Thursday, October 21, 2010

Very Proud Indeed!

When Andrei represents his class in the modelling contest, we are very happy and we are not expecting him to take any place. We just want him to enjoy, experience and have confidence in facing a big crowd. His papa took a leave of absent to give morale support and became his official photographer LOL! During the contest proper, Andrei makes us more proud specially when he gave his killer moves and sweetest smile. He was the darling of the crowd so as with Jana his partner. When the contest almost ended, I fell so nervous and I can't explain why, when his name was called as second runner up, we jump for joy! It was a bonus for my dear nephew. A lot of his so called fans scream for joy LOL so as the aunt (me) hahahha! His papa was very indeed proud of his son and it shows in this picture!

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