Thursday, October 21, 2010

The MK Beauties!

The models above are my friends who are Mary Kay users. They look so fabulous isn't it? The products are of good quality. The money you spent in buying MK products are all worthy. I am still new with this company as Independent Beauty Consultant but I can feel the change it gives to my life. It lifts up my morale and I feel the importance of being a woman LOL. MK really change not only women's lives but also peoples lives. If you want to have this chic look then try to contact us.....You'll gonna love it for sure!

Trendy Look!

Its been a while since I saw Harvey, the one and only son of my Auntie Bing! He has grown to a fine young man. He was so trendy and he looks so manly with his rocawear shirts when I saw him last week. The little boy whom I used to cuddle before was as big as me now. Time really flew fast, I can't deny the fact that I am getting older day by day LOL!

Now I know!

When I heard about hgh pills the first time, I was so anxious about it. I don't have any idea on what benefits it can give. To my curiosity, I search about the product and as I read the write ups I understand how it works on our body. I will share this good news to my mom and dad for them to include this pill on their list of food supplement.

Very Proud Indeed!

When Andrei represents his class in the modelling contest, we are very happy and we are not expecting him to take any place. We just want him to enjoy, experience and have confidence in facing a big crowd. His papa took a leave of absent to give morale support and became his official photographer LOL! During the contest proper, Andrei makes us more proud specially when he gave his killer moves and sweetest smile. He was the darling of the crowd so as with Jana his partner. When the contest almost ended, I fell so nervous and I can't explain why, when his name was called as second runner up, we jump for joy! It was a bonus for my dear nephew. A lot of his so called fans scream for joy LOL so as the aunt (me) hahahha! His papa was very indeed proud of his son and it shows in this picture!

Enjoying the benefits!

My brother is enjoying the benefits of tea tree oil acne remover for his face. He loves the way it smoothen the dark spots of his pimple. We are very thankful to my friend Juana who suggested for that medication. She has an acne prone skin too and when she discovered it effective it became her habit to share the good news to her close friends.

December is my target!

I need to lose weight as early as I can. My dear Marie told me to use a quick weight loss pill so that I can achieve my target date which is on December. I want to start my 2011 fit and fabulous Lol! I am really working on losing weight. I miss the old me hahahaha... I can't wait to wear my favorite jeans and sexy blouses. Wishing to reach my goal before the year ends and hoping no hindrance will come.

Monday, October 18, 2010


After 7 long years, my Tita Baby will be visiting us here in Kidapawan City. We are all excited about it. In few weeks time, we will see each other in flesh. Tita Baby is the youngest sister of my mom who is living in Canada for more than 20 years. I love all my tita's yet she is the most dear to me. I am very close to her so as with his husband Tito Red. As early as now, I am preparing the itinerary of their stay here for 2 weeks. My cousin booked their flights already. The whole family can't wait to see my Tita Baby so as with Mama Iska . According to Tita, they will be four but its not yet confirm who will be accompanying them. I have my first assignment already, to look for a pandan plants with a lot of roots which she will be bringing in Canada. As agreed, one of the menu to be prepared on her arrival will pandan chicken and the drinks should be buko pandan. She really requested it and of course we are very grateful to grant it. We want her stay to be a memorable one and we want her to enjoy her vacation with us!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lucky Xia...

Finally our package from Canada has been arrived. We are so thankful to our Tita Baby and Tito Red for being so generous to us. As expected the kids has more stuffs than the adult LOL! My eldest brother is much luckier than me and my bro Aris because all the shoes were fitted to him. His daughter Alxia have sets of dress with matching womens boots which she really loves to wear. My baby Ea and Aleighx have sets of Barbie dolls and stuff toys. Kuya Andrei has toys too, his favorite is the turbo car. We enjoyed all the stuffs that were sent to us. We love you Tita Baby and Tito Red... See you soon!


On Monday I will officially starting my diet regimen. My friend at the city sports office gave me a routine on the best fat burning exercises that she get from her instructor in aerobics. I can now feel the pressure LOL! I wish I can sustain my diet program.... I am now earning courage and strength to survive... Really wishing to wear my old jeans and blouses hehehhe...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Kuya Andrei!

It's my nephew's big day today. We will be having a simple party treat for his classmates at the school. The whole family is present to show love and support. Andrei will be giving cupcakes and juices. It is just a simple celebration with matching blowing of candle on his cake! I hope Andrei will enjoy his birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Kuya, love you so much!

Marie's Best!

Pretty Marie brags that she got best diet pill for women right now thats why she achieve this gorgeous look. She had trim down more than 15 kilos now and counting! It was a great achievement for her. She is now convincing me to try the supplement.... why not I replied! Marie will be placing order for me, thanks girl! So excited to look as pretty as you are LOL!

It's an IN THING!

Most of my friends working in a call center loves to smoke, I don't know what's the wisdom behind it but they told me it is part of their daily routine. One of my naughty friend told me that he uses a good cheap cigars and adhere me to try it very silly hahahahaha.... I just replied to him, Boy just go on with your habit and I will just support you LOL!

Happy Birthday Kuya Andrei!

My dear nephew is celebrating his 6th birthday today. We have celebrated his birthday in advance last Saturday at Villa Oro Resort. Andrei requested his papa to have a little celebration in their classroom and it was granted. Time flew so fast, seems it was just yesterday when I am cuddling him and singing a lullaby for him to sleep. We really love this boy, he is very precious to us. Happy birthday kuya, we are very proud of you!

2011 kcits sticker design!

Kuya Rod, pays me a visit last Monday asking me to help him design the 2011 sticker for the Integrated Transport Station. It's been 4 years since I was designing the sticker for KCITS. Kuya requested me to change the background of the sticker so that It would be distinguishable from the previous designs. I already finish 2 designs for the Public Utility Vehicle and the Private vehicle yesterday but I have a problem cause I can't print it cause my printer ink is empty. I need to request for 108R00723 for me to finalize my designs. I just hope my colleagues in HRMO will deliver it fast!

Hoping for the Best!

My dear friend Rona Mae will be taking the Certified Public Accountant Board this coming November. We are all excited for her and were praying for her success. According to RM she is now polishing her review cause she don't want to get mental block during the examination day. RM wants to follow the footsteps of her father who is also a CPA working at Dubai. She was advice by her dad to look for a finance jobs in their town after the examination while eying for a greener pasture abroad.

Monday, October 11, 2010

19 months and counting....

Time flew so fast, its been 19 months since a wonderful angel was given to me. She is now a year and 7 months to be exact. My baby is growing so fast, am I am enjoying every milestone of her development. You may wondering I am not posting any picture of my baby here, hmm... surprise very very soon, you'll see her! For now, I will just share a little info about her and enjoy the feeling of being mysterious LOL!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Asking for advice!

I called up my doctor asking for an appointment this weekend but she is out of town. She ask me what's my problem so that she can refer me to another specialist. I laugh and told her I will just ask an advice if am I allowed now to use a weight loss pills hence I gain so much weight and I need to trim down. She answered yes but in moderation, she advice me to have regular exercise and eat more vegetables than meaty foods. Thanks dockie, you save my day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It sounds good....

Been working for more than a decade now yet I am not satisfied with my income. Working 8 hours a day is not enough to cover all my expenses specially now that my baby is growing up. Ever since I am dreaming of having my own business wherein I can manage my time and NO boss to pressure me lol.... I am thinking of having one soon, my brother advice me to have home based business so that it would be easy for me to manage. Hmmmm... it sounds good! Thanks bro, suggestion is taken!

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1st will always be special!

Today is a very special day for our family because its our Mama's birthday! She is now 61 years old, yet she look younger than her age. We will have a simple family gathering today at Dalapitan. As expected her grandson and granddaughters are in perfect attendance. But before the celebration, we will be attending Andrei and Aleighx intramurals presentation in the morning and Modelling Contest in the afternoon. Today is a very busy day for all of us yet we are all excited! Happy birthday Mama Love, we love you so much!