Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good result!

Bessie Iris is on her 3rd month of diet regimen. The last time I saw her was in the month of February and she looks good on her new figure after using lipozene as her supplement. This coming Thursday she will be visiting us here in Kidapawan City. I am very excited to see her again. Actually, I seen her a while ago in the cam and I feel very envy on how she looks right now, so happy for her cause she is really dreaming to have this kind of figure years ago. Congrats bessie!


I took this shot few days ago, These are my two angels. Andrei Briggs and Andrea Lynn. They look very sweet on this shot. Kuya Andrei is trying to kiss her cousin Ea. I love to capture every single moment of my angels. I wish their sweetness will continue as they grow together. Love them both so much!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

For the 3rd Time!

In the past few days, I noticed something strange with my officemate Ate Erlinda! She became moody and sleepy in reversed to her bubbly and sweet personality. Last Monday, she told us that she is 4weeks pregnant. We laugh and tease her after we knew it cause lately she is really acting unpredictable. She will start her prenatal check up soon and for sure her OB-GYNE will give her a dose of prenatel vitamins for her protection and her baby as well. Ate Linda is wishing to have a bouncing baby boy, I guess this is an answered prayers!


I read in the news today that HIV syndrome hits double in our country according to a survey conducted by the DOH. It is indeed very alarming. It says there that it involves young professionals working in the call centers which surprises me. I know norms on PMS is not followed accordingly because of the changing world. But I suggest that as a being we should know how to protect ourselves like using contraceptives and if ever symptoms of disease hits us, we should consult our doctors for immediate treatment like the use of herpes simplex for our protection. Be vigilant!


This picture was taken last February 5, 2010 at Davao City Crocodile Park. I find it very cute cause my niece and nephew acts very silly. They were inside the statue of giant Anaconda and shown their reaction just like swallowed by the snake. This activity was part of their educational tour. They have also their adventure in Japanese Tunnel and the famous People's Park.

Fast and easy!

Having an internet connection is really an advantage for me especially in my field of work. When I started working at Local Government Unit I was assigned in the Project Development section of the Planning Department wherein I make project proposals and do research works. When my direct supervisor gave me task to search for funding agencies, I always used web directories as my reference. This is the fast and easy way of finding any information in the worldwide-web. Thanks to this technology, it makes my work very light!

I can't sleep!

Three days in a row, my sleeping habit has change. I can't sleep straight as what I have days back. I told mama about it and she asked me is there something bothering me? Hmmm... I told her no! I told her that I better take my sleeping pills which I ought to do every time my insomnia hits me badly. Mama told me, I better consult my doctor first before taking my pill to avoid mistreatments. I got her point so I should visit my doctor this afternoon so that I can rid out of this hell habit!

Our Prayers for Tito Red's Brother!

This morning, I was able to chat with my Tita Baby and Tito Red who is residing at Quebec, Canada! I've learned some bad news about Tito Red's brother. They told me that the doctors gave him only 15 days to leave because his tumor was very malignant, it reaches stage 4. I can felt how sad Tito was when he told it to me, he was very close to his brother who is bed ridden for 2 years. Before this bad news came, Tita told me that they are planning to visit him in US this year and after that they will be going home in the Philippines. I know Tito Red is hurting and I am praying that GOD will give him more courage and make him strong to accept the reality. Our prayers to Tito Red's brother!

Searching for treatment!

Two weeks ago, I help my brother to search some treatment about his facial problem. I have surf online reviews about acne and eczema. I am fond of reading personal testimony and doctors endorsement as well as advertisement. As I go on reading, I encountered a word accutane which intrigues me. I search it online till I found the accutane reviews. In this this site, my questions was all answered and now I have fully understood what that word really mean. Personally, I learned a lot on this site, see it for yourself so that you'll know what I am talking about, lol!

Facial treatment!

I've notice that my brother's face had change a lot. He use to have a baby face but lately, a lot of small spots grows on his cheeks which also bothers him. I suggested him to consult his dermatologist for an expert advice. The doctor told him that it is a kind of skin disease which is known as eczema. He had his eczema treatment right away because as days goes by it became worsen. In fact, the dermatologist advice him to have 3 session of eczema surgery if there would be no changes on his face after a week of therapy. So far, the result was good and I think little bro need no more for that!

We are One...

As I blog in my previous post, my family have fun last Friday. We joined the field trip activity of our 3 angels. This would be the last field trip activity of my niece Alxia hence she will bid bye bye to his elementary days. On the other hand, this is the first field trip activity of Aleighx and Andrei, they are both on Kindergarten. We decided to joined them on their trip hence last December we wasn't able to have our family trip. We are very thankful for the school administration of letting us joined with this wonderful trip.

Field Trip Experiece!

Last February 5, 2010, my nieces and nephew joined the Central Mindanao Colleges Elementary Department's field trip activity. The whole family joined the said educational tour. Our first stop was the Japanese Tunnel, this is my first time to enter this historic place in Davao City even I stayed in the city for 9 years. I personally accompany my niece and nephew as we go along with the tunnel. We saw a lot of effigy of Japanese soldiers, gold bullion and the Golden Buddha. I let Andrei and Aleighx pose with some effigy for souvenir purposes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Projects... projects!

School year is almost over, In fact the CMC Elementary Department have their final exams today and tomorrow. Different projects were given, just like in the case of my nephew Andrei. Last Friday they have their field trip activity and in connection with this they will be submitting a narrative report. The parents will be the one who will formulate the report but it would be based on the learnings and experience of the child during the trip. By the way, speaking of project, I also have mine but not reports lol, I am planning to have another improvement on our house and I am targeting the garage flooring. How I wish it will be realized early next month.

Keep it up Aleighx and Andrei!

This morning the Central Mindanao Colleges Elementary Department gave recognition to their pupils who have excelled for the Third Grading Period. My nephew Andrei got the 6th place and my niece Aleighx placed 9th. We are so happy for their performance. We are very proud for them, they are bought accelerated from Kinder 1 to Kinder 2 hence they are more advance than the others. They are both 5 years of age. I will post their report card here soon!

Upgrading the furnitures!

At long last, the face lifting construction of our city hall was finished. Timely for the celebration of our 12th Foundation anniversary. Four departments have been move to the new building to mention the City Assessors, the City Treasurer, The Department of Agriculture and the Mayor's office. Along with their transfer to their new offices was the upgrading of furnitures purchase early this year. I've noticed that the treasury office was the most accesorized office now, they have new office tables, cash volts as well as mmf drawer to safe keep all important documents and receipts. The assessors have big cabinets for their files. The DA departments just added television and sofa for their guest. The mayor's departments as expected has the most number of furnitures added from the lobby up to the LCE room.