Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pool party!

My nephew Andrei will be turning 6 next month. His dad is planning to have a pool party for him cause he really loves water. We are preparing for his big event and I am in charge of preparing the food, the party packs as well as the swimming pool supplies to be used Andrei's birthday! Our little boy is very excited, he is doing his own list whom gonna be invited aside from his classmates. I am sure Andrei and his friends will have a good time eating, swimming and playing together. Looking forward for that day!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kim loves BEN 10!

I am wondering what kind of character this little hero have why our little boys are so fascinated with him! My nephew Andrei is a BEN10 fanatics, he love collecting cards, toys and other stuffs. When my officemates Juvy seen me browsing the pictures of BEN10 in the net, she ask me a favor for his nephew Kim. She told me that he also loves BEN10 and she is planning to give a present on his 3rd birthday. I told her why not give him a tarp, she ask me if I can design one for his nephew and this is the final design! I hope KIM will like it!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And I suggest!

A family friend of ours had turn 50 last July 19, 2010! A day before the big celebration at Lady M Resto, Ate Ming ask me if I have already bought a present for Kuya Edgar! I told ate yes, hence before mama leave for Manila we have prepare it. Since,I know the celebrant personally, Ate Ming ask a suggestion on what gift would fit on him. I was smiling when I told her Kuya likes smoking and for sure he love to have a Swisher Sweets on his big day. Ate Ming replied at me with a crisp loud laugh hahahahaha! Kuya Edgar really had a good time, close friends and office mates where all present on his GOLDEN year!

Thanks God Ian July is OK!

Two weeks ago, I felt something is wrong with my best friend Iris. She was so silent and never communicated me, that was so strange. I decided to called her cause I was so worried about her. When I called Iris, she cried so loud on the phone telling me " Friend, Kuya is very sick". Her big brother Ian July is on 50-50 chances because of his severe pneumonia plus he has heart failure that leads into complication. Ian has broke down and ask Iris to prepare his last will. My best friend Iris never lost hope, she tried her best to consult the best doctors in town just to save the life of Ian July. After 15 days, I received a good news from her, Ian July is feeling better and they are about to be discharge in the hospital,PRAISE GOD! Ian July's pulmonary doctor advice him to have a portable respironics oxygen concentrators at home so that anytime he can use it and need not rush to the hospital for an oxygen.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

National Nominee for BEST PESO 2009

We are so proud of our boss, last January she was awarded as the Most Outstanding PESO Manager in Region XII. She will represent PESO 12 on the National Level competition, Component City Category. She personally asked me to help her in the preparation of her documentary entry for the said competition. Who I am I to say NO, lol... I started it last Monday and thanks GOD, am almost finish. Hopefully, I can complete the whole set on Thursday morning, just in time for the final interview on Friday at Koronadal City.

Will I take it or leave it?

My brother's office mate is convincing him to apply for a credit card, he told me about it and I ask the pro's and con's of having one. We have a nice conversation on the matter and we weigh things out. The decision is final and he will have one soon, I want to avail the same hence,when we inquire there are promotional items included in availing the said card until next month. Whew, so excited about it!

I want to sleep with you.....

"I want to sleep with you Tita", these are the words that my nephew utter every sleeping time! He has his own room and slept with my mom before, but since mama was in Manila, his mood of sleeping has change. He want to joined me in our room. As much as I wanted him to sleep with me my mattress is only good for me and my baby Ea. To respond his request, I let him bring his mat on our room so that he can slept with us.