Monday, April 19, 2010

Collection for life!

Am thinking why most ladies loves collecting bags? For me, I feel good every time I have a new one specially if I buy it on sale hehehehehe... I really love purchasing promotional bags. Aside from good quality I can have save some penny. By the way, I find some reviews on what am talking about here are some happy reading!

*** Well, I really can't say that I'm a bag addict though I have over twenty-five bags in my collection. I know twenty-five isn't really a big number compared to other girls' collection. But I really do love bags and I love collecting them.

***I got about 10 bags ! But i don't think i am addicted to bags. Coz my bags are not some kind really expensive or some special editions. I'm still a college student and i didn't get too much money to buy luxury things. Many people like collecting some categories they are addicted to. Some like stamps, some like shoes. And you like bags. It's okay if you have spare money to buy bags.

***I used to buy a bag at least once a week. That was how addicted I am to bags before. Well, I am no longer that addicted to it but I must admit that it is still my weakness. However, I now know how to control myself when it comes to buying bags. I would rather buy a bag that is expensive but has a good quality than buy several that has low quality.

*** I love bags! i am crazy over it! and i collect as much as i can. i do not know how many bags i own, but i know that i have quite a number:

***I'm a self confessed bag addict but unlike others who just go around buying bags, i go for quality bags. somewhat expensive, but something that can be used with any outfit, for every occasion and for a long period of time.

How about you guys? Can you share your story why you love bags?

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