Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Advance Happy NEW Year!

This is the last day of office for year 2010. I'll be off for 3 days and might not post anything during weekends because I'll be busy preparing for my family's New Year's Celebration. Before the year ends, I would like to thanks you guys for visiting my blogs, I hope this coming year 2011, I can still blog as often as I can. Love you guys, Happy NEW Year to all of us!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thanks KCGEA

The Kidapawan City Government Employees Association (KCGEA)will be giving medical assistance to all City LGU employees. We are very happy to know that we will be receiving a one year free health insurance. Thats really sounds great, thanks guys for helping us. This program would be of great help, aside from the emergency medical assistance from the City Government. Thanks to all the officers! More Power to KCGEA!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Very Early Treat!

Aside for Christmas Day and New Year's Day, one of the most celebrated occasion in our country is the Lenten Season wherein Roman Catholics observed every year. Easter Sunday is the happiest day of the celebration wherein adults and kids play the easter egg hunting. If you want to give a present to your loveones on this special day just Find Easter gifts 2011 at Personal Creations. I am sure you'll gonna love it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love Mickey!

Of all the creatures I hate mouse the most but when it comes to cartoon character I don't know why I really like Mickey Mouse. Since childhood days, I love watching Mickey mouse and his friends. The whole Disney Cartoon characters are all cute from Minnie, Donald, Goffy, Pluto, Daisy and the very funny Chip and Dale. My niece and nephew loves them too! Hot dog..... tan tan tan taran.... hotdog!

Cyber Monday!

Thanks God will be celebrating Cyber Monday next week! This would be part of our Lights Festival all over the Province of North Cotabato. The City LGU is very enthusiastic about the said project and obliging every department to participate on the said event. We are all excited to participate on different events, I just pray that we will have a good weather on the said date!

Last qualifying month!

My mentor Ate Jean is on her last qualifying month for directorship on MK business. The whole unit is very much supportive of her. We are family and we help each other in every ladder of success we want to reach. We are really praying for Ate Jean's directorship! Her success will be our team's success too. We suggest that on January on her directorial debute, she should gave herself a ordinateurs portables cause she really needs it everytime we will have our success meetings and seminars!

Thanks Ma'am Vicky!

This is Ma'am Vicky Simeon, our mentor in Diamond Magic Unit. She is already a Senior Sales Director of Mary Kay Philippines and she is doing the business for 8 years already! Our unit is very thankful for her GO GIVE SPIRIT, she is unselfishly sharing all her knowledge to us and helping us to reach our goal. Thanks Ma'am Vicks for inspiring us always, your word of wisdom is is highly appreciated.


Finally got our car insurance quotes from our agent after a month of waiting.Thanks Ate Bebeth for the favor, we owe you something, I think an EAT ALL U CAN treat will do LOL! Anyway, this would be a good news to my father dear. I will hand in all the documents to him tomorrow when I get home to make him happy. My mom already knows it but I told her to pretend she doesn't know anything so that my plans will not be altered hehehe!


My nephew is keep on complaining to his papa every time he is watching movie on his laptop. According to him, he can't heard and understand the dialog so well. He is asking for a surround speakers so that he will fully enjoy every episode he loves to watched. His father told him that they will save money for that item but for now he should be contented using headphones. Nice suggestion brother dear lol!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A possible Heart Failure!

Its been two weeks now that I suffered from chest pain. I always complained to my mom that sometimes I had a short breath and there is something a tingling sensation inside that I can't explained. It makes my mom very much worried, she suggested me to have a check up with my cardiologist to know the reason of this pain am experiencing. I already called up Dra. Cabriles secretary for a possible appointment this weekend, I hope everything will be alright.

Have a goodnight sleep!

I enjoyed watching my baby sleeping on our memory foam mattress. She is very innocent and indeed angelic to me. Every time she woke up in the morning I love seeing her sweet and alluring smile. She always greet me, good morning mama with a very warmth and tight hugs and a very tender kiss on my lips. I really love her, she is my inspiration and the reason why my world is turning around. I am working so hard for her future!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wish list!

Ate Jean is a gadget lover, she called it my babies and my favorite toys! The last time she traveled to Singapore she bought another professional camera which makes me envy. I love the specifications, I can't ask for more! My nephew Andrei loves ate Jean so much, they are playmates, one time she told ate Jean " momita in your next travel, can u buy me a Nikon binoculars, please".... Of course Momita is very touch and told my Andrei, sure honey I will buy for you! So sweet heheheheh!

Kidapawan City Festival of Lights

This is how Kidapawan City celebrates festival of lights every month of December. The three kilometer pine trees in the center island was lighted and designed like a Christmas tree. These pine trees became a tourist attraction in the business central district. According to my friends, every time they saw these wonderful lights it gave happiness and hope to them.

Ember is so excited!

Thanks Maya for facilitating the order of the eye wrinkle creams for my best friend Ember. She is indeed very happy to have it. To her excitement, she had shouted it on her wall and tweet about it. I enjoyed listening to her when she called me up, her gladness is overflowing. Its been a while she is aiming to have it and finally you did it for her. A million thanks to you Maya dear, mwah!