Monday, April 26, 2010


Yesterday when my father fetch me from work, I asked him to drop by at the nearest grocery store and after that we go to the nearest gas station for our weekly schedule of fueling. To our surprise after the gas boy have pump, our jeep won't start for so many tries. I called immediately my eldest brother for the rescue, while waiting for my brother papa tried to fix things on his own and wish rv repair is available in our area. Just so thankful my brother was here to assist us!

Early scouting!

Six months from now, we will be renewing our car's registration. As early as now I am scouting for a cheap auto insurance so that it won't be a headache during renewal time. Last year, was a hell for me hence the agent of our auto insurance got sick and leave us hanging and the agency inform us during the last day of filing. I don't want it to happen again, as lesson learned Its good to be early than late hehehehe!

Happy 2nd Blogoversary Lainy!

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Its been two years since my good friend Lainy started Lainy's Musings! Am a fan of her blog the day it started. The author of this blog is my mentor and Love her so much. She is really good inside and out! To Lainy more fruitful years to blog and may you continue to spread the good news in the blogsphere.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Congrats Jerry!

My long time friend Jerry will be graduating through online degree next school year. I am so proud of him because even how busy he is working in the hospital yet he still manage to continue his studies. How I wish I can also do the same. He also got a crash online course on photography last year and this time another milestone on business course. Go Jerry, I know you can do it! Wish to see you soon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burn the fats

Having a healthy diet is very essential nowadays. My mom and dad was advice to reduce weight by their doctor when they have a check up last week. They were told to lessen their salt intake to fasten their diet. The doctor also gave them a supplement for their heart and bones and a safe fat burners for me. Our family doctor, advise us to eat right, have at least an 8 hours sleep and have a regular exercise. We reply " YES DOC"!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This picture was taken last month when we joined the Earth Hour celebration. Our church had a pastoral letter for the whole members to observed and participate. Turning off the light for just an hour is a big help to our mother earth. The family used only one candle for an hour and it survive.

Making wonders!

So glad that with the information I've got from acneticin reviews it makes wonders to my little brother's face. I can say that he got revive his baby face look, unlike with the previous months its really like a mess. He hate facing in the mirror. It also affects his confidence because its really noticeable. A million thanks to the remedy above, mwah!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Collection for life!

Am thinking why most ladies loves collecting bags? For me, I feel good every time I have a new one specially if I buy it on sale hehehehehe... I really love purchasing promotional bags. Aside from good quality I can have save some penny. By the way, I find some reviews on what am talking about here are some happy reading!

*** Well, I really can't say that I'm a bag addict though I have over twenty-five bags in my collection. I know twenty-five isn't really a big number compared to other girls' collection. But I really do love bags and I love collecting them.

***I got about 10 bags ! But i don't think i am addicted to bags. Coz my bags are not some kind really expensive or some special editions. I'm still a college student and i didn't get too much money to buy luxury things. Many people like collecting some categories they are addicted to. Some like stamps, some like shoes. And you like bags. It's okay if you have spare money to buy bags.

***I used to buy a bag at least once a week. That was how addicted I am to bags before. Well, I am no longer that addicted to it but I must admit that it is still my weakness. However, I now know how to control myself when it comes to buying bags. I would rather buy a bag that is expensive but has a good quality than buy several that has low quality.

*** I love bags! i am crazy over it! and i collect as much as i can. i do not know how many bags i own, but i know that i have quite a number:

***I'm a self confessed bag addict but unlike others who just go around buying bags, i go for quality bags. somewhat expensive, but something that can be used with any outfit, for every occasion and for a long period of time.

How about you guys? Can you share your story why you love bags?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ethel's new found hobby!

My Bessie Ethel is a born artist. When we were still working together at City Planning and Coordinators office, she is the focal person every time there is an event to mention the decorations and everything that comes into artistry. Lately, Ethel loves going outdoors with baby Enzo and Dada Raul. Mind you all, outdoor decor all the of the they have visited was documented and she collaborated all the ideas and package her own designs. In fact, she invited me to visit their humble haven to see all her creations. So excited bout it!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tarp Again!

Every time I saw billboards along the high-way five years ago, I feel so amaze how the artist do it! Never thought that one day I will learn that kind of art. I am designing tarpaulin for 4 years now and I enjoyed doing it. The hardest part of tarpaulin designing is the conceptualization of the subject. Presentation is very important and it makes me crazy specially if it is rushly done.

On Line Application

As part of our preparation for the upcoming 2010 JOBS FAIR to be held here in our city. Glad to received a positive feedback from different recruiting agencies. In fact, to date 4 agencies have been responded and submitted all the job orders to be posted on the said event. We also have updated the online application of the Department of Labor and Employment so that job seekers will have a chance to browse online for sure Entertainment workers job search will be easily access.

Monday, April 5, 2010


This coming April 29, 2010, the Local Government of Kidapawan in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment will be having a one day JOBS FAIR for Overseas and Local Employment to be held at the city gymnasium. As the responsible office of the said activity, we are now busy preparing for the said activity. My colleague Jovy is in-charge of purchasing all the materials to be used on the said event such as office supplies, t-shirts so as the snacks and meals. Your's truly is responsible for all the proposal, invitations as well as designing of the the program and tarpaulin, whew! Good luck to us!