Tuesday, December 22, 2009


How many days from now, we will say hello to 2010 and bid goodbye to 2009. Before the year ends, I already alloted some budget for my whole life insurance. This year was very tough for me but I am still lucky cause GOD is good to me all the time. 2009 will remain as the most memorable year for me. Happy New year to all!

Renewal Time!

How many days from now 2009 will bid goodbye. Time really flew so fast and I almost not notice it. Before the year ends, I am looking for the renewals of all my insurances. Yesterday, I already asked a term life insurance quotes from my agent cause I don't want to rush it early next year. I wanted to prepare all of the papers needed so that I have my peace of mind. Insurances help me a lot specially when my family got sick, thats why I don't want to take it for granted.

Happy Birthday Tita Aida

Today is the birthday of one woman whom inspired me aside from my mom of course. Its Tita Aida's natal day, she is the mother of my bessie Arvin. Though were haven't talk and seen as often as we wanted to, but deep in our heart we love each other very much. When I was in my downfall days, she was there to help and cheer me up. She inspired me of her experience and how brave she was to survive all the trials shes been into during her early years. I can say Tita Aida is a survivor despite of the hardships, failures, heartaches and mishaps on her life she remains positive and faithful to our Dear Lord. She raised her 4 wonderful kids including my best friend Arvin. Thank you tita for being my second mother. We love you very much!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Catfish Project!

I am my brother wanted to venture into catfish culture project. I was inspired by this project when I learned that my office mates have tried it and the feedback is very good. Though were still in the process of negotiations as to the materials needed for catfish culture. I also consulted a DA Technician about it and he confirm that it is indeed a nice side lines hence it is not that dreadful to attend to. My father told his friend to find one rain barrels for him cause he will use it to our new project. Wish it will be realized early next year. Wish us luck!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Got a text from bessie Iris asking updates for my baby's condition. Aside from that she ask me what antivirus software I am using cause her was not working well. I advise her to visit the site of the software I am using and see if it will match with her OS. She told me a while back that she had her copy and its working very well. I am glad to hear that cause having a pirated anti virus really sucks. I remember when I was transfered at PESO, all anti virus were outdated and I immediately inform my boss so that she can request an IT to attend our needs at the office. Thanks GOD Jay the city LGU Information Technology officer was available that time and he was able to fix all of our personal computers. To date, so happy with the results cause its now fast and I am confident that my files will be virus free.

No findings still

It been 18 hours since we are admitted here in the Hospital but no findings still. My baby is doing well as hours goes by cause of her IV. This morning I have talked to her pedia and dockie just told me we need to observed her for more hours. I will talked with him again this 8 o'clock in the evening for his schedule rounds. I hope he has a good news to us cause we really wanted to go home tomorrow.


Madonna General Hospital is our favorite place to be in when we are sick. Aside from nice facilities doctors, nurses and staffs were very friendly. The last time when I was here was during my fathers admission cause of hypertension. Yesterday when my baby was admitted here, I've notice that the sink was fully improve. We are staying in PR 8 now which is much spacious than the other rooms. My mom and nephew stays with me here the whole night, so happy cause the administration allowed them to be here the whole day!


In year 2000 I was employed at Project- AIM, it is a Non- Government Organization which assist grassroots people. During my employment on the said organization, I was able to travel Mindanao and Visayas. Everytime I travel in Visayas Region, I used to lodge alone. My unforgettable lodging experience was when I was in Zamboanga, I can't sleep well unlike when I was in Cebu City which I sleep like a baby. My former boss in AIM was already in USA and he got a chance to have as orlando lodging which according to him he has a lot of fun.


We are still here in Madonna General Hospital. I have talk with my baby's pedia and he told me that Andrea must still stay for more observation. My baby is doing fine now unlike yesterday that she vomited for several times. Though she defecate for several times yet she is very active unlike yesterday. Hope she will be very fine soon cause this coming Saturday she will be attending our church Year End Thanks Giving for the children. I know GOD is good always and HE will grant my prayers.


Known a lot of friends who use slimming pills as their supplement during their diets. In fact I am one of those who tried using such during my diet program. To date, my doctor have advice me to lessen my intakes hence I loose some pounds already. She told me that I need to rest my body for 3 months then have another set of supplements again. Of course, my dockie knows best so I must abide.

Frustrated player!

I am a table tennis frustrated player, I tried several attempts playing pingpong yet its not really my game. My youngest brother knows how to played this game. In fact during his High School graduation my father gave him ping pong tables as a gift. Everytime I saw my friends playing pingpong, I can't help my self but sigh, wish I know how to played it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Theres always a First Time!

I was awake by a sudden cry of my baby at 3 am in the morning. She had vomited several times which really makes me very worried. It was a sleepless dawn for me. We had attended the church service with my parents with my baby and then ask for annotation of oil for Andrea for her immediate recovery. My mother called her pedia immediately and scheduled for an appointment. As early as 8:00 in the morning we are at the clinic but the doctor Vargas arrived exactly 10 o'clock. After minutes of check-up, he advised me to admit Andrea to avoid dehydration. Of course we follow his advice and ready ourselves for admission at Madonna General Hospital. As of this moment my baby was still in her IV. I am really praying that she will be fine very soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Very Lucky!

Ever since I learned about survivor series, I am an avid fan of it. Here in the Philippines, we already have two series which have shown in primetime television. The first was held in Indonesia and the recent series was in Palau. Survivor contestants became famous here in my country, just like JC who was the first survivor winner got a lot of shows. Last season though Rob was not declared as a winner but he got a condo as a price during their immunity face off. The condo was fully furnish just like myrtle beach condos which has complete amenities. Very lucky indeed!

Wonderful Gift!

My two best friends celebrated their 30th birthdays this month of December. Arvin had his simple celebration last December 2 and Bessie Iris last December 6. I wasn't able to attend their parties cause they celebrated it in Davao City. Anyways, I know they had fun even without me hehehehe... I just had my simple wish to the both of them and send them a Personalized Jewelry
as my simple token. Many more birthdays dears...Love you both!

Happy Birhtday Bessie Arvin!

Got 3 best friends and one of them is Bessie Arvin. He is now celebrating his 30th birthday today December 4, 2009. I don't know if he will had a celebration hence he is very busy working in the hospital. I guess birthday leave is not in his vocabulary, lol! Love you bessie, wish you more birthdays to come, good health and wish before the year ends to will have your lovelife already hehehehe....

I love this game!

I love this game, sound familiar huh... I am not talking about NBA anyways. What I am referring is that my addiction to Farm Town game. I can say that I am now one of the million PRO gamers after months of playing non-stop! I am really taking a lot of effort playing specially in decorating my farm. Llast month during the Black Friday celebration or known as the thanks giving day I have bought 6 tables of decoration for that special event. Friends tease me cause of that and I just answered back you're all invited to my party hehehehhe!


Four months since I was reassign to PESO, yesterday got a chance to see my former staff at the city hall. I can't believe how thin she is now, I almost can't recognize her. I asked her secret cause she looks great, she told me that she had try different diet program and with the help of adipex diet pill she got her wonderful figure. I was really amaze, so happy for her!

Super big baby!

Last Friday, we had visited Ethel dear and baby Enzo. That was 1 month after I saw them both after delivery. Time is really running fast cause baby Enzo is super big na! His features has change a lot from Ethels face in day one to Dada Raul's features in his one month old birthday. This little nephew of mine is very adorable, you can see it in the picture anyways hehehehe.... I know it will be sometime to see them both cause they have move to Davao already last Monday. See yah soon baby, mommy Bing and Ate Ea will surely missed you and momsie Ethel. Love you both!