants. He is very excited when he saw the truck accessories of bob the builder toys and told me " tita I want that"...I smiled and say ok dear he hug me and kiss me after saying thank you tita! so sweet!

False Alarm!

My bessie Ethel is now in its 38th weeks of pregnancy. This morning she felt pain on her tummy and seem like she is laboring. She have texted me about this and I told her she needs to observed the interval of contraction cause its one of the sign of laboring. When she told it to his daddy and hubby they bit on over reaction and they immediately bring Ethel dear to the hospital. Timely that her OB-GYNE is there and perform some IE. Her OB told them that Ethel is on pre matured laboring and and IE result is just 2cm. After learning the result she visited me here in the office and have funny chit-chats... Were too excited for baby Enzo to be born soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trimming Down

So happy with the result of my diet regimen. After a month of constant monitoring and strict but healthy diet am now losing my belly fat, wow so glad with this development. Thank you so much dockie for the advice and constant monitoring. See you again next month and hoping for more pound to lost hehehehe!


Thanks to my dockie, finally I lost some pounds after a month of taking the weight loss pills she had prescribe to me. I am very happy with this development though I need to use it gradually cause of my health. She advice me to keep my diet healthy and never abuse it. Don't worry dockie, am a good patient and am taking your advice very seriously!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The cake!

This is the wedding cake of my good online friend Mary Pitts. Yup it is very unique, it is as huge as my favorite pillow hahahaha. I love it, am sure it taste good! This is the second time they got married, the first time they tie a knot with his gorgeous man was in Cyprus last year!