Thursday, September 16, 2010


My week was so tough since first week of September. Got a very tedious travel from our seminar at Apple Tree Resort, Opol, Misamis Oriental which makes me sick. I need two extra days before reporting for work. On my first hour in the office I liquidated all my travelling expenses, I make my accomplishment report for the 15 days and of course I file my leave of absence. Being away for 10 days in the office is like a hell for me hence I need to comply all the reports needed. On the other hand, my online world is also at stake being offline for more than a week, resulted me to browse 200 unread emails, need to confirmed 10 request on FB, need to plow my 5 farms cause all l my crops were gone to waste lol! What I missed most is my payU account, when I open it yesterday I can't stop my self smiling while uttering the words Oh, my God! PayU is very generous to me this week but I need to work double time hence most of my opps has the same deadline. I wish I can manage doing it all before weekends!

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