Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Token!

A day before her birthday, I made this simple token to my officemate Juvy. The moment I am making this poster, she was actually in front of me working in her personal computer. I open a simple conversation and she was so innocent answering all my questions including her age hehehehe... When I almost finish my lay-out, one of our SPES beneficiary saw my lay-out reacted " wow, you're so beautiful here in the picture ma'am Juvy". I told the SPES not to divulge anything hence It will never be a surprise if she will saw it already. I was just so happy by that time cause Juvy don't mind what she have heard from |Claire and she just continue what she is doing. I immediately printed the 8.5 x 11 poster and put inside my drawer. I came very early at work during her birthday, I cut the the poster and put in her desk. I also open her computer and have this poster as her wall paper. Thanks, GOD she came in the office late or else she saw all what I have done hehehehehe... So, glad seeing her so happy with my simple token, she told me that was the best gift she have received on her birthday...

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