Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Spray it baby!

I thought it was just a pimple on my neck but I realized it was a neck acne. I consulted Ate Jean on this problem, she told me that their is a body spray for acne available in the market and I can use that on my neck also. I asked her a favor to place an order for me so that I can get rid of it as soon as possible. I want it eliminated on my skin before the Thanks Giving Day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One more week!

Time flew so fast, the bakasyonista's already spent 7 days here in Kidapawan. The itinerary I make for them is more than half way already. According to my Tita Baby, they are enjoying their stay, she called it " sulit". On the remaining 7 days, they will be spending 3 days and 2 nights at Dalapitan. On the first day, they will be visiting a poultry farm and a pomelo orchard. On the second day, they will be making " papaya pickles". On Friday, they will be going back here in Kidapawan and prepare for an overnight stay at Agco Mountain Spa Resort. We are all excited, I have booked the room, my kuya have contacted the van for rent, my mom have her recipes. All are set.... more stories to follow on my next post hehehehe!

Thanks Calcium

We are very thankful that our Lola Iska will be turning 96 years old this month. We praise GOD for that wonderful gift. Lola Iska is a good swimmer. During her younger years our great Inang always told her to take good care of her bones and eat calcium-enrich foods thats why she don't suffer osteoporosis on her age . For our own benefits she advice us to take a supplement too. Hmm.. Lola Iska is right, I should take the best calcium supplement from now on. Thanks lola, we love you so much!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wish granted for all of us, Tita Baby gave me my favorite Eu DE Toilette perfume and received a very nice bag from my cousin Ate Thess. Papa got a brand new diver's watch while mama has her favorite lipstick and a bed cover made from Egyptian cotton sheets. My Kuya got a pair of Nike jogging pants with jacket while our youngest got his favorite Adidas shirts, perfume and 3 boxes of pistachio nuts lol! The kids has their pack of M&M chocolates plus yummy plain almonds! We enjoy the stuffs from Canada, thanks Tita!

Acupuncture session!

I find acupuncture very relaxing according to my Tita Baby. My mom invited her for a session hence she is complaining of having a clog nose since she arrive at Kidapawan last Thursday morning. Kuya Joel my favorite acupuncturist, told my Tita to have a follow session at least 3 days straight to unclog her sinuses. Tita enjoys every session that she had, she find it very refreshing and she felt relax and healed. She will be going to AKAP center everyday until she leaves for Manila on the 24th of November.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Oath Taking!

Our office have assisted the oath taking of all Barangay and SK officials at the City gymnasium. Ate Rose was assign to offer the fresh flower garland to all VIP's at the Presidential table. Juvy and I assisted the distribution of oath taking certificates while the others are assign in the food distribution. The ceremony as a whole is generally peaceful. Thanks GOD!

Skin Care anyone!

Oily type of skin is very prone for Acne according to my dermatologist. Men and women of this skin type is experiencing moderate to severe acne most of the time. I myself is suffering with acne before but with the help of acne skin care products, I was so thankful I am now pimple free. I wish I can maintain this all the time. Having a healthy skin is really an advantage.

Reunion time!

We can't hide our excitement last Thursday when we fetch our relatives at Davao International Airport. We woke up as early as 2:30 in the morning because we need to be there before 6:40 in the morning. The Air Phil landed 10 minutes earlier than the expected arrival. We are so happy when we saw them at the arrival area waving their hands like Ms & Mr Universe LOL! It feels good seeing them after 2 years. Its reunion time... I will blog more about it soon!

Marie is in Kidapawan!

My beautiful friend Marie is back in Kidapawan. I can't wait to see her once again after 5 long years of working at Dubai, UAE. In her latest picture , she looks so gorgeous and she really lose weight. I am so excited to know what's the best weight loss pills she used on attaining such sexy body. Looking forward to be reunited with her this coming weekend. I am so thrilled seeing her once more.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The brand she likes!

Ate Jean loves Acid cigars brand. The first time I saw it on her bag, I thought its a beauty kit LOL but when I open the box its her toy. She loves playing her toy all the time most specially when she is on the road of making plans for her business. Its her life according to her. It make her happy and fulfilled every time she smokes. I don't re-battle her about this because I respect her belief. I just reminded her to regulate it for her own good.

We are all excited!

Tomorrow will be a big day for all of us. My Tita Baby will be coming with my 96 year old grandmother. They will be accompany by my cousin Jon and my two aunties namely Rebecca and Delia. My mom is very excited to see his mom after 3 long years and reunited with her siblings once again. I already file my leave of absence last week hehehe... thanks GOD it was approved without any question. My nephew and nieces will be excuse on their respective class as well, they can't wait to see their Mommy baby for the first time. I just wish for a safe trip tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Upgrading the system

Got a chance to chat with my friend Thess my former officemate at Kidapawan Integrated Transport Station Office. She was re-assign at City Treasurers Office records department. She personally handle the recording of OR's, released by the city. Now that the department is planning to upgrade the system of issuing OR's, she is wishing to have her own receipt printer. According to her computerization in their section is such a relief on her part hence she can make the report immediately.

CJ's kitchen

This is one my favorite area in CJ's house, the kitchen. The are is very spacious, though it was not yet finish I can already imagine how beautiful it is. I saw the kitchen appliances she bought and it was all of latest model. CJ wants to customize her kitchen according to her personality, from the tiles, sink, kitchen faucet, utensils, kitchen gadgets and appliances. She promise me that she will cook for me and we'll bake together her. Looking forward on that day!

This is real!

Two of my friends are now building their dream houses, my dear Gracious and sweety CJR! The picture above is CJR's house. On her post she called it MY FIRST HOUSE, we tease her and on her status and it bombared with comments by her friends hence this house will be finish early December then she is planning to have another one next year, that was really awesome hahahaha! I am so proud of CJ's achievement, at early 20's I can say she achieves a lot. Go, go sweety CJ... see you on the blessing hehehehe!

Gracious New Kitchen

My dear Gracious dream house is on construction. I am so happy for my dear friend. After 9 long years of working hard and sacrificing a lot , the fruit of her labor is now on reality. They are now building their dream house on a 500 square meters home lot. I was able to see the floor plan and it is fabulous. The kitchen is so gracious as my dear Grace, I told her to add the Moen kitchen faucets on her list so that her kitchen will be as beautiful as she is, LOL!

Moderate Acne

When I attended a seminar about skin care, I learned that my brothers acne belongs to moderate level. Most people with oily skin are prone with acne, thats what our speaker told us. She shared that we must use a facial wash that suits with our skin type and don't just buy a product that does not fit with our skin hence it will worsen the acne. Ma'am Vicky shared to us her secret of fighting those acne on his face, she advice to use an anti acne cream twice a day. She reminded us to clean our face regularly to combat the bacteria that causes acne. I will follow that advice LOL!