Monday, October 18, 2010


After 7 long years, my Tita Baby will be visiting us here in Kidapawan City. We are all excited about it. In few weeks time, we will see each other in flesh. Tita Baby is the youngest sister of my mom who is living in Canada for more than 20 years. I love all my tita's yet she is the most dear to me. I am very close to her so as with his husband Tito Red. As early as now, I am preparing the itinerary of their stay here for 2 weeks. My cousin booked their flights already. The whole family can't wait to see my Tita Baby so as with Mama Iska . According to Tita, they will be four but its not yet confirm who will be accompanying them. I have my first assignment already, to look for a pandan plants with a lot of roots which she will be bringing in Canada. As agreed, one of the menu to be prepared on her arrival will pandan chicken and the drinks should be buko pandan. She really requested it and of course we are very grateful to grant it. We want her stay to be a memorable one and we want her to enjoy her vacation with us!

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