Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Prayers for Tito Red's Brother!

This morning, I was able to chat with my Tita Baby and Tito Red who is residing at Quebec, Canada! I've learned some bad news about Tito Red's brother. They told me that the doctors gave him only 15 days to leave because his tumor was very malignant, it reaches stage 4. I can felt how sad Tito was when he told it to me, he was very close to his brother who is bed ridden for 2 years. Before this bad news came, Tita told me that they are planning to visit him in US this year and after that they will be going home in the Philippines. I know Tito Red is hurting and I am praying that GOD will give him more courage and make him strong to accept the reality. Our prayers to Tito Red's brother!

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