Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Advance Happy NEW Year!

This is the last day of office for year 2010. I'll be off for 3 days and might not post anything during weekends because I'll be busy preparing for my family's New Year's Celebration. Before the year ends, I would like to thanks you guys for visiting my blogs, I hope this coming year 2011, I can still blog as often as I can. Love you guys, Happy NEW Year to all of us!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thanks KCGEA

The Kidapawan City Government Employees Association (KCGEA)will be giving medical assistance to all City LGU employees. We are very happy to know that we will be receiving a one year free health insurance. Thats really sounds great, thanks guys for helping us. This program would be of great help, aside from the emergency medical assistance from the City Government. Thanks to all the officers! More Power to KCGEA!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Very Early Treat!

Aside for Christmas Day and New Year's Day, one of the most celebrated occasion in our country is the Lenten Season wherein Roman Catholics observed every year. Easter Sunday is the happiest day of the celebration wherein adults and kids play the easter egg hunting. If you want to give a present to your loveones on this special day just Find Easter gifts 2011 at Personal Creations. I am sure you'll gonna love it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love Mickey!

Of all the creatures I hate mouse the most but when it comes to cartoon character I don't know why I really like Mickey Mouse. Since childhood days, I love watching Mickey mouse and his friends. The whole Disney Cartoon characters are all cute from Minnie, Donald, Goffy, Pluto, Daisy and the very funny Chip and Dale. My niece and nephew loves them too! Hot dog..... tan tan tan taran.... hotdog!

Cyber Monday!

Thanks God will be celebrating Cyber Monday next week! This would be part of our Lights Festival all over the Province of North Cotabato. The City LGU is very enthusiastic about the said project and obliging every department to participate on the said event. We are all excited to participate on different events, I just pray that we will have a good weather on the said date!

Last qualifying month!

My mentor Ate Jean is on her last qualifying month for directorship on MK business. The whole unit is very much supportive of her. We are family and we help each other in every ladder of success we want to reach. We are really praying for Ate Jean's directorship! Her success will be our team's success too. We suggest that on January on her directorial debute, she should gave herself a ordinateurs portables cause she really needs it everytime we will have our success meetings and seminars!

Thanks Ma'am Vicky!

This is Ma'am Vicky Simeon, our mentor in Diamond Magic Unit. She is already a Senior Sales Director of Mary Kay Philippines and she is doing the business for 8 years already! Our unit is very thankful for her GO GIVE SPIRIT, she is unselfishly sharing all her knowledge to us and helping us to reach our goal. Thanks Ma'am Vicks for inspiring us always, your word of wisdom is is highly appreciated.


Finally got our car insurance quotes from our agent after a month of waiting.Thanks Ate Bebeth for the favor, we owe you something, I think an EAT ALL U CAN treat will do LOL! Anyway, this would be a good news to my father dear. I will hand in all the documents to him tomorrow when I get home to make him happy. My mom already knows it but I told her to pretend she doesn't know anything so that my plans will not be altered hehehe!


My nephew is keep on complaining to his papa every time he is watching movie on his laptop. According to him, he can't heard and understand the dialog so well. He is asking for a surround speakers so that he will fully enjoy every episode he loves to watched. His father told him that they will save money for that item but for now he should be contented using headphones. Nice suggestion brother dear lol!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A possible Heart Failure!

Its been two weeks now that I suffered from chest pain. I always complained to my mom that sometimes I had a short breath and there is something a tingling sensation inside that I can't explained. It makes my mom very much worried, she suggested me to have a check up with my cardiologist to know the reason of this pain am experiencing. I already called up Dra. Cabriles secretary for a possible appointment this weekend, I hope everything will be alright.

Have a goodnight sleep!

I enjoyed watching my baby sleeping on our memory foam mattress. She is very innocent and indeed angelic to me. Every time she woke up in the morning I love seeing her sweet and alluring smile. She always greet me, good morning mama with a very warmth and tight hugs and a very tender kiss on my lips. I really love her, she is my inspiration and the reason why my world is turning around. I am working so hard for her future!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wish list!

Ate Jean is a gadget lover, she called it my babies and my favorite toys! The last time she traveled to Singapore she bought another professional camera which makes me envy. I love the specifications, I can't ask for more! My nephew Andrei loves ate Jean so much, they are playmates, one time she told ate Jean " momita in your next travel, can u buy me a Nikon binoculars, please".... Of course Momita is very touch and told my Andrei, sure honey I will buy for you! So sweet heheheheh!

Kidapawan City Festival of Lights

This is how Kidapawan City celebrates festival of lights every month of December. The three kilometer pine trees in the center island was lighted and designed like a Christmas tree. These pine trees became a tourist attraction in the business central district. According to my friends, every time they saw these wonderful lights it gave happiness and hope to them.

Ember is so excited!

Thanks Maya for facilitating the order of the eye wrinkle creams for my best friend Ember. She is indeed very happy to have it. To her excitement, she had shouted it on her wall and tweet about it. I enjoyed listening to her when she called me up, her gladness is overflowing. Its been a while she is aiming to have it and finally you did it for her. A million thanks to you Maya dear, mwah!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spray it baby!

I thought it was just a pimple on my neck but I realized it was a neck acne. I consulted Ate Jean on this problem, she told me that their is a body spray for acne available in the market and I can use that on my neck also. I asked her a favor to place an order for me so that I can get rid of it as soon as possible. I want it eliminated on my skin before the Thanks Giving Day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One more week!

Time flew so fast, the bakasyonista's already spent 7 days here in Kidapawan. The itinerary I make for them is more than half way already. According to my Tita Baby, they are enjoying their stay, she called it " sulit". On the remaining 7 days, they will be spending 3 days and 2 nights at Dalapitan. On the first day, they will be visiting a poultry farm and a pomelo orchard. On the second day, they will be making " papaya pickles". On Friday, they will be going back here in Kidapawan and prepare for an overnight stay at Agco Mountain Spa Resort. We are all excited, I have booked the room, my kuya have contacted the van for rent, my mom have her recipes. All are set.... more stories to follow on my next post hehehehe!

Thanks Calcium

We are very thankful that our Lola Iska will be turning 96 years old this month. We praise GOD for that wonderful gift. Lola Iska is a good swimmer. During her younger years our great Inang always told her to take good care of her bones and eat calcium-enrich foods thats why she don't suffer osteoporosis on her age . For our own benefits she advice us to take a supplement too. Hmm.. Lola Iska is right, I should take the best calcium supplement from now on. Thanks lola, we love you so much!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wish granted for all of us, Tita Baby gave me my favorite Eu DE Toilette perfume and received a very nice bag from my cousin Ate Thess. Papa got a brand new diver's watch while mama has her favorite lipstick and a bed cover made from Egyptian cotton sheets. My Kuya got a pair of Nike jogging pants with jacket while our youngest got his favorite Adidas shirts, perfume and 3 boxes of pistachio nuts lol! The kids has their pack of M&M chocolates plus yummy plain almonds! We enjoy the stuffs from Canada, thanks Tita!

Acupuncture session!

I find acupuncture very relaxing according to my Tita Baby. My mom invited her for a session hence she is complaining of having a clog nose since she arrive at Kidapawan last Thursday morning. Kuya Joel my favorite acupuncturist, told my Tita to have a follow session at least 3 days straight to unclog her sinuses. Tita enjoys every session that she had, she find it very refreshing and she felt relax and healed. She will be going to AKAP center everyday until she leaves for Manila on the 24th of November.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oath Taking!

Our office have assisted the oath taking of all Barangay and SK officials at the City gymnasium. Ate Rose was assign to offer the fresh flower garland to all VIP's at the Presidential table. Juvy and I assisted the distribution of oath taking certificates while the others are assign in the food distribution. The ceremony as a whole is generally peaceful. Thanks GOD!

Skin Care anyone!

Oily type of skin is very prone for Acne according to my dermatologist. Men and women of this skin type is experiencing moderate to severe acne most of the time. I myself is suffering with acne before but with the help of acne skin care products, I was so thankful I am now pimple free. I wish I can maintain this all the time. Having a healthy skin is really an advantage.

Reunion time!

We can't hide our excitement last Thursday when we fetch our relatives at Davao International Airport. We woke up as early as 2:30 in the morning because we need to be there before 6:40 in the morning. The Air Phil landed 10 minutes earlier than the expected arrival. We are so happy when we saw them at the arrival area waving their hands like Ms & Mr Universe LOL! It feels good seeing them after 2 years. Its reunion time... I will blog more about it soon!

Marie is in Kidapawan!

My beautiful friend Marie is back in Kidapawan. I can't wait to see her once again after 5 long years of working at Dubai, UAE. In her latest picture , she looks so gorgeous and she really lose weight. I am so excited to know what's the best weight loss pills she used on attaining such sexy body. Looking forward to be reunited with her this coming weekend. I am so thrilled seeing her once more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The brand she likes!

Ate Jean loves Acid cigars brand. The first time I saw it on her bag, I thought its a beauty kit LOL but when I open the box its her toy. She loves playing her toy all the time most specially when she is on the road of making plans for her business. Its her life according to her. It make her happy and fulfilled every time she smokes. I don't re-battle her about this because I respect her belief. I just reminded her to regulate it for her own good.

We are all excited!

Tomorrow will be a big day for all of us. My Tita Baby will be coming with my 96 year old grandmother. They will be accompany by my cousin Jon and my two aunties namely Rebecca and Delia. My mom is very excited to see his mom after 3 long years and reunited with her siblings once again. I already file my leave of absence last week hehehe... thanks GOD it was approved without any question. My nephew and nieces will be excuse on their respective class as well, they can't wait to see their Mommy baby for the first time. I just wish for a safe trip tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Upgrading the system

Got a chance to chat with my friend Thess my former officemate at Kidapawan Integrated Transport Station Office. She was re-assign at City Treasurers Office records department. She personally handle the recording of OR's, released by the city. Now that the department is planning to upgrade the system of issuing OR's, she is wishing to have her own receipt printer. According to her computerization in their section is such a relief on her part hence she can make the report immediately.

CJ's kitchen

This is one my favorite area in CJ's house, the kitchen. The are is very spacious, though it was not yet finish I can already imagine how beautiful it is. I saw the kitchen appliances she bought and it was all of latest model. CJ wants to customize her kitchen according to her personality, from the tiles, sink, kitchen faucet, utensils, kitchen gadgets and appliances. She promise me that she will cook for me and we'll bake together her. Looking forward on that day!

This is real!

Two of my friends are now building their dream houses, my dear Gracious and sweety CJR! The picture above is CJR's house. On her post she called it MY FIRST HOUSE, we tease her and on her status and it bombared with comments by her friends hence this house will be finish early December then she is planning to have another one next year, that was really awesome hahahaha! I am so proud of CJ's achievement, at early 20's I can say she achieves a lot. Go, go sweety CJ... see you on the blessing hehehehe!

Gracious New Kitchen

My dear Gracious dream house is on construction. I am so happy for my dear friend. After 9 long years of working hard and sacrificing a lot , the fruit of her labor is now on reality. They are now building their dream house on a 500 square meters home lot. I was able to see the floor plan and it is fabulous. The kitchen is so gracious as my dear Grace, I told her to add the Moen kitchen faucets on her list so that her kitchen will be as beautiful as she is, LOL!

Moderate Acne

When I attended a seminar about skin care, I learned that my brothers acne belongs to moderate level. Most people with oily skin are prone with acne, thats what our speaker told us. She shared that we must use a facial wash that suits with our skin type and don't just buy a product that does not fit with our skin hence it will worsen the acne. Ma'am Vicky shared to us her secret of fighting those acne on his face, she advice to use an anti acne cream twice a day. She reminded us to clean our face regularly to combat the bacteria that causes acne. I will follow that advice LOL!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The MK Beauties!

The models above are my friends who are Mary Kay users. They look so fabulous isn't it? The products are of good quality. The money you spent in buying MK products are all worthy. I am still new with this company as Independent Beauty Consultant but I can feel the change it gives to my life. It lifts up my morale and I feel the importance of being a woman LOL. MK really change not only women's lives but also peoples lives. If you want to have this chic look then try to contact us.....You'll gonna love it for sure!

Trendy Look!

Its been a while since I saw Harvey, the one and only son of my Auntie Bing! He has grown to a fine young man. He was so trendy and he looks so manly with his rocawear shirts when I saw him last week. The little boy whom I used to cuddle before was as big as me now. Time really flew fast, I can't deny the fact that I am getting older day by day LOL!

Now I know!

When I heard about hgh pills the first time, I was so anxious about it. I don't have any idea on what benefits it can give. To my curiosity, I search about the product and as I read the write ups I understand how it works on our body. I will share this good news to my mom and dad for them to include this pill on their list of food supplement.

Very Proud Indeed!

When Andrei represents his class in the modelling contest, we are very happy and we are not expecting him to take any place. We just want him to enjoy, experience and have confidence in facing a big crowd. His papa took a leave of absent to give morale support and became his official photographer LOL! During the contest proper, Andrei makes us more proud specially when he gave his killer moves and sweetest smile. He was the darling of the crowd so as with Jana his partner. When the contest almost ended, I fell so nervous and I can't explain why, when his name was called as second runner up, we jump for joy! It was a bonus for my dear nephew. A lot of his so called fans scream for joy LOL so as the aunt (me) hahahha! His papa was very indeed proud of his son and it shows in this picture!

Enjoying the benefits!

My brother is enjoying the benefits of tea tree oil acne remover for his face. He loves the way it smoothen the dark spots of his pimple. We are very thankful to my friend Juana who suggested for that medication. She has an acne prone skin too and when she discovered it effective it became her habit to share the good news to her close friends.

December is my target!

I need to lose weight as early as I can. My dear Marie told me to use a quick weight loss pill so that I can achieve my target date which is on December. I want to start my 2011 fit and fabulous Lol! I am really working on losing weight. I miss the old me hahahaha... I can't wait to wear my favorite jeans and sexy blouses. Wishing to reach my goal before the year ends and hoping no hindrance will come.

Monday, October 18, 2010


After 7 long years, my Tita Baby will be visiting us here in Kidapawan City. We are all excited about it. In few weeks time, we will see each other in flesh. Tita Baby is the youngest sister of my mom who is living in Canada for more than 20 years. I love all my tita's yet she is the most dear to me. I am very close to her so as with his husband Tito Red. As early as now, I am preparing the itinerary of their stay here for 2 weeks. My cousin booked their flights already. The whole family can't wait to see my Tita Baby so as with Mama Iska . According to Tita, they will be four but its not yet confirm who will be accompanying them. I have my first assignment already, to look for a pandan plants with a lot of roots which she will be bringing in Canada. As agreed, one of the menu to be prepared on her arrival will pandan chicken and the drinks should be buko pandan. She really requested it and of course we are very grateful to grant it. We want her stay to be a memorable one and we want her to enjoy her vacation with us!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lucky Xia...

Finally our package from Canada has been arrived. We are so thankful to our Tita Baby and Tito Red for being so generous to us. As expected the kids has more stuffs than the adult LOL! My eldest brother is much luckier than me and my bro Aris because all the shoes were fitted to him. His daughter Alxia have sets of dress with matching womens boots which she really loves to wear. My baby Ea and Aleighx have sets of Barbie dolls and stuff toys. Kuya Andrei has toys too, his favorite is the turbo car. We enjoyed all the stuffs that were sent to us. We love you Tita Baby and Tito Red... See you soon!


On Monday I will officially starting my diet regimen. My friend at the city sports office gave me a routine on the best fat burning exercises that she get from her instructor in aerobics. I can now feel the pressure LOL! I wish I can sustain my diet program.... I am now earning courage and strength to survive... Really wishing to wear my old jeans and blouses hehehhe...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Kuya Andrei!

It's my nephew's big day today. We will be having a simple party treat for his classmates at the school. The whole family is present to show love and support. Andrei will be giving cupcakes and juices. It is just a simple celebration with matching blowing of candle on his cake! I hope Andrei will enjoy his birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Kuya, love you so much!

Marie's Best!

Pretty Marie brags that she got best diet pill for women right now thats why she achieve this gorgeous look. She had trim down more than 15 kilos now and counting! It was a great achievement for her. She is now convincing me to try the supplement.... why not I replied! Marie will be placing order for me, thanks girl! So excited to look as pretty as you are LOL!

It's an IN THING!

Most of my friends working in a call center loves to smoke, I don't know what's the wisdom behind it but they told me it is part of their daily routine. One of my naughty friend told me that he uses a good cheap cigars and adhere me to try it very silly hahahahaha.... I just replied to him, Boy just go on with your habit and I will just support you LOL!

Happy Birthday Kuya Andrei!

My dear nephew is celebrating his 6th birthday today. We have celebrated his birthday in advance last Saturday at Villa Oro Resort. Andrei requested his papa to have a little celebration in their classroom and it was granted. Time flew so fast, seems it was just yesterday when I am cuddling him and singing a lullaby for him to sleep. We really love this boy, he is very precious to us. Happy birthday kuya, we are very proud of you!

2011 kcits sticker design!

Kuya Rod, pays me a visit last Monday asking me to help him design the 2011 sticker for the Integrated Transport Station. It's been 4 years since I was designing the sticker for KCITS. Kuya requested me to change the background of the sticker so that It would be distinguishable from the previous designs. I already finish 2 designs for the Public Utility Vehicle and the Private vehicle yesterday but I have a problem cause I can't print it cause my printer ink is empty. I need to request for 108R00723 for me to finalize my designs. I just hope my colleagues in HRMO will deliver it fast!

Hoping for the Best!

My dear friend Rona Mae will be taking the Certified Public Accountant Board this coming November. We are all excited for her and were praying for her success. According to RM she is now polishing her review cause she don't want to get mental block during the examination day. RM wants to follow the footsteps of her father who is also a CPA working at Dubai. She was advice by her dad to look for a finance jobs in their town after the examination while eying for a greener pasture abroad.

Monday, October 11, 2010

19 months and counting....

Time flew so fast, its been 19 months since a wonderful angel was given to me. She is now a year and 7 months to be exact. My baby is growing so fast, am I am enjoying every milestone of her development. You may wondering I am not posting any picture of my baby here, hmm... surprise very very soon, you'll see her! For now, I will just share a little info about her and enjoy the feeling of being mysterious LOL!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Asking for advice!

I called up my doctor asking for an appointment this weekend but she is out of town. She ask me what's my problem so that she can refer me to another specialist. I laugh and told her I will just ask an advice if am I allowed now to use a weight loss pills hence I gain so much weight and I need to trim down. She answered yes but in moderation, she advice me to have regular exercise and eat more vegetables than meaty foods. Thanks dockie, you save my day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It sounds good....

Been working for more than a decade now yet I am not satisfied with my income. Working 8 hours a day is not enough to cover all my expenses specially now that my baby is growing up. Ever since I am dreaming of having my own business wherein I can manage my time and NO boss to pressure me lol.... I am thinking of having one soon, my brother advice me to have home based business so that it would be easy for me to manage. Hmmmm... it sounds good! Thanks bro, suggestion is taken!

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st will always be special!

Today is a very special day for our family because its our Mama's birthday! She is now 61 years old, yet she look younger than her age. We will have a simple family gathering today at Dalapitan. As expected her grandson and granddaughters are in perfect attendance. But before the celebration, we will be attending Andrei and Aleighx intramurals presentation in the morning and Modelling Contest in the afternoon. Today is a very busy day for all of us yet we are all excited! Happy birthday Mama Love, we love you so much!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I love art, though am not a born artist. I wish I had an early exposure on this thing during my childhood years. Every time I saw a painting or any masterpiece, I can't hide my admiration to the one who makes it. When I visited my best friend's place a week ago, I saw a mosaic frame and a glass mosaic tile on their living room, it was really beautiful! It was crafted diligently and you can see the labor of love of the artist.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fond Farewell!

So happy cause I was able to attend my best friend's farewell party. My bes Arvin will be leaving for Libya on the 26th of September. This is the first time that he will be leaving his family but I know GOD has a purpose why he allowed my Bes to sojourn a new challenge. He will be working as an ICU nurse at Libya. I am confident that he is very capable of his new assignment hence he was assign at the CPH ICU for several years. I will be missing my Best friend for sure but at the same time very happy for his new achievement. I just wish and pray that he will be safe at Libya. See you again Bes, I love you so much!

Ate Elvi Speaks!

My former officemates Ate Elvi is now working at South Africa for a non-government organization. There mission is to help people in the area specially the children who needs a lot of attention. Every time ate Elvi posted a shout on her wall, you can feel her eagerness to help all the needy in the place. They assisted AIDS victims, maltreated abuse individuals and assisted some Mesothelioma cases in the place. In her latest shout, she ask the people to volunteer and help them build a new world for the victims.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Warranty talks!

Got a token from bessie Iris honey when he arrive from California last month. I was so thankful for his generosity because last year he gave me a Blackberry phone. This time I receive another phone but I need to consult a technician hence it needs to open the line. I talk to Jeof my nephew he is a cellphone specialist in Manila regarding the matter and he told me to ask the iphone warranty card from my friend so that he can refer me to the official technician. How I wish they can fix it!

Missing this Place!

I miss this place, its been a while when I visited Agco. I love swimming in the ice cold pool of fresh water and then soak myself in the warm sulphuric pool. Hopefully, in November we can mingle mother nature again. This place would be included in our itinerary when my tita Baby will arrive from Canada next month. For sure Tita Baby will gonna love the place.

Sign of aging!

Every time I saw the tiny lines in my face with matching dark circles under eyes, I feel so old. I feel like reviving myself to look anew and to feel young once again lol! I miss the old Bregie who took good care of her skin so well. I need to have some make over. Some of my friends told me that I should go back to long hair but my mom says I look better when my hair is short, Oh my whom I gonna believe! Anyways, what ever my hairstyle is, whats for sure now is I need to do something for myself.

ONLINE Advantage!

I used to encourage my brother to try blogging but he use to resist my invitation. He always insist that he doesn't have talent in writing which I ought to disagree. He has good command in English and I know he writes better than me. My little brother always told me that blogging is not his craft and told me that he can find ways to make money online aside from the later. I respect his decision but I wish one day he will also enter the world of paid blogging!

FLU...FLU.. FLU....

I am sick for almost a week now.... Flu strikes me but need to report for work. I really hate the feeling of being sick cause I can't do anything. I need to lie down all the time, my life is so boring cause am not even allowed to watch television by my mom huhuhu.... I prefer to report in the office instead of staying in my bed because I feel so unproductive. I wish to regain my strength soon, I need to be fit before the launching of SRS Program early next month....

Thinking for a gift!

Andrei will be turning 6 on the 12th of October! He loves collecting toys, puzzle cards and doable tools. Last year, he requested us to buy him a set of magnifying glass and a binocular. This year, I am thinking to give him a remote controlled toy. I already saw some models but I am searching a robotic toy riding in a big motorcycle. How, I wish I can find one before his birthday comes!

Make it a habit!

Reading really makes sense! Thanks Kuya Jong for mentoring me to read good articles. I can still remember when I was still working at Department of Trade and Industry, my big brother Jong never fails to hand in a copy of a good reading materials every time he pass by at my table. He loves reading and he likes sharing good articles with me. I miss those days! Today, when I found proactive reviews, I remember kuya Jong cause for sure he will surely like it too. How I wish we can do the old days hehehehe!


My week was so tough since first week of September. Got a very tedious travel from our seminar at Apple Tree Resort, Opol, Misamis Oriental which makes me sick. I need two extra days before reporting for work. On my first hour in the office I liquidated all my travelling expenses, I make my accomplishment report for the 15 days and of course I file my leave of absence. Being away for 10 days in the office is like a hell for me hence I need to comply all the reports needed. On the other hand, my online world is also at stake being offline for more than a week, resulted me to browse 200 unread emails, need to confirmed 10 request on FB, need to plow my 5 farms cause all l my crops were gone to waste lol! What I missed most is my payU account, when I open it yesterday I can't stop my self smiling while uttering the words Oh, my God! PayU is very generous to me this week but I need to work double time hence most of my opps has the same deadline. I wish I can manage doing it all before weekends!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does it work, yes it does!

My dear Marie was asked by our common friend do diet pills work and she replied yes my dear, look at me now. She added that her food supplement does miracle on her diet regimen. She advice our friend that in choosing a diet pills she should be picky and should consult her physician for better results. Marie is on her way of conquering the 60 kilos mark! Go, go, go girl!

She loves to sleep!

This is baby Elle, the first child of my good friend Andrew and Louella! This baby is very adorable and she loves to sleep. The couple are very much enjoying with their little angel, in fact they called Baby Elle as their Little Boss hehehe! Before Weng's delivery her mother in-law the sexy Maney was able to buy online the best sleep aids just for Baby E! Hey look, it helps a lot, this cute little angel is snoring lol!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just for fun!

This is Edwin and she portray Angela Locsina during the Search for Mr. Pretty Boy and Miss Macho girl during the culmination program of the SPES beneficiaries 2010. What I like most with this guy is that he really knows how to make fun. He is so smart and witty. Though Angela was not able to bring the crown yet he was the darling of the crowd.

Friday, September 3, 2010

She's getting sexier!

My good friend Marie is on her way of conquering her dream weight, according to her latest post she is so excited to wear her sexy dresses, bathing suits as well as her favorite lingerie. She already trim down more than 15 kilos from as heavy as 83 kilos. Whew, that was awesome, go girl keep up the good work. One more month to go and I can see and touch you dear. Can't wait to have a good time with you on your vacation.


My good friend Ate Jeanly is back on the business after being idle in the field of marketing when she tried the field of nursing for four years. I respect her decision of shifting into another field but I know where her heart belongs lol. So glad when I heard that she is trying to bounce back into the field she loves, in two months of being in the business again, she proves her talent in the business field. She is targeting to be a wholesale distributor by next month and hoping for her directorial position before the year ends, whew! My ate is really bouncing back!

Ladies Finger and Winged Beans!

I do enjoyed helping my niece Alxia in doing her project. Last week she asked me a favor to do a research on different kinds of vegetables with its English and Scientific names so as its medicinal uses. I was so fascinated how this vegetables are called in different languages. I can't imagine my favorite Okra is called Ladies Finger and panlang is called winged beans lol! I love it!

I love iPhone!

One of the gadgets that everyone loves to have is an iPhone. We all know it carries the most number of features we wanted to have in a gadget. Aside from its wonderful specs, you can dress it up according to your personality cause theres a lot of iphone accessories available in the market. I am really wishing to have one soon and I am saving some of it. How I wish I can have my brand new gadget before the year-ends!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pool party!

My nephew Andrei will be turning 6 next month. His dad is planning to have a pool party for him cause he really loves water. We are preparing for his big event and I am in charge of preparing the food, the party packs as well as the swimming pool supplies to be used Andrei's birthday! Our little boy is very excited, he is doing his own list whom gonna be invited aside from his classmates. I am sure Andrei and his friends will have a good time eating, swimming and playing together. Looking forward for that day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kim loves BEN 10!

I am wondering what kind of character this little hero have why our little boys are so fascinated with him! My nephew Andrei is a BEN10 fanatics, he love collecting cards, toys and other stuffs. When my officemates Juvy seen me browsing the pictures of BEN10 in the net, she ask me a favor for his nephew Kim. She told me that he also loves BEN10 and she is planning to give a present on his 3rd birthday. I told her why not give him a tarp, she ask me if I can design one for his nephew and this is the final design! I hope KIM will like it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And I suggest!

A family friend of ours had turn 50 last July 19, 2010! A day before the big celebration at Lady M Resto, Ate Ming ask me if I have already bought a present for Kuya Edgar! I told ate yes, hence before mama leave for Manila we have prepare it. Since,I know the celebrant personally, Ate Ming ask a suggestion on what gift would fit on him. I was smiling when I told her Kuya likes smoking and for sure he love to have a Swisher Sweets on his big day. Ate Ming replied at me with a crisp loud laugh hahahahaha! Kuya Edgar really had a good time, close friends and office mates where all present on his GOLDEN year!

Thanks God Ian July is OK!

Two weeks ago, I felt something is wrong with my best friend Iris. She was so silent and never communicated me, that was so strange. I decided to called her cause I was so worried about her. When I called Iris, she cried so loud on the phone telling me " Friend, Kuya is very sick". Her big brother Ian July is on 50-50 chances because of his severe pneumonia plus he has heart failure that leads into complication. Ian has broke down and ask Iris to prepare his last will. My best friend Iris never lost hope, she tried her best to consult the best doctors in town just to save the life of Ian July. After 15 days, I received a good news from her, Ian July is feeling better and they are about to be discharge in the hospital,PRAISE GOD! Ian July's pulmonary doctor advice him to have a portable respironics oxygen concentrators at home so that anytime he can use it and need not rush to the hospital for an oxygen.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

National Nominee for BEST PESO 2009

We are so proud of our boss, last January she was awarded as the Most Outstanding PESO Manager in Region XII. She will represent PESO 12 on the National Level competition, Component City Category. She personally asked me to help her in the preparation of her documentary entry for the said competition. Who I am I to say NO, lol... I started it last Monday and thanks GOD, am almost finish. Hopefully, I can complete the whole set on Thursday morning, just in time for the final interview on Friday at Koronadal City.

Will I take it or leave it?

My brother's office mate is convincing him to apply for a credit card, he told me about it and I ask the pro's and con's of having one. We have a nice conversation on the matter and we weigh things out. The decision is final and he will have one soon, I want to avail the same hence,when we inquire there are promotional items included in availing the said card until next month. Whew, so excited about it!

I want to sleep with you.....

"I want to sleep with you Tita", these are the words that my nephew utter every sleeping time! He has his own room and slept with my mom before, but since mama was in Manila, his mood of sleeping has change. He want to joined me in our room. As much as I wanted him to sleep with me my mattress is only good for me and my baby Ea. To respond his request, I let him bring his mat on our room so that he can slept with us.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dew on the web!

I love photography and what I like most is the portrait side. I don't appreciate macro shots before but now I love it. My brother Aris, introduce me into this field when he started to master macro shots. I can't imagine, that very tiny creatures are so beautiful to capture. This spider web with water droplets is taken in grassland inside our garden.

Invitation on a Friday Afternoon!

Got an invitation from a co-worker Sir Eddie a while ago. As a sign of respect we accepted his invitation and listen to his friend. As an agent of a well known Insurance Company , Ariel tried his best to explained to us the different products he is selling. I love his convincing power, In fact, I already asked him an insurance quotes on one of the products. After the presentation, my boss told me that he might get the same product that I choose. Well, its a good investment!

Spicy hot!

I love eating spicy foods not minding the effect of it on my health. Five years ago, I have a scary experience on the effect of eating exotic and spicy delicacies. It is shameful but I was undergone hemorrhoid treatment before. The process is not that tedious as I am expecting but the tease of my friends sometimes stresses me lol! I have learn my lesson now, I am now eating on moderation!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Walking in the droplets!

This is another spider collection shot of my brother. I can say now that SETH Photography is making name on spider shots hehehehe.... I do admire the passion of my brother Aris, he woke up early in the morning just to take great shots. If he is not inside the house, you can find him in the garden or in the neighborhood grasslands. Sometimes he looks so funny with his positions just to capture his subject. Well, his effort pays off, he has his masterpieces!

Some of our neighbors, are wondering why he is roaming around the garden and sometimes making jirky positions.

Revisiting her doctor!

Mama is complaining the itch on her skin. Before she leaves for Manila, I accompany her to Dra. Rodellas her dermatologist. We thought it was just an allergy but Dra. told us that it was not and it is an ordinary skin disease that usually occurs specially in changing weather condition. Dra. Rodellas decided to undergone mama to an eczema treatment so that it will be cured before she leaves. Were so thankful because, in just few application of the medicine big changes happen to mama's skin. Thanks dockie!

Technology Rock!

Technology make wonders and the best example for this is the internet connection. I remember life was so slow when internet connection was not yet available. In early 90's when I was in my college years, communication was very limited. The only means of communication I have with my parents was only through snail mail hence we don't have telephone, cellphones or beepers during those times.It took a week or two before they received my letter and I will wait the same length of time before hearing any from them.Today's generation is very lucky hence communication is on their fingertips. In just a click of the mouse, message was sent in bulk, no sweat, no hassle at all. This is the very reason why business establishment also uses the same technology on penetrating their target markets, through online technology they can achieve the desired output they wanted to get in a very limited time just like the sell merchant account has did. With the help of this technology they help the people access different services they want in a safe, fast and easy way!

Spider dear!

My brother is now going PRO on taking pictures. This is one of his best shot on tiny spiders on our garden. This little creature is so tiny but he manage to have a nice shot. I can't imagine his body position while taking the subject he likes. Sometimes his little boy make funny things on how his papa looks like every time it pokes his lens on tiny but lovely to look creatures. If you encountered the SETH PHOTOGRAPHY, it's my brothers masterpiece!

Look at her now!

Its very effective this is the line of my best friend Iris after trying the quick weight loss diets. She really lose weight and so happy for her. Its been a while that we haven't seen each other but when I saw her latest pics, wowowee, she looks fabulous. No extra baggage hahahahaha, I love the way she looks right now and she is indeed happy of the result. Bobby, his honey was so amaze, she tease Iris that her vacation here in the Philippines is perfect. I just love looking at this picture of her, she is now on her peak of reaching her desired weight, go bessie...

Monday, July 26, 2010

And I suggest!

I learn from my former office mates that there will a reshuffling of personnel on ITS. This is the first time that it will gonna happened after 3 year of operation. Some of them felt so sad on the said development but I told them that in every changes , there is a reason and it would be for the better. I added, they should take it positively and see the lighter side of the changes. I know its hard and hurting but life must go on. My closest buddy Vaning told me that I should give her a wrinkle remover so that she will look revive on the effectivity of the said order. This little sister of mine is full of humor and she never fails me to smile every time she deliver her punch lines.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 more days and....

I know it would be tough without mama on our side, its two more days and mama will be going to Manila. It would gonna be a big adjustment on my part. I will be the one to play the role of my mom in our house. Our two little angels for sure will surely miss nanay hence they are very attached with each other. I am quite nervous of my new responsibility but I know GOD will guide and help me along the way. Just so thankful that GOD gave instruments to help me in the person of Yayo Ernie and Ate Cha-Cha. They will be the one who will assist me while mama is away. This is the first time that she will be away for a long time and we will be missing her a lot together with Tatay. I am praying that mama's trip will be safe and sound!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Badly needed!

One of the biggest television and influential network ABS-CBN got a franchise of one of the most talked about reality show " The Biggest Loser", this time it would be in Filipino version. The show is all about people who wanted to lose weight in a certain period of time! The audition of the said show is on going and for sure aspiring candidates are now on halt of taking appetite suppressants for them to pass on the weight needed. I tease my friends that I will gonna joined the said show too, but they told me, I should eat more to double my weight in order to pass the audition. Hmmmm... I think that would be a good suggestion? LOL

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bessie's Pasalubong!

Two months before the arrival of Bobby my bessie's honey, they have a deal. It's a funny deal yet Iris took it very seriously. His boyfriend challenge her to trim down her weight and she will be rewarded by a latest gadget (HD phone and a latest Blackberry model) . Iris took the challenge and ask me if I knew a product that has a quick trim capability. Since I love reading reviews, I referred her different sites for her to choose and decide what product she will be using. Whew, good news she lose 6 kilos and she is so happy about it. She won and got the gadgets as her pasalubong!

Working Holiday!

Wheeeee... its a Muslim Holiday here at Region XII but we're here in the office still. We need to assist an agency which is conducting a Special Recruitment Activity. We don't have advance information that there will be a Muslim Holiday for this week. Too late for us to cancel the recruitment hence we have already issued a Certificate of No Objection to D. A. Rodrigo International. Anyways, it would be fine for me hence I have things to finish here in the office while they are busy on their activity. I just wish I can accomplish 100% of my task so that I can start another project proposal for next week....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diet that works!

Everybody dreams a healthy and sexy body. No wonder we search for the best option and the diets that work for our body. I used to have a chubby body and I really wanted to lose weight. I tried different options until I discover one that fits my endurance. I am still in a trial stage and so far so good. I just wish it will work out well.

Being Fit is Healthy!

We used to hear the quotation "health is wealth", one way or another it's true hence money can't buy a healthy body. Nowadays, there are different ways of getting fit and fab, we can start it with a healthy diet like eating fiber rich foods, vegetables, fish and of course taking food supplements. Regular exercise helps a lot, we can use fitness equipment of our choice that would suit for our body's capabilities. Having positive point of view can also help us fit. As what I have read, mind can control our body so it means we should prioritize to have a healthy mind first hence all well follow then.

So Bless!

Year 2009, was a struggling year for me and affects a lot my family. I need not elaborate it but people close to my heart knows the whole story. After a year of turmoil in our family, GOD is so great cause HE never forsaken us. He continued pour HIS blessings and guidance to all of us specially my dad and my mom. He used a lot of people to assist and help us. We are so blessed cause we are surrounded with kind hearted persons which we believe sent by GOD as HIS instrument. Thanks you Dear Lord for all the countless blessings and unconditional love.

Don't Forget your vitamins.....

We Filipino's known for being thoughtful and caring. We love to be with our family all the time. I would speak for myself, at this age I would still love living with my mom and dad. Just want to clarify something I am not depending on them financially hehehehhe, I just want to enjoy the years of being with them all the time hence when I was still a kid I was away because of my studies. I find it so loving every time my mom ask me if I already ate, did I take my vitamins for women etc... She is so sweet... its true that our mother's knows what's the best for us....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reviews.... etc.....

Reading reviews became one of my routine every time I go online. I find it very informative. What I like reading best is about beauty regimens hence most of the time they give information on how to choose quality and effective products. The other day I was able to read about face cream reviews, I love the tips I've got and am already applying it to myself everyday. I have also share those tips to my very dear friends so that we all look good and pretty all the time LOL!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's all about ATE XIA!

Since Ate my eldest niece Alxia, entered high school, I was keep on posted supervising here on her studies. We ate lunch together here at the office and most of the time I help her on their research. I want to train Xia to become more responsible and be serious on her studies. I love her so much and I want the best for her always. In fact, I asked her to live with us but I guess its far from reality for now hence she will be missed by her parents. For now, I will be contented seeing her everyday here at the office.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eye cream anyone!

Too much stress makes me weak and irritable. For the past two weeks been working hard for our mid-year assessment aside from my regular office routine I still have project proposals to finish for the Nuangan Overseas Filipino Workers Family. My eye bugs are now bulging and I guess I need the help of best eye cream for wrinkles nowadays. How I wish I can find sponsor for my make over hehehehehe....

Package business deal!

Got a second visit from a friend who is connected with Royale Business . This time they have introduce another set of products as well as business packages. My boss is really convince with the business and maybe next month she will be joining the group. What I like most in this company aside from the quality products, they have a disability insurance for free to all of its members. This privilege is lifetime which is very beneficial. I really wanted to join the group, how I wish I can raise funds for my registration.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Industrial Zone!

As promise, I will share my second farm on FARM TOWN! This is my Industrial Zone! It was not fully arrange yet. This is were almost 90 percent of my facilities where located. The newest facility that I bought was the Fish Farming plant where in I can grow sea foods like shrimps, oysters, mussels and scallops. Timely for my seafood restaurant on my first farm. I do love this game. At least even in here, I have my dream farm LOL!

Business Opportunity!

A long time friend Jojo pay a visit us here in the office yesterday. He was with 2 friends with him. My boss knows him since were in the same church as well. Jojo introduce to us a Business opportunity which according to his colleague as one of the best franchise to own in the city. We listen to a 30 minutes briefing about the products included in the business package as well as its marketing plan. I am satisfied with the deliberation as well as its strategies. I and my boss is thinking to join the group, for now need to save more for the capitalization needed!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dream TV!

The first time I saw Samsung HDTV, I was so impress with its quality. The color is so brilliant and you can notice every details hence the pixels is superb. My brother told me to observed that even a hair strand is very noticeable, I did and its true. How I wish I can upgrade my flat tv set to LCD soon. How I wish more opportunities will be given to me on my blogging so that I can save more. LOL!

Facilities updated!

Playing Farm Town is very addicting specially now that different facilities where introduce to the public. The tools and decorations makes this game more exciting. Lately ponds where updated wherein my fellow farmers can catch fish, just thinking if the IT developer of this game have use a pond filters so that fish can grow easily and for us to catch easily LOL! If you want to relax try to visit my farm and I will cook sushi for you freshly catch from my rivers and ponds... See you at my sushi restaurant!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Even in the virtual world!

Been dreaming to have my own farm. Since this is far from reality for now, I keep contented having my own in the virtual world. In here, I have houses of different kinds, I manage numerous facilities wherein I can process all the crops I've planted. I have my own place wherein I can play basketball and volleyball in my dreams LOL! I have my own spa, swimming pools and even restaurants. In Farmtown, I can build my dream farm. Btw, this is the pics of my farm 1, I still have 2 more and I'll capture photos of it soon!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is it a gun or a toy?

My nephew's curiosity strikes again when we have our grocery at the Central warehouse the other day. When we were at the counter already, he noticed that the barcode reader is new and he ask the cashier if that is a gun or a toy. The cashier laugh and says no its a machine reader, my nephew is not ignorant yet its her first time to see an Symbol LS2208 model at the said Center. Andrei really knows how to make us smile, he is so smart!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Got a call from my best friend Iris today and she inform me bout the apidexin scam. I have referred her about this product last month hence she wanted to lose more weight. She told me that we should be more careful hence a lot of people is trying to discredit the reputation of this product. Iris is just so lucky cause she is warn early, she loves this product and she don't want to be a victim of this scandalous scams.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Aisle!

Wedding month is already here. This picture is one perfect aisle wherein a bride can walk head high with a glee on her face while holding the arms of his proud father walking towards the place wherein the groom is waiting with a teary eyes with a pleasant face. This is exactly the reaction of my close friend Maya during her wedding day. We can feel the emotion of the groom and the bride during that day, the air is full of love and happiness is overflowing on the this sacred place.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sexy Marie

This is my old time friend Marie Astudillo or pretty known to many as Pitchy! Its been 3 years since I haven't seen this girl since she work abroad. Last week, I thought a stranger added me on my Facebook but when I saw the name, I can't believe its Pitchichay. She is so slim and sexy. Got a chance to talk with her last Friday and I told her she looks very alluring. I ask her secret why she looks that great. As usual she replies with a crisp loud laugh and told me she got a banana diet and at 3 weeks she reduce belly fat effortless. Hmmm.... I should try it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Read it!

I have referred apidexin reviews to my best friend who is very much eager to lose more weight. I told her that she can get more information and tips on how to achieve sexier body. Best friend Iris have lost 6 kilos now and she wants more. I can't think of any suggestion aside from giving him sites for her to visit and good reviews to read.


It's official, Lee Dewyze is the 2010 Americal Idol. He won over the single mom from Ohio, Crystal who is also a good singer. Lee is my favorite from day one of the American Idol season. He has a charisma that connects to everyone every time he performs. Aside from a good singer, Lee is undeniably a good looking man, an added factor to all single ladies voting for him LOL! Congratulations LEE! Hope to see you in the Philippines soon!


I love the name Toto, want to know the reason why? First, its my dear father's nick name. Secondly, it's my mother's favorite band. If I just know before when we are still constructing our house ,that there is a Toto toilet for sure I already have that on our home. Anyways, its not too late to have our own soon cause my little bro is planning to extend our house and add another bathroom. By the way, I will tell papa about this brand for sure he will laugh hearing it!

13.2 lbs and counting!

Got a new development from my Bessie Iris, she is so happy to inform me that she already lose 13.2 pounds now. She told me that she wanted more, I told her she should visit for her to get information on how to lose weight more. Iris is working hard for her diet, she lessens her carbohydrates and added more fiber on her daily serving. Go my dear friend, stay sexy and pretty!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Token!

A day before her birthday, I made this simple token to my officemate Juvy. The moment I am making this poster, she was actually in front of me working in her personal computer. I open a simple conversation and she was so innocent answering all my questions including her age hehehehe... When I almost finish my lay-out, one of our SPES beneficiary saw my lay-out reacted " wow, you're so beautiful here in the picture ma'am Juvy". I told the SPES not to divulge anything hence It will never be a surprise if she will saw it already. I was just so happy by that time cause Juvy don't mind what she have heard from |Claire and she just continue what she is doing. I immediately printed the 8.5 x 11 poster and put inside my drawer. I came very early at work during her birthday, I cut the the poster and put in her desk. I also open her computer and have this poster as her wall paper. Thanks, GOD she came in the office late or else she saw all what I have done hehehehehe... So, glad seeing her so happy with my simple token, she told me that was the best gift she have received on her birthday...

Thank You!

It feels like heaven when you have your true friends around you all the time, specially when you needed them the most. It is true that you'll know who are your real friends in times of trouble and if you are in the worst scenario of your life. When I was in the middle of mishaps one year ago, so blessed to know whom my true friends are. They are not as numerous as I've expected but thanks GOD, cause HE gave me real persons who accepts me, understand and nevertheless shows unconditional love. With the trial that I have been through, I've learn more how to value life, my family, my friends and will never get affected with my detractors. To all my real friends, you know who you are, thank you very much and I love you all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Click it here!

Cory Quirino is famous of being a wellness guru! Every time I watch her on television I can feel her sincerity of helping the people on how to look good and stay healthy all the time. She is also a product endorser now, do you want to know it, then just click here for the answer. I also referred this site to my bessie Iris hence I know she can relate to this. She is very successful on her diet, just this morning she inform me that he already lose 7 kilos wowoweee, congratulation my dear bessie, so happy for you! mwah!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My renewed!

This morning I received an email from Google Apps reminding me that my blog will will be expiring on June 2, 2010. I never hesitate to renew this blog as early as today hence I know its worthy. Though, I just maintained one paid blogging company on this site yet am very contented of the opps they have given me. is now on its 3rd year of blogging and I hope it will survive for more years in the blogsphere.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thinking the offer!

Been thinking of changing my EON card which will be expiring next year. Sad to say, its been two years since I've got the card yet I can't withdraw my paypal using it! Just so thankful that Lainy is there for me to the rescue always. I have different credit card offers but still am thinking about it. I will also ask advice to my mentors regarding the matter hence I don't know if it would be useful or not. I hope they can enlighten my mind.

MWAD 2010!

My little bro was one of the representative during MWAD 2010 held at Tagum City last April 28-30, 2010 not as an athlete but a documenter. Three months ago, when he learned that he was chosen to document the said event, he was worried hence he don't have a camera that would fit on the said activity. He cannot depend on his cyber digital cam hence it will be too slow for a fast phasing game like volleyball, badminton and track in field. With too much dedication with his craft my bro bough a canon DLSR camera with matching accessories. He also asked me to scout for a scarf, fisher's man hat and wristech blood pressure monitor that he will be using on the said event. My bro has a history of High blood pressure so I prioritized the BP monitor for him. Just so thankful that the product is available online and for him to easily procure.


One of the most popular hang out activity nowadays is the ZORB Ball! My little bro got a chance to try the said adventure and he definitely love it. Their are two kinds of the ball the one floating on the water and the rolling one from the hill. Hmmm... got envy! How I wish I can try one soon!

Black Friday!

My friend Jerry always observed Thanks Giving and Black Friday celebration. This two holidays was the most celebrated events to their community according to him. Jerry says " this is our bonding time and a good chance for us to go on shopping"! He added that during black friday sale was every where. As he recalled " last year he got a PSP 3 for his son and an XBOX for him at a very reasonable price! This year, for sure my friend is looking for another item on his list... and wishing he will find one for me LOL!

Burn it!

Got a chance to watch Cory Quirino, a health guru from the Philippines in DZMM Radio TV talking about fat burner reviews! She positively implied that good points on every reviews must be noted and applied by every readers. What I love about Cory was, she makes life easier. She is very generous in giving tips to make every people healthy. She always says that being healthy is not eating expensive and authentic food,we just simply know what is the essence of food available and we will reach the right nutrients that we need. Kudos madam!

Happy BDAY Kuya!

Myspace Glitter Graphics -
It's my Kuya Rnel's birthday today! I will not reveal his age to make his birthday merry hehehehe! We love you Kuya, we wish you good health and more blessed years to come! I want you to know that I am so proud of you, your the best kuya that everybody wants to have... Thank you for being very supportive to me and loving us unconditionally. Love yah mwah!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When I heard about scams, the first thought that would cross my mind was " sexual video, text, email and business scams"! I never thought that products would also be a victim like apidexin scam. Anyways, I can't blame others for degrading some for their own benefits, it is not fair but thats what we called survival of the fittest. I just hope the consumers should be more vigilant hence their health is at-stake.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Handy Manny!

I observed that my nephew Andrei is applying what he have learned from watching television shows. He is a big fan of Dora and Diego, Word World, Mickey Mouse Club House, Shawn the ship, Timmy Time, Hingly Town Heroes, Handy Manny, Barney and his ever favorite Little Einstein. After he watch each episode he use to ask questions specially the terms use which not so familiar with him. Last weekend, he force me to joined him watch Handy Manny series hence he want me to see the tools that Manny used to fixed the doorbell of one customer. After watching the series he asked me Tita can you buy that tools for me? hahahahhahaha, now I know why he was so "makulit to joined him watched the tv show! My nephew is really smart!


It's my first time to joined Special Program for Employment of Students Day (SPES)! I salute to all the students who participated on that one day event . The Highlight of the said activity was the search for Mr. Pretty Boy and Ms. Macho Girl. The audience really enjoyed the show as much as I do. I do admire the guts of all the boys who participated the search, It was not an easy job but for the sake of sportsmanship and camaraderie they have given a full blast participation. Good job guys, bravo, bravo!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Yesterday when my father fetch me from work, I asked him to drop by at the nearest grocery store and after that we go to the nearest gas station for our weekly schedule of fueling. To our surprise after the gas boy have pump, our jeep won't start for so many tries. I called immediately my eldest brother for the rescue, while waiting for my brother papa tried to fix things on his own and wish rv repair is available in our area. Just so thankful my brother was here to assist us!

Early scouting!

Six months from now, we will be renewing our car's registration. As early as now I am scouting for a cheap auto insurance so that it won't be a headache during renewal time. Last year, was a hell for me hence the agent of our auto insurance got sick and leave us hanging and the agency inform us during the last day of filing. I don't want it to happen again, as lesson learned Its good to be early than late hehehehe!

Happy 2nd Blogoversary Lainy!

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Its been two years since my good friend Lainy started Lainy's Musings! Am a fan of her blog the day it started. The author of this blog is my mentor and Love her so much. She is really good inside and out! To Lainy more fruitful years to blog and may you continue to spread the good news in the blogsphere.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Congrats Jerry!

My long time friend Jerry will be graduating through online degree next school year. I am so proud of him because even how busy he is working in the hospital yet he still manage to continue his studies. How I wish I can also do the same. He also got a crash online course on photography last year and this time another milestone on business course. Go Jerry, I know you can do it! Wish to see you soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burn the fats

Having a healthy diet is very essential nowadays. My mom and dad was advice to reduce weight by their doctor when they have a check up last week. They were told to lessen their salt intake to fasten their diet. The doctor also gave them a supplement for their heart and bones and a safe fat burners for me. Our family doctor, advise us to eat right, have at least an 8 hours sleep and have a regular exercise. We reply " YES DOC"!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This picture was taken last month when we joined the Earth Hour celebration. Our church had a pastoral letter for the whole members to observed and participate. Turning off the light for just an hour is a big help to our mother earth. The family used only one candle for an hour and it survive.

Making wonders!

So glad that with the information I've got from acneticin reviews it makes wonders to my little brother's face. I can say that he got revive his baby face look, unlike with the previous months its really like a mess. He hate facing in the mirror. It also affects his confidence because its really noticeable. A million thanks to the remedy above, mwah!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Collection for life!

Am thinking why most ladies loves collecting bags? For me, I feel good every time I have a new one specially if I buy it on sale hehehehehe... I really love purchasing promotional bags. Aside from good quality I can have save some penny. By the way, I find some reviews on what am talking about here are some happy reading!

*** Well, I really can't say that I'm a bag addict though I have over twenty-five bags in my collection. I know twenty-five isn't really a big number compared to other girls' collection. But I really do love bags and I love collecting them.

***I got about 10 bags ! But i don't think i am addicted to bags. Coz my bags are not some kind really expensive or some special editions. I'm still a college student and i didn't get too much money to buy luxury things. Many people like collecting some categories they are addicted to. Some like stamps, some like shoes. And you like bags. It's okay if you have spare money to buy bags.

***I used to buy a bag at least once a week. That was how addicted I am to bags before. Well, I am no longer that addicted to it but I must admit that it is still my weakness. However, I now know how to control myself when it comes to buying bags. I would rather buy a bag that is expensive but has a good quality than buy several that has low quality.

*** I love bags! i am crazy over it! and i collect as much as i can. i do not know how many bags i own, but i know that i have quite a number:

***I'm a self confessed bag addict but unlike others who just go around buying bags, i go for quality bags. somewhat expensive, but something that can be used with any outfit, for every occasion and for a long period of time.

How about you guys? Can you share your story why you love bags?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ethel's new found hobby!

My Bessie Ethel is a born artist. When we were still working together at City Planning and Coordinators office, she is the focal person every time there is an event to mention the decorations and everything that comes into artistry. Lately, Ethel loves going outdoors with baby Enzo and Dada Raul. Mind you all, outdoor decor all the of the they have visited was documented and she collaborated all the ideas and package her own designs. In fact, she invited me to visit their humble haven to see all her creations. So excited bout it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tarp Again!

Every time I saw billboards along the high-way five years ago, I feel so amaze how the artist do it! Never thought that one day I will learn that kind of art. I am designing tarpaulin for 4 years now and I enjoyed doing it. The hardest part of tarpaulin designing is the conceptualization of the subject. Presentation is very important and it makes me crazy specially if it is rushly done.

On Line Application

As part of our preparation for the upcoming 2010 JOBS FAIR to be held here in our city. Glad to received a positive feedback from different recruiting agencies. In fact, to date 4 agencies have been responded and submitted all the job orders to be posted on the said event. We also have updated the online application of the Department of Labor and Employment so that job seekers will have a chance to browse online for sure Entertainment workers job search will be easily access.

Monday, April 5, 2010


This coming April 29, 2010, the Local Government of Kidapawan in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment will be having a one day JOBS FAIR for Overseas and Local Employment to be held at the city gymnasium. As the responsible office of the said activity, we are now busy preparing for the said activity. My colleague Jovy is in-charge of purchasing all the materials to be used on the said event such as office supplies, t-shirts so as the snacks and meals. Your's truly is responsible for all the proposal, invitations as well as designing of the the program and tarpaulin, whew! Good luck to us!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Fit this Summer!

I must start my diet program this coming April, that was the exact words I uttered when I talk with my best friend. Bessie is on her way of conquering her desired figure after 3 months of having a healthy lifestyle aside from continuous exercise with the help of her exercise equipment and eating the right food. I wish I can have a good start this coming month. I know its not easy but getting fit this summer is my ultimate goal.

Gift for Kuya!

Kuya Paing will be celebrating his 50th birthday on March 24th. Her eldest daughter Cathy, asked me a favor to make a present on their dad's big day. She gave me the idea of the gift they wanted to give and let me decide to conceptualize the whole thing. I ask her to send me some photos and the lyrics of the song they wanted to collaborate. This collage will be printed 11x8 inches and will be put on a customize frame just for Kuya's 5oth birthday.


Nonon is a Dabawe├▒o term for Auntie. My friend Kiks called his auntie Lulu "Nonon ". This word became word of our mouth every time we visit Kiks place. Auntie Lulu was introduce to me 10 years ago.Nonon Lulu was once a media personality and then turn to be a very successful business woman. Last December, one added investment was in her list of achievements when her white house was blessed. I love the way she accesorized the house, the kitchen is very neat, the rooms were creatively unique and the bath room was stunningly beautiful and the jacuzzi has a hot tub cover . Kiks termed it "superb" cause it was all complete.

Hair talk

Few months ago, I've notice that my brother's hair is thinning due to falling hair. I called his attention regarding the matter because I don't wanna see him bald on his age. I told him to consult an expert to solve the problem and he immediately do my advice. Her doctor gave him a shampoo for thinning hair and he needs to use it exclusively for 3 months. The shampoo is affordable and the effect is very good. No falling hair for him now and as days goes by I can see some tiny hair is growing on his healthy scalp. Were both happy of the result.