Friday, May 14, 2010

MWAD 2010!

My little bro was one of the representative during MWAD 2010 held at Tagum City last April 28-30, 2010 not as an athlete but a documenter. Three months ago, when he learned that he was chosen to document the said event, he was worried hence he don't have a camera that would fit on the said activity. He cannot depend on his cyber digital cam hence it will be too slow for a fast phasing game like volleyball, badminton and track in field. With too much dedication with his craft my bro bough a canon DLSR camera with matching accessories. He also asked me to scout for a scarf, fisher's man hat and wristech blood pressure monitor that he will be using on the said event. My bro has a history of High blood pressure so I prioritized the BP monitor for him. Just so thankful that the product is available online and for him to easily procure.

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