Friday, January 29, 2010

Be reasonable

Yesterday, I hear my boss murmuring over the phone. While were eating lunch she shared her sentiments about what happen to their auto insurance quotes. The agent that they hired got sick and the documents of their car was not yet processed. My boss is worried cause their vehicle was not yet renewed and they have a long travel this Saturday to attend the burial of her sister-in law. She immediately called up her husband to patched things up. After 30 minutes Kuya Noy arrived the office smiling and inform my boss that he got all the papers and endorsed it to LTO.

Switch it off

My mom always remind us to conserved energy. Just like last night she scolded me for not switching off the light in the kitchen after washing our plates. It is truly a big deal to her hehehe, I find it very unreasonable but she is right. Before going to bed, she usually double check all rocker switches except those lights outside our house. Thats how good my mom in conserving things.

7 days more to go...

Every year, private schools usually conduct field trip activity. This is the first time that my nephew will join the later and he is really excited. Yesterday, my mom sign the waiver of the said activity in behalf of my brother. Since my nieces and nephew will be joining, the whole family decided to accompany them. It will not just be educational for the three of them but will serve as our family bonding as well hence we haven't able to travel last December. My nephew is having his own countdown, thats how excited he is hehehe... Just hope that the weather is good on February 5th so that we will enjoy our trip. Blog you for more updates later...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had my first step in the city of Kidapawan when I was still in High School during the Regional School Paper Press Conference in 1994 held at North Cotabato College of Arts and Trade (NCCAT) and now the University of Southern Mindanao Kidapawan City branch. The place was so tranquil, the weather is very cold and it is like a paradise to me. After a decade the place is slowly transforming and many establishment have risen. The road now is all concrete and 4 blocks before entering the University campus, their is a spa center which offers packages for students. I have there once and I like the ambiance, they had wide array of equipments for relaxation including a spa filter that gives you more comfort. Our city is now really improving and visioning that after 10 year it will become a Metropolitan place.


The city LGU had sponsored a one stop processing held at the Kidapawan gymnesium for the renewal of business permits and licenses. It started last January 4 and supposedly will end last January 20, 2010. However with the increasing number of demands for the extension, the city had agree to extend until 29th of the month. Other national agencies had participated the said activity for the first two weeks namely Department of Trade and Industry, Land Transportation Office, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Philippine Health Insurance, Social Security System and many others. The said activity gets a good impression from the taxpayers hence processing of their business permits is very easy just like having a home insurance quotes inquiry. The organizers are very happy with the result and suggest to continue the same every year!

ERAP was here...

Former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada pay a visit on our city yesterday morning. It is in connection with his candidacy on 2010 Presidential election. If I am not mistaken the convoy of Erap conquer the whole stretch of our city hall. It just like having a car show at the city plaza, lol! All are certified Sports Utility Vehicles... Erap stays almost an hour at the mayor's office and while having some snacks he pose for some souvenir photo with the LGU employees.

Almost done...

Two years ago, our family had purchase a tricycle from our close friend whom will be migrating to USA. The deed of absolute sale was executed however, the registration was not yet transferred to our name. This year we processed the transfer of ownership papers to the name of my eldest brother as well as the franchised. I never thought that transfer of ownership at LTO will took us more that 6 thousand pesos excluding the permit, insurance and franchise fee, whew! I and my brother personally handle the processing and just been thankful that I had a friend who assisted us in the insurance quotes of the vehicle. Hopefully, we will had our new permit this coming Friday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boxes anyone...

Last January 6, I have a date with my friend Greta dear. Its been two years that we haven't seen each other cause she is working at Dubai, UAE when I left the Special Technical Division in 2007. Greta dear is a good buddy of mine, I usually called her the master of food hence she has a superb taste bud. She also loves wrapping and organizing things. This girl loves collecting different kinds of boxes. In fact when her aunt from Australia send them a package, she told her grandma to preserve the shipping box cause she will gonna use it. She is indeed very artistic!

Laugh Out Loud...

Got an email this morning containing this material. I thought it is just an ordinary passage or whatever but when I read it, I can't stop myself but laugh. I want to share this wonderful story, believe me it will gonna brighten your day and will make you laugh out loud.... Enjoy reading!

Breaking News!

Just a minute ago, got a message from my bessie Iris. She told me some bad news. Its all about his honey Bobby who had experience cardiac arrest yesterday. I felt very sorry when I heard about it but thanks GOD cause he is safe now. He stayed at the hospital for a day and have his rest at home. I told Iris that she always remind Bobby to take his maintenance to avoid the same incident or else it would be a hurting situation just like a person who had a malignant Mesothelioma. We should have healthy lifestyle now to prolong our lives.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My bet...

Our three angels in the family is now attending school. Alxia on her 6th grade while Aleighx and Andrei on their kindergarten stage. Personally, I am monitoring the progress of my nephew and nieces and I gave rewards if they do good in their studies. One time I challenge Alxia that if she will top her classes I will treat her to Manila Ocean Park hence she haven't visit the place cause we are in Mindanao area. My eldest niece just smiled and say really tita? I never thought that my nephew Andrei is listening and he approach me, Tita why don't you challenge me, I want a Disney vacations I can assure you I will try to be on the top list of our class. I was tongue tied when I heard it cause I know he can really make it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This is the official seal of our office.Been working here since August of last year. So far my stay is very good. I can say that I am like a turtle thrown to a river cause I do found my real home. My assignment here is considerably noble deeds hence were assisting unemployed people. Helping them to find their means of living is a very fulfilling job. Looking for more people to help soon...


The essence of being a woman is to bear a child, this sentence became very popular during 1990's when Susmitha of India won the Miss Universe title. Getting pregnant is not easy, fifty percent of mother's life is in the grave from the very first sign of life. The very reason why OB-GYNE advice to have a monthly pre-natal check up to monitor the welfare of the mother and her child inside her womb. Mostly the doctors gave a prenatal vitamins and dose of healthy advise for the protection and progress of the mother and child.

Bad Hair Day!

Hair is one of the most taken cared part of woman's body. Having a beautiful and shiny hair is like heaven to us. But unfortunately not all woman enjoys this kind of privilege, some experience female pattern hair loss which is really heart defying. I myself take good care of my hair same like with my skin. I personally ask advice from my derma for food supplements so that I can maintain my good grooming for a better me.

As she turns 1

This wonderful baby will be turning one by the end of January. As a first child her parents are very much excited on her very first birthday celebration. Her mom and dad is working hand in hand to make her special day a very momentous one. My presence would not be possible on her natal day but got something for her as my simple presents. Wish you will have a wonderful celebration JULIA, God bless you always!

Falling Hair...

Two weeks ago, my younger brother shared his sentiments that he is very much worried with his falling hair. I advised him to see his doctor for an immediate treatment. Last Friday when he came home I've noticed a wrapped small bottle on his sling bag and when I pulled it out I saw a shampoo and its labelled for hair loss. I am glad that he took my advised seriously cause I don't wanna see him bald hehehe... When I ask him about it, he told me that it helps him a lot. I was curious about the product so I surf the, nice site very informative!

Ouch... it hurts!

I am getting old, this is the fact that I can't deny. I observed this past few months that my joints are aching specially during rainy days. The same signs with my parents, sigh! Years back, I accompany my mom to Dra. Villegas her doctor specializing with rheumatism. The doctor says that it is normal to felt symptoms like tingling joints and aching muscles as the person goes aged but with the proper aide and supplements it will be prevented. She gave my mom an arthritis treatment medicine so that she will not suffer the pain specially during cold seasons. I guess, its my time to pay a visit Dra. Vea and ask for my medication.

Target Exceeded...

Today is the formal start of Special Program for Employment of Students registration. As early as 8:00 o'clock in the morning students flocks to our office. Most of them came from National High School from different barangays of the city. As a first timer handling this project, I was overwhelm with the enthusiast of the students to apply for a summer job. I can see myself to them when I was still studying. At 12:00 noon we able to register 75 students and at the end of the day we had 120 applicants. Our manager told us that we had exceeded our target cause she is just expecting at leas a hundred aspirants for the first day. Registration is still on going and will last until February!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Got a surprise message yesterday from a long time pal and told me that she wanted to see me. So excited when got a chance to see her after five long years. Can't believe that she had a quick trim and she really look gorgeous. I found out that she got married to a good looking Danish. Been out of touch for quite sometime cause she had change her email address but now that I knew it... hmmm, for sure it will be constant this time.

Working HARD...

Its now 2010, my Bessie Iris is working hard for her New Year's Resolution. Early January she enrolled for a gym work out. Luckily she survives on her second week and enjoying her daily routine as days goes by. Aside from her dose of exercise, Bessie maintained her cleansing diet so long with her use of colon cleansing herbs. She was diagnose to have a gall bladder stones before but with the help her medicines its diminishing day by day. I am glad that Iris is now a health conscious pal, my best wishes bessie... mwah!

Friday, January 15, 2010

SPES fever

Busy.... busy.... busy.... as a bumble bee, thats how I can describe myself now! Special Program for Employment of Students is a yearly project of the City Local Government. Our office handles the said program and early as December we are preparing for this. This is my first time to oversee this kind of activity and never expected that I would be busy as this. With the past records, the PESO accommodates more than a thousand applicants and would be trim down to 1/4 once its is implemented. I was assigned as a verifier for this project, I will scrutinized the authenticity of the documents submitted. I am a bit pressured cause I might miss look some matters but am asking a divine Grace so that I can do my work properly. Our registration will formally start on Monday January 18, 2010 and we are expecting in flocks of students.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My simple gift!

It seems like it was yesterday, few days from now Kiks little angel name Julia Margarethe will be celebration her very first birthday. I can't think of any gift to her so I decided to make a an invitation design as my simple token to her special day just what I did to the nephew of my boss for his first communion invitations . Had a fun time making this one cause Julia's post is picture perfect. Just send the e-file to Kiks and hope they will like it...