Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Tita Aida

Today is the birthday of one woman whom inspired me aside from my mom of course. Its Tita Aida's natal day, she is the mother of my bessie Arvin. Though were haven't talk and seen as often as we wanted to, but deep in our heart we love each other very much. When I was in my downfall days, she was there to help and cheer me up. She inspired me of her experience and how brave she was to survive all the trials shes been into during her early years. I can say Tita Aida is a survivor despite of the hardships, failures, heartaches and mishaps on her life she remains positive and faithful to our Dear Lord. She raised her 4 wonderful kids including my best friend Arvin. Thank you tita for being my second mother. We love you very much!

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