Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remembering KMCC!

Yesterday around 10:30 in the morning one big fire stroke Kidapawan City. At first, we taught it is just an ordinary fire but after 5 minutes a huge smoke covers the sky. The area of the fire is almost 500 meters away from our office. We cannot open our radio hence we have a power outage at that time. After few minutes we learned that Kidapawan Mega Center Corporation was burning. We are very sad we knew it cause it is the biggest grocery center here in our city. In fact, they the first center which uses barcode scanner in the city. The fire hits 3rd alarm and there are firemen who got hurt during the incident. Witness says that the fire started when the power generator of KMCC has burst and it immediately scattered in the packing area of a cooking oil. According to the report damage property was estimated to reach 500 million pesos hence one RCBC bank was included on the wrath of fire.

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