Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dew on the web!

I love photography and what I like most is the portrait side. I don't appreciate macro shots before but now I love it. My brother Aris, introduce me into this field when he started to master macro shots. I can't imagine, that very tiny creatures are so beautiful to capture. This spider web with water droplets is taken in grassland inside our garden.

Invitation on a Friday Afternoon!

Got an invitation from a co-worker Sir Eddie a while ago. As a sign of respect we accepted his invitation and listen to his friend. As an agent of a well known Insurance Company , Ariel tried his best to explained to us the different products he is selling. I love his convincing power, In fact, I already asked him an insurance quotes on one of the products. After the presentation, my boss told me that he might get the same product that I choose. Well, its a good investment!

Spicy hot!

I love eating spicy foods not minding the effect of it on my health. Five years ago, I have a scary experience on the effect of eating exotic and spicy delicacies. It is shameful but I was undergone hemorrhoid treatment before. The process is not that tedious as I am expecting but the tease of my friends sometimes stresses me lol! I have learn my lesson now, I am now eating on moderation!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Walking in the droplets!

This is another spider collection shot of my brother. I can say now that SETH Photography is making name on spider shots hehehehe.... I do admire the passion of my brother Aris, he woke up early in the morning just to take great shots. If he is not inside the house, you can find him in the garden or in the neighborhood grasslands. Sometimes he looks so funny with his positions just to capture his subject. Well, his effort pays off, he has his masterpieces!

Some of our neighbors, are wondering why he is roaming around the garden and sometimes making jirky positions.

Revisiting her doctor!

Mama is complaining the itch on her skin. Before she leaves for Manila, I accompany her to Dra. Rodellas her dermatologist. We thought it was just an allergy but Dra. told us that it was not and it is an ordinary skin disease that usually occurs specially in changing weather condition. Dra. Rodellas decided to undergone mama to an eczema treatment so that it will be cured before she leaves. Were so thankful because, in just few application of the medicine big changes happen to mama's skin. Thanks dockie!

Technology Rock!

Technology make wonders and the best example for this is the internet connection. I remember life was so slow when internet connection was not yet available. In early 90's when I was in my college years, communication was very limited. The only means of communication I have with my parents was only through snail mail hence we don't have telephone, cellphones or beepers during those times.It took a week or two before they received my letter and I will wait the same length of time before hearing any from them.Today's generation is very lucky hence communication is on their fingertips. In just a click of the mouse, message was sent in bulk, no sweat, no hassle at all. This is the very reason why business establishment also uses the same technology on penetrating their target markets, through online technology they can achieve the desired output they wanted to get in a very limited time just like the sell merchant account has did. With the help of this technology they help the people access different services they want in a safe, fast and easy way!

Spider dear!

My brother is now going PRO on taking pictures. This is one of his best shot on tiny spiders on our garden. This little creature is so tiny but he manage to have a nice shot. I can't imagine his body position while taking the subject he likes. Sometimes his little boy make funny things on how his papa looks like every time it pokes his lens on tiny but lovely to look creatures. If you encountered the SETH PHOTOGRAPHY, it's my brothers masterpiece!

Look at her now!

Its very effective this is the line of my best friend Iris after trying the quick weight loss diets. She really lose weight and so happy for her. Its been a while that we haven't seen each other but when I saw her latest pics, wowowee, she looks fabulous. No extra baggage hahahahaha, I love the way she looks right now and she is indeed happy of the result. Bobby, his honey was so amaze, she tease Iris that her vacation here in the Philippines is perfect. I just love looking at this picture of her, she is now on her peak of reaching her desired weight, go bessie...

Monday, July 26, 2010

And I suggest!

I learn from my former office mates that there will a reshuffling of personnel on ITS. This is the first time that it will gonna happened after 3 year of operation. Some of them felt so sad on the said development but I told them that in every changes , there is a reason and it would be for the better. I added, they should take it positively and see the lighter side of the changes. I know its hard and hurting but life must go on. My closest buddy Vaning told me that I should give her a wrinkle remover so that she will look revive on the effectivity of the said order. This little sister of mine is full of humor and she never fails me to smile every time she deliver her punch lines.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 more days and....

I know it would be tough without mama on our side, its two more days and mama will be going to Manila. It would gonna be a big adjustment on my part. I will be the one to play the role of my mom in our house. Our two little angels for sure will surely miss nanay hence they are very attached with each other. I am quite nervous of my new responsibility but I know GOD will guide and help me along the way. Just so thankful that GOD gave instruments to help me in the person of Yayo Ernie and Ate Cha-Cha. They will be the one who will assist me while mama is away. This is the first time that she will be away for a long time and we will be missing her a lot together with Tatay. I am praying that mama's trip will be safe and sound!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Badly needed!

One of the biggest television and influential network ABS-CBN got a franchise of one of the most talked about reality show " The Biggest Loser", this time it would be in Filipino version. The show is all about people who wanted to lose weight in a certain period of time! The audition of the said show is on going and for sure aspiring candidates are now on halt of taking appetite suppressants for them to pass on the weight needed. I tease my friends that I will gonna joined the said show too, but they told me, I should eat more to double my weight in order to pass the audition. Hmmmm... I think that would be a good suggestion? LOL

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bessie's Pasalubong!

Two months before the arrival of Bobby my bessie's honey, they have a deal. It's a funny deal yet Iris took it very seriously. His boyfriend challenge her to trim down her weight and she will be rewarded by a latest gadget (HD phone and a latest Blackberry model) . Iris took the challenge and ask me if I knew a product that has a quick trim capability. Since I love reading reviews, I referred her different sites for her to choose and decide what product she will be using. Whew, good news she lose 6 kilos and she is so happy about it. She won and got the gadgets as her pasalubong!

Working Holiday!

Wheeeee... its a Muslim Holiday here at Region XII but we're here in the office still. We need to assist an agency which is conducting a Special Recruitment Activity. We don't have advance information that there will be a Muslim Holiday for this week. Too late for us to cancel the recruitment hence we have already issued a Certificate of No Objection to D. A. Rodrigo International. Anyways, it would be fine for me hence I have things to finish here in the office while they are busy on their activity. I just wish I can accomplish 100% of my task so that I can start another project proposal for next week....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diet that works!

Everybody dreams a healthy and sexy body. No wonder we search for the best option and the diets that work for our body. I used to have a chubby body and I really wanted to lose weight. I tried different options until I discover one that fits my endurance. I am still in a trial stage and so far so good. I just wish it will work out well.

Being Fit is Healthy!

We used to hear the quotation "health is wealth", one way or another it's true hence money can't buy a healthy body. Nowadays, there are different ways of getting fit and fab, we can start it with a healthy diet like eating fiber rich foods, vegetables, fish and of course taking food supplements. Regular exercise helps a lot, we can use fitness equipment of our choice that would suit for our body's capabilities. Having positive point of view can also help us fit. As what I have read, mind can control our body so it means we should prioritize to have a healthy mind first hence all well follow then.

So Bless!

Year 2009, was a struggling year for me and affects a lot my family. I need not elaborate it but people close to my heart knows the whole story. After a year of turmoil in our family, GOD is so great cause HE never forsaken us. He continued pour HIS blessings and guidance to all of us specially my dad and my mom. He used a lot of people to assist and help us. We are so blessed cause we are surrounded with kind hearted persons which we believe sent by GOD as HIS instrument. Thanks you Dear Lord for all the countless blessings and unconditional love.

Don't Forget your vitamins.....

We Filipino's known for being thoughtful and caring. We love to be with our family all the time. I would speak for myself, at this age I would still love living with my mom and dad. Just want to clarify something I am not depending on them financially hehehehhe, I just want to enjoy the years of being with them all the time hence when I was still a kid I was away because of my studies. I find it so loving every time my mom ask me if I already ate, did I take my vitamins for women etc... She is so sweet... its true that our mother's knows what's the best for us....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Reviews.... etc.....

Reading reviews became one of my routine every time I go online. I find it very informative. What I like reading best is about beauty regimens hence most of the time they give information on how to choose quality and effective products. The other day I was able to read about face cream reviews, I love the tips I've got and am already applying it to myself everyday. I have also share those tips to my very dear friends so that we all look good and pretty all the time LOL!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's all about ATE XIA!

Since Ate my eldest niece Alxia, entered high school, I was keep on posted supervising here on her studies. We ate lunch together here at the office and most of the time I help her on their research. I want to train Xia to become more responsible and be serious on her studies. I love her so much and I want the best for her always. In fact, I asked her to live with us but I guess its far from reality for now hence she will be missed by her parents. For now, I will be contented seeing her everyday here at the office.