Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanks God Ian July is OK!

Two weeks ago, I felt something is wrong with my best friend Iris. She was so silent and never communicated me, that was so strange. I decided to called her cause I was so worried about her. When I called Iris, she cried so loud on the phone telling me " Friend, Kuya is very sick". Her big brother Ian July is on 50-50 chances because of his severe pneumonia plus he has heart failure that leads into complication. Ian has broke down and ask Iris to prepare his last will. My best friend Iris never lost hope, she tried her best to consult the best doctors in town just to save the life of Ian July. After 15 days, I received a good news from her, Ian July is feeling better and they are about to be discharge in the hospital,PRAISE GOD! Ian July's pulmonary doctor advice him to have a portable respironics oxygen concentrators at home so that anytime he can use it and need not rush to the hospital for an oxygen.

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