Thursday, September 30, 2010


I love art, though am not a born artist. I wish I had an early exposure on this thing during my childhood years. Every time I saw a painting or any masterpiece, I can't hide my admiration to the one who makes it. When I visited my best friend's place a week ago, I saw a mosaic frame and a glass mosaic tile on their living room, it was really beautiful! It was crafted diligently and you can see the labor of love of the artist.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fond Farewell!

So happy cause I was able to attend my best friend's farewell party. My bes Arvin will be leaving for Libya on the 26th of September. This is the first time that he will be leaving his family but I know GOD has a purpose why he allowed my Bes to sojourn a new challenge. He will be working as an ICU nurse at Libya. I am confident that he is very capable of his new assignment hence he was assign at the CPH ICU for several years. I will be missing my Best friend for sure but at the same time very happy for his new achievement. I just wish and pray that he will be safe at Libya. See you again Bes, I love you so much!

Ate Elvi Speaks!

My former officemates Ate Elvi is now working at South Africa for a non-government organization. There mission is to help people in the area specially the children who needs a lot of attention. Every time ate Elvi posted a shout on her wall, you can feel her eagerness to help all the needy in the place. They assisted AIDS victims, maltreated abuse individuals and assisted some Mesothelioma cases in the place. In her latest shout, she ask the people to volunteer and help them build a new world for the victims.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Warranty talks!

Got a token from bessie Iris honey when he arrive from California last month. I was so thankful for his generosity because last year he gave me a Blackberry phone. This time I receive another phone but I need to consult a technician hence it needs to open the line. I talk to Jeof my nephew he is a cellphone specialist in Manila regarding the matter and he told me to ask the iphone warranty card from my friend so that he can refer me to the official technician. How I wish they can fix it!

Missing this Place!

I miss this place, its been a while when I visited Agco. I love swimming in the ice cold pool of fresh water and then soak myself in the warm sulphuric pool. Hopefully, in November we can mingle mother nature again. This place would be included in our itinerary when my tita Baby will arrive from Canada next month. For sure Tita Baby will gonna love the place.

Sign of aging!

Every time I saw the tiny lines in my face with matching dark circles under eyes, I feel so old. I feel like reviving myself to look anew and to feel young once again lol! I miss the old Bregie who took good care of her skin so well. I need to have some make over. Some of my friends told me that I should go back to long hair but my mom says I look better when my hair is short, Oh my whom I gonna believe! Anyways, what ever my hairstyle is, whats for sure now is I need to do something for myself.

ONLINE Advantage!

I used to encourage my brother to try blogging but he use to resist my invitation. He always insist that he doesn't have talent in writing which I ought to disagree. He has good command in English and I know he writes better than me. My little brother always told me that blogging is not his craft and told me that he can find ways to make money online aside from the later. I respect his decision but I wish one day he will also enter the world of paid blogging!

FLU...FLU.. FLU....

I am sick for almost a week now.... Flu strikes me but need to report for work. I really hate the feeling of being sick cause I can't do anything. I need to lie down all the time, my life is so boring cause am not even allowed to watch television by my mom huhuhu.... I prefer to report in the office instead of staying in my bed because I feel so unproductive. I wish to regain my strength soon, I need to be fit before the launching of SRS Program early next month....

Thinking for a gift!

Andrei will be turning 6 on the 12th of October! He loves collecting toys, puzzle cards and doable tools. Last year, he requested us to buy him a set of magnifying glass and a binocular. This year, I am thinking to give him a remote controlled toy. I already saw some models but I am searching a robotic toy riding in a big motorcycle. How, I wish I can find one before his birthday comes!

Make it a habit!

Reading really makes sense! Thanks Kuya Jong for mentoring me to read good articles. I can still remember when I was still working at Department of Trade and Industry, my big brother Jong never fails to hand in a copy of a good reading materials every time he pass by at my table. He loves reading and he likes sharing good articles with me. I miss those days! Today, when I found proactive reviews, I remember kuya Jong cause for sure he will surely like it too. How I wish we can do the old days hehehehe!


My week was so tough since first week of September. Got a very tedious travel from our seminar at Apple Tree Resort, Opol, Misamis Oriental which makes me sick. I need two extra days before reporting for work. On my first hour in the office I liquidated all my travelling expenses, I make my accomplishment report for the 15 days and of course I file my leave of absence. Being away for 10 days in the office is like a hell for me hence I need to comply all the reports needed. On the other hand, my online world is also at stake being offline for more than a week, resulted me to browse 200 unread emails, need to confirmed 10 request on FB, need to plow my 5 farms cause all l my crops were gone to waste lol! What I missed most is my payU account, when I open it yesterday I can't stop my self smiling while uttering the words Oh, my God! PayU is very generous to me this week but I need to work double time hence most of my opps has the same deadline. I wish I can manage doing it all before weekends!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Does it work, yes it does!

My dear Marie was asked by our common friend do diet pills work and she replied yes my dear, look at me now. She added that her food supplement does miracle on her diet regimen. She advice our friend that in choosing a diet pills she should be picky and should consult her physician for better results. Marie is on her way of conquering the 60 kilos mark! Go, go, go girl!

She loves to sleep!

This is baby Elle, the first child of my good friend Andrew and Louella! This baby is very adorable and she loves to sleep. The couple are very much enjoying with their little angel, in fact they called Baby Elle as their Little Boss hehehe! Before Weng's delivery her mother in-law the sexy Maney was able to buy online the best sleep aids just for Baby E! Hey look, it helps a lot, this cute little angel is snoring lol!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just for fun!

This is Edwin and she portray Angela Locsina during the Search for Mr. Pretty Boy and Miss Macho girl during the culmination program of the SPES beneficiaries 2010. What I like most with this guy is that he really knows how to make fun. He is so smart and witty. Though Angela was not able to bring the crown yet he was the darling of the crowd.

Friday, September 3, 2010

She's getting sexier!

My good friend Marie is on her way of conquering her dream weight, according to her latest post she is so excited to wear her sexy dresses, bathing suits as well as her favorite lingerie. She already trim down more than 15 kilos from as heavy as 83 kilos. Whew, that was awesome, go girl keep up the good work. One more month to go and I can see and touch you dear. Can't wait to have a good time with you on your vacation.


My good friend Ate Jeanly is back on the business after being idle in the field of marketing when she tried the field of nursing for four years. I respect her decision of shifting into another field but I know where her heart belongs lol. So glad when I heard that she is trying to bounce back into the field she loves, in two months of being in the business again, she proves her talent in the business field. She is targeting to be a wholesale distributor by next month and hoping for her directorial position before the year ends, whew! My ate is really bouncing back!

Ladies Finger and Winged Beans!

I do enjoyed helping my niece Alxia in doing her project. Last week she asked me a favor to do a research on different kinds of vegetables with its English and Scientific names so as its medicinal uses. I was so fascinated how this vegetables are called in different languages. I can't imagine my favorite Okra is called Ladies Finger and panlang is called winged beans lol! I love it!

I love iPhone!

One of the gadgets that everyone loves to have is an iPhone. We all know it carries the most number of features we wanted to have in a gadget. Aside from its wonderful specs, you can dress it up according to your personality cause theres a lot of iphone accessories available in the market. I am really wishing to have one soon and I am saving some of it. How I wish I can have my brand new gadget before the year-ends!