Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting Fit this Summer!

I must start my diet program this coming April, that was the exact words I uttered when I talk with my best friend. Bessie is on her way of conquering her desired figure after 3 months of having a healthy lifestyle aside from continuous exercise with the help of her exercise equipment and eating the right food. I wish I can have a good start this coming month. I know its not easy but getting fit this summer is my ultimate goal.

Gift for Kuya!

Kuya Paing will be celebrating his 50th birthday on March 24th. Her eldest daughter Cathy, asked me a favor to make a present on their dad's big day. She gave me the idea of the gift they wanted to give and let me decide to conceptualize the whole thing. I ask her to send me some photos and the lyrics of the song they wanted to collaborate. This collage will be printed 11x8 inches and will be put on a customize frame just for Kuya's 5oth birthday.


Nonon is a Dabaweño term for Auntie. My friend Kiks called his auntie Lulu "Nonon ". This word became word of our mouth every time we visit Kiks place. Auntie Lulu was introduce to me 10 years ago.Nonon Lulu was once a media personality and then turn to be a very successful business woman. Last December, one added investment was in her list of achievements when her white house was blessed. I love the way she accesorized the house, the kitchen is very neat, the rooms were creatively unique and the bath room was stunningly beautiful and the jacuzzi has a hot tub cover . Kiks termed it "superb" cause it was all complete.

Hair talk

Few months ago, I've notice that my brother's hair is thinning due to falling hair. I called his attention regarding the matter because I don't wanna see him bald on his age. I told him to consult an expert to solve the problem and he immediately do my advice. Her doctor gave him a shampoo for thinning hair and he needs to use it exclusively for 3 months. The shampoo is affordable and the effect is very good. No falling hair for him now and as days goes by I can see some tiny hair is growing on his healthy scalp. Were both happy of the result.

Kidapaweño in Pilipinas Got Talent!

I found this video from a stranger blogger who visited my blog-site! The blog was labelled Kidapawan city and as I browse her page I saw this video. I got surprise when I saw Elnora, I know her personally. She once my office mate before and I know how talented she is and she got a wonderful voice.It;s been a while I haven't seen her around and I am happy to catch her video during her audition in Pilipinas Got Talent. Just want to share show talented my fellow Kidapaño is, so proud of her and I wish she can make it!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting Black!

Lately I am pissed off on how I can get rid of blackheads in my face. A friend suggested to steam my face and have a facial treatment and another one said I should let it ripen and It will just vanished when I will wash my face. Honestly, I am desperate on how I can get back the old baby face that I have LOL. Anyways, I should try the first advice and have a visit to my dermatologist!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Era with RC Volunteers!

What a lovely scene! Red cross volunteers take some break to have a pose with Era Madrigal one of the sexiest star in the Philippines. This photo was taken at Davao City as part of National Red Cross Blood Donation campaign. The sexy Era and the hunk Alfred Vargas attended the said activities. Just wondering how Era maintain her figure, I guess she exerted blood and sweat to attain this, just thinking if she also uses a slimming pills to maintain her figure. What do think?

Brightest Stars!

Sen. Bong Revilla Jr., Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, former NEDA Secretary Ralp Recto were among the stars who attended the Araw ng Dabaw celebration last March 16, 2010. This picture is by the way courtesy of a friend from Dabaw photographers club. My little brother got a chance to get up close and personal with the stars and he also has a shot of his own. According to him it is his first time to join the whole day celebration from the parade down to the program proper. It is very tiring yet very "sulit" according to him!

One Step at a Time!

Since early January my bessie Iris started her diet program. After 3 months of extensive low fat diet, exercise and using diets for quick weight loss pill, she is now near to hear dream figure. The last time I saw her was during my baby Ea's 1st birthday ( 11th of March). She looks stunning and very pretty. I told her, I should follow her diet style so that I can achieve that look in a short span of time. Bessie told me, I should be patient and I should take one step at a time. Hmmm.... I better listen to her!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Listen to the expert!

The location of our new home was quite far from the Poblacion ( center) area. When were still on Barracks, I have all the access of communication. We have internet connections, radio waves and signal of different service provider. Nowadays, I need to go outside the house to get some signal for my cellphone though there are selected areas in the house that has a signal. I asked a friend if there is a remedy to boost the signal inside our house and he recommended to use a cell phone booster to capture more frequency. I told my brother about the said product and he said he will try to inquire if it is now available at Davao city. How I wish to have one soon!

Blood and Sweat!

A good friend Farah Mae tied to a knot with Alex Diaz last March 5, 2010. The wedding was held at Church of Christ Chapel of Ecoland locale. The wedding was very elegant and as the bride walk on the aisle with scattered rose petals, she has teary eyes because of happiness. The couple was both working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and took their leave of absence at work for their wedding here in the Philippines. Mae's wedding was very colorful, it has a touch of FM's beauty. In one of her thread at FB a friend asked her how much did they spent and she just answered it all blood and sweat my dear.

Wall Decor!

I love cooking and I am dreaming of having my own cafe in the future. I know I need to work harder to reach that goal . For the meantime, I feel contented playing Cafe world. In here, I can cook and hire my workers. I love decorating, In fact I have wall sconce on my walls. This lights added colors to my cafe. For now I am still working hard for my expansion.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2010 New Gadgets

I love watching Convergence on NET 25 every Sunday evening. Last time they have featured the must seen and have gadgets of 2010. I was amaze of the 3D design television which will be out in the market this coming April. Upgradeable laptop computer, mp5's, cellphones and cameras was also included in the segment. Technology really rocks nowadays, it makes the whole world more exciting and very colorful. How I wish to own even one fantastic gadgets featured!

Fire Prevention Month!

March is a fire prevention month. The Bureau of Fire in our city launch their campaign last Monday (March 1) and they have conducted drills and seminars on different schools and establishment. Just a week ago after the said activity, unexpected fire stroke our city. At exactly 10:30 in the morning yesterday the Kidapawan Mega Center Corporation was burn-out. Investigation states that it started on the exhaust of the power generator that support temporary electricity on the entire building while Kidapawan was in power outage yesterday. The fire was declared under control around 4:30 in the afternoon after 6 hours of fire wrath. The lost of KMCC is a big burden on the city's economy. How I wish the management can recover soon!

Remembering KMCC!

Yesterday around 10:30 in the morning one big fire stroke Kidapawan City. At first, we taught it is just an ordinary fire but after 5 minutes a huge smoke covers the sky. The area of the fire is almost 500 meters away from our office. We cannot open our radio hence we have a power outage at that time. After few minutes we learned that Kidapawan Mega Center Corporation was burning. We are very sad we knew it cause it is the biggest grocery center here in our city. In fact, they the first center which uses barcode scanner in the city. The fire hits 3rd alarm and there are firemen who got hurt during the incident. Witness says that the fire started when the power generator of KMCC has burst and it immediately scattered in the packing area of a cooking oil. According to the report damage property was estimated to reach 500 million pesos hence one RCBC bank was included on the wrath of fire.

Summer Sale!

Summer is here once again, a lot of appliance centers and furniture is having their summer sale. Here in our city one establishment launch their sale bonanza yesterday. I saw their motorcade caravan passing by our office. I noticed some items listed on the tarpaulin it includes television sets, dvd's, computers, components and furnitures. I should visit their store one of this days hence I want to see if a patio cushions is on the list of sale items. Can't wait for it!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Safety Gear!

We practice safety measures in our family. As you can see in this picture our two little angels worn their helmet every time they will ride a motorcycle. Our city also has an ordinance regarding proper wearing of safety gears. First Offense on non wearing a helmet cost 500 pesos, Second offense is P1000 and third offense is P2500 plus other penalties. I'd rather obey the policy or else hehehehe!


I am familiar with food supplements and diet pills but this is my first time to heard about the herbal weight loss pills. Hmmm... honestly I am interested on this products because I am a herbal user. I love organic and natural supplements. I should research on this product and can't wait to have one soon as my supplement. Hey, guys I will tell you more about it soon! See yah!

Common names....

I've notice that every couple talk and agreed on the names of their babies specially if they were first timer parents. Just like in the case of my niece and nephew. They have names 3 months before they will born. My brother and sister in law, also consulted us on the names they wish to call their babies. Other parents want to pattern the names of their babies to famous personalities like Jennifer Lopez, jenny craig, Madonna, Celine Dion, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan and a lot more. Some wants to make it unique like Bregilyn, Aleighx Fym, Andrei Briggs, Andrea Lynn and Alxia Gem. Anyways, whatever it is, all I know is my name is the sweetest word I ever heard lol!

OT for SPES Exam!

It is past 1 in the afternoon and am still here sitting watching the students who are taking the qualifying exams for Special Program for Employment of Students. There are more than 700 hopefuls eying for 125 slots alloted for the Local Government Government Unit. I feel some headache now because the air-condition unit can't sustain the coldness of the room. I feel like I am inside of an incubator room lol.

All the Best for Her!

President Corazon Concuangco Aquino was diagnosed to have a colon cancer. When her children knows about it they have seek different remedies for the treatment of their mother including the colon cleanser therapy.During the internment of the late President Cory, her daughter Kris told on her speech that she is very grateful to have a brave and compassionate mom cause even on her last breath they never heard any complaint from her. She also thank her sibling for the undying love and support they have shown to their mother during her last days. Kris added that her whole family is very kin on their diets to avoid the same illness.