Thursday, June 24, 2010

Eye cream anyone!

Too much stress makes me weak and irritable. For the past two weeks been working hard for our mid-year assessment aside from my regular office routine I still have project proposals to finish for the Nuangan Overseas Filipino Workers Family. My eye bugs are now bulging and I guess I need the help of best eye cream for wrinkles nowadays. How I wish I can find sponsor for my make over hehehehehe....

Package business deal!

Got a second visit from a friend who is connected with Royale Business . This time they have introduce another set of products as well as business packages. My boss is really convince with the business and maybe next month she will be joining the group. What I like most in this company aside from the quality products, they have a disability insurance for free to all of its members. This privilege is lifetime which is very beneficial. I really wanted to join the group, how I wish I can raise funds for my registration.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Industrial Zone!

As promise, I will share my second farm on FARM TOWN! This is my Industrial Zone! It was not fully arrange yet. This is were almost 90 percent of my facilities where located. The newest facility that I bought was the Fish Farming plant where in I can grow sea foods like shrimps, oysters, mussels and scallops. Timely for my seafood restaurant on my first farm. I do love this game. At least even in here, I have my dream farm LOL!

Business Opportunity!

A long time friend Jojo pay a visit us here in the office yesterday. He was with 2 friends with him. My boss knows him since were in the same church as well. Jojo introduce to us a Business opportunity which according to his colleague as one of the best franchise to own in the city. We listen to a 30 minutes briefing about the products included in the business package as well as its marketing plan. I am satisfied with the deliberation as well as its strategies. I and my boss is thinking to join the group, for now need to save more for the capitalization needed!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dream TV!

The first time I saw Samsung HDTV, I was so impress with its quality. The color is so brilliant and you can notice every details hence the pixels is superb. My brother told me to observed that even a hair strand is very noticeable, I did and its true. How I wish I can upgrade my flat tv set to LCD soon. How I wish more opportunities will be given to me on my blogging so that I can save more. LOL!

Facilities updated!

Playing Farm Town is very addicting specially now that different facilities where introduce to the public. The tools and decorations makes this game more exciting. Lately ponds where updated wherein my fellow farmers can catch fish, just thinking if the IT developer of this game have use a pond filters so that fish can grow easily and for us to catch easily LOL! If you want to relax try to visit my farm and I will cook sushi for you freshly catch from my rivers and ponds... See you at my sushi restaurant!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Even in the virtual world!

Been dreaming to have my own farm. Since this is far from reality for now, I keep contented having my own in the virtual world. In here, I have houses of different kinds, I manage numerous facilities wherein I can process all the crops I've planted. I have my own place wherein I can play basketball and volleyball in my dreams LOL! I have my own spa, swimming pools and even restaurants. In Farmtown, I can build my dream farm. Btw, this is the pics of my farm 1, I still have 2 more and I'll capture photos of it soon!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is it a gun or a toy?

My nephew's curiosity strikes again when we have our grocery at the Central warehouse the other day. When we were at the counter already, he noticed that the barcode reader is new and he ask the cashier if that is a gun or a toy. The cashier laugh and says no its a machine reader, my nephew is not ignorant yet its her first time to see an Symbol LS2208 model at the said Center. Andrei really knows how to make us smile, he is so smart!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Got a call from my best friend Iris today and she inform me bout the apidexin scam. I have referred her about this product last month hence she wanted to lose more weight. She told me that we should be more careful hence a lot of people is trying to discredit the reputation of this product. Iris is just so lucky cause she is warn early, she loves this product and she don't want to be a victim of this scandalous scams.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Aisle!

Wedding month is already here. This picture is one perfect aisle wherein a bride can walk head high with a glee on her face while holding the arms of his proud father walking towards the place wherein the groom is waiting with a teary eyes with a pleasant face. This is exactly the reaction of my close friend Maya during her wedding day. We can feel the emotion of the groom and the bride during that day, the air is full of love and happiness is overflowing on the this sacred place.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sexy Marie

This is my old time friend Marie Astudillo or pretty known to many as Pitchy! Its been 3 years since I haven't seen this girl since she work abroad. Last week, I thought a stranger added me on my Facebook but when I saw the name, I can't believe its Pitchichay. She is so slim and sexy. Got a chance to talk with her last Friday and I told her she looks very alluring. I ask her secret why she looks that great. As usual she replies with a crisp loud laugh and told me she got a banana diet and at 3 weeks she reduce belly fat effortless. Hmmm.... I should try it!