Thursday, May 27, 2010

Read it!

I have referred apidexin reviews to my best friend who is very much eager to lose more weight. I told her that she can get more information and tips on how to achieve sexier body. Best friend Iris have lost 6 kilos now and she wants more. I can't think of any suggestion aside from giving him sites for her to visit and good reviews to read.


It's official, Lee Dewyze is the 2010 Americal Idol. He won over the single mom from Ohio, Crystal who is also a good singer. Lee is my favorite from day one of the American Idol season. He has a charisma that connects to everyone every time he performs. Aside from a good singer, Lee is undeniably a good looking man, an added factor to all single ladies voting for him LOL! Congratulations LEE! Hope to see you in the Philippines soon!


I love the name Toto, want to know the reason why? First, its my dear father's nick name. Secondly, it's my mother's favorite band. If I just know before when we are still constructing our house ,that there is a Toto toilet for sure I already have that on our home. Anyways, its not too late to have our own soon cause my little bro is planning to extend our house and add another bathroom. By the way, I will tell papa about this brand for sure he will laugh hearing it!

13.2 lbs and counting!

Got a new development from my Bessie Iris, she is so happy to inform me that she already lose 13.2 pounds now. She told me that she wanted more, I told her she should visit for her to get information on how to lose weight more. Iris is working hard for her diet, she lessens her carbohydrates and added more fiber on her daily serving. Go my dear friend, stay sexy and pretty!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Token!

A day before her birthday, I made this simple token to my officemate Juvy. The moment I am making this poster, she was actually in front of me working in her personal computer. I open a simple conversation and she was so innocent answering all my questions including her age hehehehe... When I almost finish my lay-out, one of our SPES beneficiary saw my lay-out reacted " wow, you're so beautiful here in the picture ma'am Juvy". I told the SPES not to divulge anything hence It will never be a surprise if she will saw it already. I was just so happy by that time cause Juvy don't mind what she have heard from |Claire and she just continue what she is doing. I immediately printed the 8.5 x 11 poster and put inside my drawer. I came very early at work during her birthday, I cut the the poster and put in her desk. I also open her computer and have this poster as her wall paper. Thanks, GOD she came in the office late or else she saw all what I have done hehehehehe... So, glad seeing her so happy with my simple token, she told me that was the best gift she have received on her birthday...

Thank You!

It feels like heaven when you have your true friends around you all the time, specially when you needed them the most. It is true that you'll know who are your real friends in times of trouble and if you are in the worst scenario of your life. When I was in the middle of mishaps one year ago, so blessed to know whom my true friends are. They are not as numerous as I've expected but thanks GOD, cause HE gave me real persons who accepts me, understand and nevertheless shows unconditional love. With the trial that I have been through, I've learn more how to value life, my family, my friends and will never get affected with my detractors. To all my real friends, you know who you are, thank you very much and I love you all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Click it here!

Cory Quirino is famous of being a wellness guru! Every time I watch her on television I can feel her sincerity of helping the people on how to look good and stay healthy all the time. She is also a product endorser now, do you want to know it, then just click here for the answer. I also referred this site to my bessie Iris hence I know she can relate to this. She is very successful on her diet, just this morning she inform me that he already lose 7 kilos wowoweee, congratulation my dear bessie, so happy for you! mwah!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My renewed!

This morning I received an email from Google Apps reminding me that my blog will will be expiring on June 2, 2010. I never hesitate to renew this blog as early as today hence I know its worthy. Though, I just maintained one paid blogging company on this site yet am very contented of the opps they have given me. is now on its 3rd year of blogging and I hope it will survive for more years in the blogsphere.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thinking the offer!

Been thinking of changing my EON card which will be expiring next year. Sad to say, its been two years since I've got the card yet I can't withdraw my paypal using it! Just so thankful that Lainy is there for me to the rescue always. I have different credit card offers but still am thinking about it. I will also ask advice to my mentors regarding the matter hence I don't know if it would be useful or not. I hope they can enlighten my mind.

MWAD 2010!

My little bro was one of the representative during MWAD 2010 held at Tagum City last April 28-30, 2010 not as an athlete but a documenter. Three months ago, when he learned that he was chosen to document the said event, he was worried hence he don't have a camera that would fit on the said activity. He cannot depend on his cyber digital cam hence it will be too slow for a fast phasing game like volleyball, badminton and track in field. With too much dedication with his craft my bro bough a canon DLSR camera with matching accessories. He also asked me to scout for a scarf, fisher's man hat and wristech blood pressure monitor that he will be using on the said event. My bro has a history of High blood pressure so I prioritized the BP monitor for him. Just so thankful that the product is available online and for him to easily procure.


One of the most popular hang out activity nowadays is the ZORB Ball! My little bro got a chance to try the said adventure and he definitely love it. Their are two kinds of the ball the one floating on the water and the rolling one from the hill. Hmmm... got envy! How I wish I can try one soon!

Black Friday!

My friend Jerry always observed Thanks Giving and Black Friday celebration. This two holidays was the most celebrated events to their community according to him. Jerry says " this is our bonding time and a good chance for us to go on shopping"! He added that during black friday sale was every where. As he recalled " last year he got a PSP 3 for his son and an XBOX for him at a very reasonable price! This year, for sure my friend is looking for another item on his list... and wishing he will find one for me LOL!

Burn it!

Got a chance to watch Cory Quirino, a health guru from the Philippines in DZMM Radio TV talking about fat burner reviews! She positively implied that good points on every reviews must be noted and applied by every readers. What I love about Cory was, she makes life easier. She is very generous in giving tips to make every people healthy. She always says that being healthy is not eating expensive and authentic food,we just simply know what is the essence of food available and we will reach the right nutrients that we need. Kudos madam!

Happy BDAY Kuya!

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It's my Kuya Rnel's birthday today! I will not reveal his age to make his birthday merry hehehehe! We love you Kuya, we wish you good health and more blessed years to come! I want you to know that I am so proud of you, your the best kuya that everybody wants to have... Thank you for being very supportive to me and loving us unconditionally. Love yah mwah!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When I heard about scams, the first thought that would cross my mind was " sexual video, text, email and business scams"! I never thought that products would also be a victim like apidexin scam. Anyways, I can't blame others for degrading some for their own benefits, it is not fair but thats what we called survival of the fittest. I just hope the consumers should be more vigilant hence their health is at-stake.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Handy Manny!

I observed that my nephew Andrei is applying what he have learned from watching television shows. He is a big fan of Dora and Diego, Word World, Mickey Mouse Club House, Shawn the ship, Timmy Time, Hingly Town Heroes, Handy Manny, Barney and his ever favorite Little Einstein. After he watch each episode he use to ask questions specially the terms use which not so familiar with him. Last weekend, he force me to joined him watch Handy Manny series hence he want me to see the tools that Manny used to fixed the doorbell of one customer. After watching the series he asked me Tita can you buy that tools for me? hahahahhahaha, now I know why he was so "makulit to joined him watched the tv show! My nephew is really smart!


It's my first time to joined Special Program for Employment of Students Day (SPES)! I salute to all the students who participated on that one day event . The Highlight of the said activity was the search for Mr. Pretty Boy and Ms. Macho Girl. The audience really enjoyed the show as much as I do. I do admire the guts of all the boys who participated the search, It was not an easy job but for the sake of sportsmanship and camaraderie they have given a full blast participation. Good job guys, bravo, bravo!