Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Toys for Josh!

My best friend Jem requested me to buy a gift for his son Josh Danielle who is celebrating his 6th birthday today. Last December 22, I went to Abreeza Mall to buy Paulazh toys. Timely the Toys R Us is having a holiday sale so I save at least 10% on each toy. I bought 2 toys for Jems son, a red remote control car and a transformer 3 replica.
This is a 6 way remote control car that I bought in behalf of my bestfriend.
My nephew Andrei helped me to choose this toy. According to him Josh will gonna love it hence his collection are more on Transformer cars. I have emailed the pictures to my bff when I arrived last Dec 23 so that she can describe the toys to his son. I hope Josh will like it! Happy new toy Paulazh, wish you have a blast today.... We love you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nice gift for dad!

Its like a tradition to me and my siblings to give a birthday present to our beloved parents. Every year I and my brothers is scouting gifts for dads birthday. We use to have list and if ever the most like thing is not available we have another option to choose from. Last November we gave our dear papa a nice belt which he really like. As early as now we are again thinking what to give on his next natal day lol!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

another great creation of my bff!

This is another great creation of my bff Ethel Vera during his brother's wedding last Dec. 10. 2011 at Davao City. The altar and the aisle was indeed captivating. My dear bestfriend is indeed a good artist and she really love her craft. Every time she has new creation I can't stop my self saying this three letter word " WOW"! I am so proud of my dear Ethel Vera! Kudos for a job well done dear!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tita Smyrz is moving out!

A good family friend is moving out in the City of Fruits of Highland Springs. Tita and her entire family will be staying in Cebu for good. We will gonna miss them for sure but on the other hand my family is very happy for them because finally they find the place they really belong. They deserved to be happy and besides there's no place like home for them. Last Sunday, my mom was there to assist Tita in packing up and Kuya dear helped them in negotiating the cargo vessel. I wish there is a gps truck tracking so that they can be transported by land. They will be leaving next week, I wish them safe trip.....

My baby BIG BOY!

Kuya Andrei Briggs is now 7 years old. When I took this photo yesterday I can't imagine how he turn into a fine young boy. I was his guardian since he was 1 day old. I love and take care of him like my own son. This is the only nephew that I have that's why he had so much attention on our family. Kuya Dei is a consistent honor student and we pray he can maintained that until he graduated college. We love Kuya Dei so much and we are very thankful to the Lord for giving him to our family!


I enjoyed watching PROTEGE, the battle for the big break of GMA 7! This reality show is somewhat similar to the X Factor USA the only difference is that mentors of the contestant are not the judges of the show. The mentors travel all over the country to search for their respective Protege and guided them to the contest proper. Most of them knows how to played Fender Mustang instruments which I envy most. How I wish I can play guitar like them!

Iris Smart phones

My best friend Iris have collections of smart phones and including to her list is the latest model of htc smart phone. Bob her fiance spoiled her by giving the newest and coolest gadgets hence Bob himself is also a gadget addict. I can still remember when this couple gave me the taste of having a smart phone. It was a surprise birthday gift handed by Irish a day before my natal day. I can't forget that moment. This couple loves me so much as much as I love them too.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Am sick!

I hate being sick. I rather choose to do all the chores than feeling sick, sigh! I wish I will be fine as soonest as possible. Please cough and colds leave me alone.... huhuhu! I need to report for work, I don't want to have back logs please....

Friday, November 18, 2011

3rd quarter supply served!

After a month of waiting, finally our 3rd quarter office supply was served. My colleague Choi helps Lermz of HR department in segregating the items according to the request of every section. Since Juvy was out of the office I was the one who inventory all the supplies delivered. I found out that the Martor USA box cutters blades was not included in the delivery receipt so as the 3 bottles of disinfectant we have requested. I called the Lermz about it and she told me the GSO personnel will deliver it next week hence the supplier was not able to deliver it on time. We'll just wait for that!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Luck to Me!

Our department's bowling tournament will be officially open today. All of them were excited except me because I have played this game 10 years ago and am afraid all the balls will be thrown in the canals lol! In fairness, I love our uniforms, kudos to Sano our designer! I hope I can have a passing score tonight's game, Good luck to me!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I wish I have a long lashes!

I feel envy every time I saw a girl or a guy having a long lashes. How I wish I can have the same. When I got pregnant I wish that my baby girl will have a gorgeous lashes just like my dear nephew Andrei. So thankful that Ea have it, my wish was granted, am so happy about it. A friend of mine told me that there's still hope on me to have a long lashes by the help of best eyelash growth product. Hmmm.... I better tried it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 months and counting!

Oh man, I can't believe am on my 10 months of agony having my brackets on! Last January my orthodontics Dra. Thess Mandin required me to have it to correct my teeth hence it affects my chewing ability. At first I am hesitant of having brackets because I know it hurts and very costly but Dra. Thess explained the consequences of not availing it on my health. For short, I was convince to have it on the first week of January 2011. I was fully amaze how Dental Technician Jobs touches lives of many by inventing this brackets. Thanks Dra. Thess for the patience on me, I know I gave you headache every time my brackets was loosen up and my wires broke up.

Mama is sick!

After celebrating mama loves 62nd birthday she got sick because of too much stress. Since were not living together, I decided to bring her home so that I can take good care of her. I decided to take my leave of absence so that I can monitor her vital signs every now and then. I love my mom very much and I hate seeing her sick. So thankful to her physician Dra. Vargas for being so good to us, though mama was not admitted Dra. was there to assist us every time we have questions, she is patiently answering our calls. So lucky to have her!

Do you know him?

When I asked by my friend Iris do you know arturo fuente ? I also answered him with a question why your asking me dear? She just laughed and say, just go to this website and you'll know who he is. With my curiosity I immediately go to the web and when I discovered something I can't help myself but laugh. Why don't you click arturo fuente to meet him...


My father need the expertise of motorhome repairs service now. Our car is in trouble 2 days now and I know my dad is having a hard time every time his favorite toy is not in good condition. Yesterday my big brother rescued my dad, thanks it not raining that time or else... I wish 580 will be fixed as soonest as possible.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Advance Happy Birthday Mama!

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On October 1st my beloved mother will be celebrating her 62nd birthday! Advance happy birthday mama, we love you so much.....

A tire with chain?

When I saw Jerry's car with tire chains I innocently asked him whats that for? He replied me with a crisp laugh, saying we are preparing for winter my friend and we need it every time there is a heavy snow fall in our place. I laugh out loud, telling him so sorry my dear we don't have it her in the Philippines. I was so ignorant on that matter lol!

Our condolences to my boss Family!

Got a bad news early morning, my boss called me crying informing me that Nanay Rosa has passed away. My heart melts when I heard it but in other hand happy hence Nanay have rested well taken care off by her children. Her journey has indeed inside the Church of Christ. To my little ability I have informed their immediate friends on the incident, the Human Resource Department as well posted a notice on the bulletin on the mourning of At Ming's Family. To the Clarito, Maniapao and Infanta family, our condolences.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nice experience!

I first time I tried the online conference calls was two years ago. It was a nice experience, I am my colleagues were first timer then and we are very anxious on how it works. During the conference proper we are very nervous because of too much excitement, we're like a kid who attentively listen to his teacher lol! The conference lasted 1.5 hours only but it was fulfilling and indeed unforgettable experience.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Once a sideline now a main line....

I am happy for my friend Dencio hence he has now a stable job. Thanks to her sister Eda for recommending her brother to a commercial collection agency. He was only working for that office as part-time collector but now he already got a permanent position. He is inviting my big brother to be part of the company as part-timer, and my Kuya is excited about it!

I miss Mommy Luz!

Were missing Mommy Luz a lot. This is the first year that we cannot celebrate her birthday in flesh because God already laid her to rest. Its nice to reminisce our past with her which is full of laughter. I am very proud to say that I am one of her surrogate daughter, she is a spoiler but she never allowed us to be brats. I can't forget our movie date every Friday.Our weekend would not be complete without going to Church every Sunday and having breakfast together after our obligation in the church. I miss the bangus "milk fish", Mommy always gave my share every harvest time at Sulop. I know I cannot see her again in this wicked world but hoping one day we will see each other in the promise land..... i love you mommy Luz..... we miss you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool monitor

I and Jeh were chatting 3 days ago when I noticed a monitor he keeps on starring, I asked him what is that and he said its the latest wireless baby monitor for his son Jeremiah! His son is a special child and needs a special attention, Jeh said they are very thankful to have such new technology hence it helps them a lot specially during working hours. Jeremiah has a twin brother too but Jericho was laid to rest on the second day when they were born.

Is it a gun?

Last Sunday, my baby Andrea accompanied me to the grocery store. When were in the counter she saw the gun type barcode scanners and she immediately told his Kuya Andrei, look Ate has a lazer gun, lol! We laugh at her and she asked why are you laughing its really a gun, look ate is aiming it to the items so that it will be registered in the computer.... hmmmm.... she has a point, very smart baby!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Seem like its my first time again!

When I received an order to make a billboard regarding minimum wage rates for Region XII, I immediately check the lay-out given. OMG! it's a table type lay-out and I admit I hate such kind of design Like a good soldier, I obey my officer and no room for me to complain... sigh! It takes me 2 days before I perfected it,whew... it feels like my first time to play photoshop again... Thanks God its done and ready for printing!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun shot!

I've noticed that in every MK event, there is a fun shot booth wherein all beauty consultants can enjoy every flash of the camera. The last time I've attended an event I wore ski goggles canada while others wore mask and big sun glasses. It was really fun, I can't imagine the big boss of MK also joined us to have fun in the booth. Looking forward for more events to come!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I can't forget how naive I am when I encounter the word bluetooth a decade ago. I thought it was simply a color of the teeth lol! Anyways, I love using this on my phone most specially in transferring photos and videos. Glad to know that bluetooth barcode scanner is here, am wondering how it works in the POS, anyways, whatever it is I know it helps a lot!


While waiting for Manny Pacquiao we take some pose to Jinky's life size portrait! She looks so stunning in her photos, no wonder the People's Champ is so inlove with his wife. We tried to imitate her pose just for fun... can you see how Ethel dear is internalizing lol!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thanks Sir Oliver!

A belated birthday gift was given to me by Sir Oliver of Michael Angelo agency, he gave me an accident insurance for a year, yahoo..... this is the same company who offers universal life insurance quotes to me last January. Thank you very much Sir, you surprised me, am not expecting it. What a wonderful birthday gift, I Love it1 God Bless!

Ignorance of the law excuses NO ONE!

Just want to share my experience this morning. My brother visit me at the office and we ate lunch together. While were eating we talked about taxes then suddenly she uttered the S_I_T! I asked why? He responded, I forgot to pay the quarterly income tax of our tricycle, for sure we will pay more that double because of the penalty. When I heard that, I got sad and worried because I know we will be exceed to the budgeted amount. Around 2:00 pm, he came back to me and hand in the BIR computation and I want to cry because we will pay 240% of the original amount. The compromise tax hurt me most... I want to blame my brother but I realized all of us have lapses. Shame on me because I keep on complaining about the compromise tax but when I research on it, it is fix and irrevocable. There are no mistakes in life, they are just lessons to be learned.

Kadayawan Festival...

One of the most grandest festival I have attended is the Kadayawan Festival of Davao City. Every month of August this festival is celebrated by pride by all Davaweños. This year the celebration is handed by the private firms hence the local government can't sustain the expenses alone. I love the pop displays in every booth participated in the trade fair on that occasion. Wish my plan will prosper so that I can join the celebration.

How I wish I can wear it!

Every time I can see an equestrian riding apparel, I told to my self how I wish I can wear such one day lol! I find equestrian riders very sexy, I can't take away my eyes unto them. I feel like am a man lol! One of the best equestrian dresser I love most is Mikey Cojuangco- Jaworski, aside from her simple beauty her elegance shows every time she is competing on the field with her suit. How I wish I can watch live playing soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another collection

When Lainy handed me this, am so happy because I love key chains. This is one of my precious collection. Every time my friends took some vacation abroad I always reminded them not to forget my key chain lol! Since, I can't afford to travel abroad, having this souvenir from different places makes me feel I was there lol. Thanks Lainy for this keepsake... mwah!

Enzo's 2nd bday is coming up!

Wow, its seems like yesterday when we celebrated Enzo's 1st birthday at Jollibee, Davao. This coming October he will turn 2 and as early as now mommy Ethel is preparing the freebies for that occasion. She is also in the process of planning the theme so at the design of the invitation cards. When Ethel dear asked my opinion, i told her to visit kids birthday invitations for her to decide what she really want. Am sure she will gonna like this link...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy feet!

Last year, my niece Alxia got the womens boots she is dreaming to have for such a long time. Her wish was granted by my Aunt from Canada. When we received the package she is very excited and her happiness is immeasurable. My Aunt let him choose the design she wants so are the color. We thought she will choose color pink hence its her favorite color but to our surprise she chose white for her to use every parade because she is a lire member of their school . Good choice ate!

Friday, July 15, 2011

It pays to sacrifice....

After 7 years of rocky marriage, I am very happy to know that my good friend Eds and Gene realize that they still love each other. The couple decided to go to abroad and find themselves.. Though they are living separately, there's no formal break-up I can say. For short, they just gave space with each other hoping to find what the missing piece to complete the puzzle of their so called relationship. This couple is very dear to me, they are like my brother and sister. In fact during their wedding day, they rented a van just to fetch me at Davao so that I can attend their sacred vow. During hardest years of their relationship I am there to listen and understand them, I never failed to remind them to keep the marriage because I believe there is no problem that cannot be solve. There is always a solution, all they need is to talk, listen and have an open communication. I am very thankful because all the sacrifices I have been through with them pays off. They are back on each others arms and starting their lives together again. Happy for them :)

Sophia's opening

In behalf of my boss, I attended the grand opening of the Sophia's Jewelry. I feel so honored to represent our Office during that occasion. The event was graced by different personalities in the city. Our honorable City Mayor was also there to lead the opening. What I like most in Sophia's Jewelry is the lay-away plan scheme which is not yet applied to other store here in the city. When I talked with the General Manager she told me that they offer customize designs on rings which makes me interested. My office mate Juvy asked if they offer they also offer engagement ring insurance hence his brother in law wanted to availed it. Ma'am Stella told us that only their main branch is allowed to do so but they are looking forward to open the same service on other branches as well.


My friends keeps on telling me to use my talent in lay-outing for me to have additional income. Last month, I started making cards, stickers and others. This year am planning to make a sample of customize   Halloween invitations.To make it different I will make it trendy and colorful so that all ages can relate to it. I hope it will become successful.

Grab a Crab experience!

I have my first taste of a Grab a Crab cuisine when Lainy my beautiful sister in Christ treat me for a sumptuous dinner. It was indeed a wonderful experience, I heard of this place from friends in General Santos City way back and at last I was there.... The food were great, very nice ambiance and most of all very affordable price. This is a place to visit at the city of Generals! Hope I can visit Gensan again soon....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its been 24 months...

I can't forget the day when I received a surprise birthday gift from my best friend Iris and his honey Bobby. Its been two years when I have my first ever blackberry phone. I was so happy then, I am not really expecting to received such valuables from that wonderful couple. At first they are laughing at me hence am not familiar with the phone features and I keep on complaining but when I get my track I keep telling them I LOVE this phone lol. That was really unforgettable!

Up-close and personal with PACMAN!

My trip to General Santos City was supposedly purely business. I was given a chance to document the World Vision's Anti-Tuberculosis campaign Trainers Training held at Ice Castle Hotel from June 8-10, 2011. This is my first time to document outside my workplace and am very thankful to all the participants for being supportive and generous of their outputs. On early June 11, 2011 around 5:00 am, were about to ride a tricycle going to the bus station, my good buddy Ethel saw the HUMMER of no less than the People's Champ. Honorable Congressman Emmanuel "Manny Pacman" Pacquiao in front of the JMIX mall owned by the later. To our excitement carrying our luggage we ran to the security guard and asked if Pacman was inside the mall. The guard told us yes he is inside at the PACMAN's Sports Bar playing billiards. We plea to the guard if we can go inside just to pip the World Champ. When he nod and say YES we are so happy, were rushing cause we can't wait to see PACMAN personally. When we saw him playing we thought we will not be given a chance to have a souvenir picture with him but so thankful to the body guard whom I met at their mansion on our first attempt to meet PACMAN, he remember me and during the break he told Manny about our request. We are so delighted when were called to enter the Bar and Hon. Pacman personally granted our request. We are so overwhelm with PACMAN's humility and kindness. It was indeed a one and a life time experience.

"Feeling close with PACMAN"

"Ethel, Hon. PACMAN, me and Jan-jan"

Funny Marketer!

Yesterday, a marketing personnel name Jake visited our office offering different beauty products. We entertained him joyfully since were not so busy at the office. At first he let us tried to use some of his products, to give respect I tried the perfumed it was cool, I like the scent. When he offered creams, out of curiosity I asked him if he has egyptian magic cream, to my surprise he replied " Ma'am you want to look like Cleopatra?". He is so silly, his visit has been fun, I hope all marketers will be like him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend activities!

Last weekend, my nephew joined his dad on cleaning his room. His tasked was to wipe all his medals and trophies before arranging it to the cabinet. Andrei enjoyed what he does, while doing it all, he used to reminisced all the activities he have joined and he was joyfully sharing it. I am personally happy for Kuya's development. We are praying for his success all the time!

Sticker 2011

Every school year, I used to design stickers for my nieces and nephew. This year Aleighx and Andrei requested me to include their favorite characters. Gwen Tennessee for Aleighx Fym and the Ben 10 ultimate for Andrei Briggs. I still have 2 designs to finish for Ate Alxia and of course for my baby love Ea. Will post it here for sure....

Friday, June 3, 2011

Baron is on rehab

Character actor Baron Geistler started the non 12 step rehab programs last December 2010. According to the report, he voluntarily undergone the said process to cleanse himself hence lately severe alcoholism affects his attitude. When I saw him in rated K show, a new Baron showed up. As a fan, I am wishing he can go back to the limelight, he is a good actor and his acting awards can attest to it. Keep up the good work Baron.... were still here supporting you!

Best Pasalubong!

My best friend Iris got her htc incredible s last year when his Mahal got home from California. Bobby is a gadget freak and he make sure to have one model to be updated all the time. When I have used the phone for the first time, I am very amaze of the features included. You can't asked for more. I love it. Very lucky bessie to have it!

Happy Birthday Bob!

I love this moment. The siblings were reunited during Bob's birthday.... Dockie Niel took some break on his calling while Ethel dear plan it all to make this day very memorable. Its nice seeing them together once again. Ethel dear is really a planner, the birthday surprise was so great. The whole family have so much fun. Thanks to Grab a Crab Abreeza branch for a wonderful treat!

Jerry's homecoming!

Two days ago, my long time friend Jerry arrived Philippines after 10 long years of living at Dallas. Texas. Salty as I called him worked as a medical staff in Texas and I heard about Texas Work Injury Attorney the first time from him. He is a native of Paniqui, Tarlac my grandma's kababayan lol! Jerry enjoyed and savored his 2 weeks with her beloved mother who is now 85 years old.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Got a surprise call from my good buddy Ethel Vera, who work for Word Vision, Social Mobilization on Tuberculosis Project. I thought her call was just a plain hi, hello thing but I was surprise when she offered me an extra job. She asked me if I am willing to document their training at General Santos city. At first, I was hesitant hence, I don't know the report format requirement. When she emailed me the desired package, I affirmed my presence on the training . A week before the activity I made some clarification on the format of document imaging so that I can prepare all the materials and equipment needed for event.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SPES DAY Celebration 2011!

Last May 6, 2011, SPES DAY celebration goes Province-wide! This is only the 3rd time that all SPES beneficiaries in North Cotabato were gathered and compete with each other. The one day celebration was a blast from the ballgames, skills training and the Search for Mr. & Ms. SPES 2011 which is the highlight of the event. I was deadly tired during that day yet its worthy. These picture were taken 10:00 o'clock in the evening after the competition.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer gears

Our kiddos loves to swim and we are now on the process of competing all of their swimming gears. My brother also bought a water proof digital camera to captured the moments of our beloved little rascals. Next on the list will be the waterproof binoculars so that we adults can also used it on our adventures. How I wish we can complete all the accessories before the year ends...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

He missed school days

Our little boy missed his schools so much. After his graduation he keeps on asking when he will be going back to school again? We are very happy to hear about it because it shows he is indeed interested in his studies. He enjoyed staying in school with his classmates. This vacation we just let him enjoyed the summer, we haven't enroll him to any activity but we make sure his stay with grandma will be fun and memorable one.

I dare u try it!

I dare my friend Jessie to try best creatine supplement to help tone his body while he is on diet. He is very glad to share that he had already lose 5 kilos, yahooo were so happy for him. We know he work so hard t and were hoping he can reach his go in time. Go, go, go Jessie Boy, were so proud of you!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How much?

My niece is complaining that the life of her cellphone battery got shortened. She asked a favor on her Tito Aris to choose a good one among the samsung phone batteries available in town. Lucky Xia because her Uncle is in good mode. She can have her new battery next week without any sweat at all but Tito Aris reminded her to study hard so that next time not only battery will be given but a brand new unit.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All set for the Labor Day Celebration

Thanks GOD we are now all set for the Labor Day celebration come on May 1, 2011. The 3-day celebration sphere headed by the Department of Labor and Employment in cooperation with the LGU-Kidapawan City and other participating agencies will start with a Unity Fun-Run on May 1st from Lanao Elementary School to Dawn's Cafe at National Hi-way. Two days Diskwento caravan and Livelihood Fair will also be conducted and will be highlighted by a Job Fair activity on May 3, 2011. We hope and pray for a fair weather.....

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Two more months to go and my papa will reach the maximum payment month required on his security insurance. I have inquired already how to process his benefits after the maturity date and I found out that we need to wait 5 more months before he can fully enjoy his pension. Its nice also to know that the company also offer SSDI benefits for all of their members who has disability. Kudos to the management!


This Holy week a lot of people will be spending their Lenten break travelling on different places. Its good to know that they can enjoy their vacation specially those who have acquired rv insurance that protects them while on trip. Having peace of mind while on travel is a big factor to consider for us to have an enjoyable vacation. Wish to travel again with my whole family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh dear Andrei.....

My dear little rascals strikes again, He called up his papa on the phone and asking when will it coming home for the Lenten break. His Papa told him that he will be home on Wednesday night. After talking to his papa, he asked me if we will be vising Nanay my mom at Dalapitan. I told him yes but on Saturday morning because I still have to work until Thursday afternoon. He answered back immediately " tita its a holiday, look at the calendar it was mark red so it means theres no work", I smiled at him and explain that I need to work even on holiday because I need to finish something. He again replied " ok, so it means more penny for you?" lol silly nephew!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I like it!

Education is very important for us to be successful in life though I know some people who became famous in their field even without entering formal education. On the other hand, I admire those person who pursue their learnings even they are already old. One concrete example is my Aunt who availed the courses that online universities have offered. According to her it is very advantageous on her part because she can study without sacrificing her job, she need not attend classes everyday which is very impossible for her to do because of her work.

No Holiday for me....

Lenten season is one of the most celebrated holiday in the Philippines. Many are excited for that date to come not only for the believers but also to non-believers because of the long holiday. Yesterday, some of my friends jump-off for Mt. Apo for a 5 day climb. My colleagues in the office also departed for their Luzon tour which will start at Baguio City, Vigan, Laoag, Batac to Subic! As much as I wanted to joined my friends on their Lenten season escapades I can't because tones of work must be accomplished before the month ends. Starting April 25 to May 6 we will be bombard with series of activities from facilitating agencies on their special recruitment activity, employers forum, onsite skills registration on different barangays, labor day celebration (May 1-3) and SPES day. How I wish after this, I will be allowed to take my vacation as well!


My week is not complete if am not updated with acnefree reviews. I care about my skin so much and I don't want to have acne anymore. I love reading reviews because it is very informative and most of all I got a lot of tips which is very helpful . I always share the good news to my friends every time I discover a new review. Being a giver makes me fulfilled.

Pull it up!

I received a text message from Octagon Fitness Center about their new facilities including the most updated and modernly design pull up bars for its fitness enthusiast. I immediately forwarded the good news to my buddy Jessie Boy hence he wished this equipment for such a long time. He replied saying " wow, I can't wait to try it, am glad that I can practice my monkey like ability lol". He is so silly saying this!

Take care buddy!

My colleagues are now busy preparing for their travel because minutes from now they will be departing for Davao to catch up their 6:15 pm flight. I do appreciate my good buddy Juvy for still reporting at the office for half day, she understand how busy we are right now yet our section head allowed her to joined the HR team for a 5 day tour. We wish them luck on their vacation and praying for their safety. Before the team departed we remind them not to forget our pasalubong lol!

KCGEA rock!

To ensure the welfare of the employees working in LGU Kidapawan, the Kidapawan City Government Employees Association entered an agreement with one of the bank offering a payday advance loan. According to Sir Eddie, the president of the association they understand the needs of their members and they wanted to help those in need. He added all interested to avail the said offer can freely visit their office and they will gladly facilitate the application. Kudos sir!

Strict inspection!

As early as last week the Philippine coastguard is closely monitoring all domestic vessels in preparation with the jump-pack passengers on Holy week. According to one of the admiral they are very strict on checking the capacity of the boat to avoid Maritime accident. Over loading is the most usual cause of accident and they don't want it to happen this holiday season. He added that their staff is on alert status to make sure the safety of the riding public.

Supah busy me.....

I ate my lunch today at 1:30 in the afternoon, I don't enjoy my lunch break huhuhu... If you are in public service, you need to stretch your patience even you are very hungry. This is what you called divine sacrifice hahahahah...! Since our Job Fair is fast approaching, pre-registration is is a must to all applicants. I noticed a lot of active job-seekers flock our office from 11:00 o'clock to 1:00 in the afternoon maybe they utilized their break just to visit our office. All I have to do now is to adjust, adjust and adjust lol!

So nice!

Since January of this year, I been into strict diet. So happy to say that I already lose 11 kilos, whew.... so proud of myself lol! Lately, I noticed my momentum of loosing is not that fast anymore so I ask an expert advice. My fitness trainer friend Jojo advice me to use fat burner to fasten my diet regimen. He told me that from 84 kilos to 73 kilos in just 3 months is already a big achievement but if I need to go more then I need to work out so that my muscles will be tone as well.

She just love it!

My good friend Ate Jean just love cigars. A lot of good offer was made to her by our group yet he can't leave her first love. According to her, he felt like melting like a candle when she can't smoke. We respect her decision on that, as long as she is happy on her smoking habit then be it. Anyways, letting go your first love is not that easy lol!e

Rest and Recreation!

Come on April 19-24, 2011, our Department will allow all of its employees to enjoy the Holy week. Some of my colleagues were going to visit Baguio City, Vigan and Zambales City. In our section, only Juvy joined the group hence me and ate Ming will have a lot of things to prepare for the upcoming Labor Day celebration. The group have book their flights as early as November last year via Philippine Airlines. How I wish I can go with them but I can't, sigh! Anyways, theres a lot of next time lol!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Fan

Aside from popular networking sites, my friends loves free online dating page. Glad to say that this site really works. I know a lot of people who met their partners through this process and they are happily married right now. I wish them well and praying for a successful relationship till the end. I also encourage some of my friends to try but of course I told them to be cautious also in choosing the person they wanted to meet personally. Anyways, if it is their destine with each other then they will end up together.

Amazing Food

This is the first time that I heard about foods that increase testosterone. I thought my friend Reggie is just being silly about it but when I checked Mr. Google, its true... I was so naive about this thing lol! It was nice to know that broccoli and eggs are natural source of testosterone. I better advice my brothers to eat those foods regularly cause am sure it will gonna help them big.

Proud Dads

These are my siblings with their babies who graduated with flying colors last March 20, 2011. As much as I am proud of the achievements of my nephew Andrei Brigss and niece Aleighx Fym, am sure that my brothers are 1000 times proud than me lol! The achievement of our little kiddos is indeed priceless. We love them so much and praying to GOD that this is only the start of being an achiever.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Job Hiring

We have a blast last first quarter on our targets and we are very happy about it.This second quarter PESO office will very busy once again hence we have a series of activities ahead of us. Starting April we will be preparing for the Labor Day celebration come on May 1st. As early as now we are happy to announce that we already have 20 confirm participating agencies and looking forward for more participants. Mia have started encoding the submitted Job Orders and there are a lot of vacancies for skilled workers, nurses etc. My best friend Arvin inquired if there is a charlotte jobs included, hmmm..... I better check it out!

Good Investment!

Davao City is really doing good in terms of economic development. I live in that city for almost a decade and its far different now compared 5 years ago. Zoning value of lots whether commercial or not was doubled but still a lot of investors are flocking the area. It really shows that Davao is truly a booming city. Its been 3 months since I never visited the city. Last week I was amazed when I reach the city proper a lot of high rise building are under construction including condominiums. I remembered what my Aunt told me last November during their visit in Davao that one day this city will build building as beautiful as the new condos in Edmonton. Well, its happening right now!

So Proud of my Pamangkins!

Our two lovely kiddos graduated in Kindergarten with flying honors. Andrei Briggs bagged the First Honor, Best in English and Best in Mathematics. Aleighx Fym got the Fifth Place with Best in Art award. Both of them has a citation certificates and medals from PRISSA being representative of Central Mindanao Colleges for Mathematics Quiz Bee, city wide meet. So proud of them, love them so much!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am very familiar with acne treatment because it address my needs. This time I want to try the nodular acne treatment. My best friend Iris is using this and she highly recommend the said product. We have the same skin problem thats why we share whatever good news we discover for ourselves. Thanks bessie, can't wait to try this one!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My called my aunt in Canada last night and shared the good news about the achievement of our two kiddos. Tita Baby is very happy when she heard that Andrei and Aleighx are doing good in school. She told my mama that they deserved a good treat, wow thats exciting. Tita Baby advice me to visit the wilson cell booster canada page and choose the item which they like most. The kids are very excited when I told them and looking forward for their packages! Thanks tita!

Top 10 Final Examination!

Both of my nephew and niece will be taking their final examinations today. They were both included in top 10 and I am very proud of them. As of pre-final results my nephew Andrei bagged the 1st rank while Aleighx is on the 5th place. I hope they can make it this time. I felt like a stage aunt for them lol, I am busy preparing their reviewers and I always remind them to do good. I felt nervous now but I am really praying that my two angels can do it. Will surely blog the results very very soon..........chao!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Business Opportunity Seminar

I was invited by my friend Leilah to attend a business opportunity seminar. When I read the brochure a franchise opportunities is included and she told me that it will be fully discuss by a well known speaker who is known in franchising business. It excites me and I feel interested on the said activity when I heard it. Registration is free anyways and theres no reason for me to thinks twice about this invitation. Looking forward on that date!

PESO on closely monitor!

When the civil war started in Libya, the Local Chief Executive of our city has ordered our office to closely monitor if there are Kidapaweños who got affected of the said crisis. Among on the lists were my friends Arvin and Eda. When the media learned that we have contacts on the said personalities, reporters from different media organizations visited us to get some information. Different scopes of interviews was made through radio and local TV station were scheduled. When my best friend Arvin arrived safely here in Kidapawan, I was asked by my boss to talked with my best friend if he is available for an interview at DXND Lakad Bayan Radio Program. I am happy when my best give me the go signal. He was also interviewed by GMA 7 and ABS-CBN!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thanks GOD he is safe!

The one holding a Libyan flag on the center is my best friend. Arvin is working as a nurse at Benghazi, Libya. He was one of the thousandths Overseas Filipino Workers who got trapped during the Civil War on the said country. According to him, they are on their way on the Benghazi Port when the leftist group were rejoicing because one of the town was successfully seized by them. Enable to be safe, they pretend to be one of the leftist group so that they can pass freely. We are closely monitoring when my best was still in Libya, we are praying hard for his safety. We are so glad when he arrived home safely! To GOD be the GLORY!

Mother of Beautiful Dress!

Few days ago I was reunited with ate Merz and so glad that we have communication again. Her family was into gown designing and rental business and we called her mother Tita Ana as the mother of beautiful dresses. Their business is well known in Mati City most specially during special occasions such as wedding day, promenades, birthdays and others. I can still remember that Tita Ana personally choose our prom dresses. Of course, I and my friends were very fortunate because as a designer she know's whats best for us. I am so happy I saw them again!

Monday, February 28, 2011

KCGEA's benefits!

Every year the Kidapawan City Government Employee's Association is giving away a health card to all of its members. So glad that I was able to avail the Medicare part D plan package. It is a given privilege of the Association to all of its members so that it can avail the best offer of the Health card company. Last week, first batch of the employees card where release. Sir Ed told me that my card is included on the next batch which will be distributed next week.

Reconnected with Ate Mercy!

So glad that I am reconnected with this beautiful lady through Facebook ! It's been ages since we don't have communication . I haven't notice Ate Mercy immediately because of her surname. When our common friend ate Beth told me that they are chatting, I told her to add me. Ate Beth told me that she already added me. When I checked my list I saw her request and so amaze because she looks the same. The ever beautiful MAGNOLIA I ever know lol! I was still on college the last time I saw her. Ate Merz is happily married now and I am very happy for her.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its unclogging time!

Every quarter the city maintenance team routinely unclogging all the toilets in the city gymnasium area. It is part of the maintenance check that the engineering department has been doing for several years now. Engr. Tayabas led the team. As a head he sees to it that his men are doing the right job. Of course we are very happy because we are one of the beneficiaries of this activity hence our office was included on it. Kudos Kuya Nonoy!

I remember him!

Every time I heard about skinny ties, I remember my best friend Arvin. He is a big fan of neckties and I can say a collector of it. It is still fresh on my mind when we were hopping at the Mall, we saw cartoon character ties and am telling you from that moment alone he bought 5 ties which has Tasmanian devil prints. He never stopped until he doesn't completed the Looney Tunes collection. My best Arvin gets what he wants specially income of neckties.

Reunited Through FB!

Thank you Facebook for reuniting me with this guys. They were my friends in Mati, Davao Oriental. We were still studying when we met at that place, wow that was more than a decade and half which means were getting older already lol. They are Retieza Santiago and Dexter Salgado. They were both freshmen when our friendship started. I am so glad we are keeping in touch again. Once a friend will always be a friend no matter how apart we are and how many years of no communication.

Cool wedding!

In this picture we can see how happy this couple saying I DO's! Alex and Mae's wedding is very personal. They both conceptualized the whole wedding from the motif, invitations and the entourage. These friend of mind are artist in their own way so to compliment their art-crafts, our group decided to gave them a creative wedding gifts from Personal Creations. FJ was the master mind since she work abroad she was in-charge of the whole thing. According to the couple they love our gift very much. I am so delighted to hear that , wish them the best!

Love the lighting!

I love the outdoor lighting on this picture. This was taken at Peoples Park located at Davao City. I am sure Enzo was fascinated with the lights thats why he ignores Dada Raul's shot. On the other hand mommy Ethel gave her beautiful smile. The signature smile of my Ethel dear captured Dada Raul's heart 3 years ago, right dear?

Thanks MK!

This is my MK Director Jeanly Declarador. We usually call her momita! She is a good friend of mine before she started her Mary Kay career. In every endeavor she takes, she always does her best. No wonder, she is very successful in every field she engaged with. I am very proud of all her achievements. I love momita very much!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sexy Marie!

So happy for this pretty girl. She successfully lose weight with the help of the best weight loss supplements in town. Marie was 88 kilos before and look at her now very sexy and stunning. She is looking forward to lose more until she reaches her 60 kilograms desired weight. Go, go, go, dear, I know you can make it. You inspired us my dear, we are so proud of you!


Yahoo, I am proud to say that in one month time I lose 7 kilos. Yes , its very true! Thanks to my dentist Dra. Thess for convincing me to have braces lol! I can't believe that because of my brackets I can lose weight that fast. With this good development, I need not worry of side effects of phentermine. All I have to do is to convince myself to continue eating soft foods and no rice at all. How I wish in 3 months time, I can achieve my desired weight!

Hello Kitty Bday Party

Jun and Cathy's little angel turned two last January 31st! Julia Margarette's birthday party was inspired by Hello Kitty. Mommy Cathy and the rest of the gals really took time of preparing the invitations, the venue, the menu as well as the lovely decoration. Tita Jacky sponsored a Jollibbe Show for his super duper cuttie niece. The party was full of fun, the celebrant as well as her visitors really have fun. More birthday to come baby Julia!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pinoy MD

I enjoyed watching Pinoy MD every weekends. Last Saturday they feature how take good care of our skin. They also discuss common skin problems like having scabies, dry skin and pimples that turns to acne, . The resident doctor also gave some tips on how to maintained a healthy skin using materials that can be found on our kitchen. She also gave some acne home remedies for the viewers to try at home. This kind of tv show is worth watching, see it for yourself!

Healthy Muscle

My good pal Jessie has started his work out three days ago. He is inviting me to joined him and his wife to make it more exciting. Hmmm.... I would like to but I'll need to arrange my schedule so that I can joined them. According to Jessie his trainer advice him to use a creatine powder after two weeks of work out to tone his muscles. I tease him not to over work out or else he will be our candidate to Mr. Muscle 2011 lol!

Tres Maria's

With me in this picture are my two best friends forever. Ethel Vera on left and Iris December on the center. I love these girls so much, we are like sisters. We treated each other very special, we are there for each other not only during good times but most specially during our darkest moments. We may leave far from each other Ethel on General Santos, Iris on Davao and me here in Kidapawan but our communication is very open. Seems like were together every day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

It work wonders...

Would you believe that this face was full of Acne before? Ma'am Vicky was diagnosed to have a moderate acne but with the help of the best acne products in town, she is now acne free. You can't see any traces of acne in her face anymore. When she let us see her old pics with acne we can't believe how it transform to that gorgeous look. If u want to have that beautiful skin just PM me, and I will be glad to share it to you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Men also wear diamonds

If we talk about diamonds, the first thing that comes on my mind is an engagement ring. Girls love diamonds and it was label as their best friend. . I remember when Dada Raul gives Ethel dear a diamond ring, she cried because of so much joy. I thought only girls do wear diamonds until I watched the Bachelor reality show, I learned that men's Black Diamond rings were also a hit. According to a diamond store attendant men's also love wearing diamonds but they prefer coated diamonds to fit their personalities.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Cubero Siblings

I met this wonderful guys way back 1997 at Mati, Davao Oriental. They became my good pals and I was able to establish a good relationship with their family as a whole. I haven't heard from them for 10 years and I am so happy when I saw Stephen Joy at Social Networking Site. I been looking for them for such a long time but I can't find them. One day our common friend Retieza added me and unexpectedly I found them through her. I was so happy when I finally reach them, the reason why I can't locate this guys was they are using the names of their sons, lol! They are all happily married and they have very lovely kids. Looking forward to see them in flesh very very soon at Davao City.

My dream phone

I am a gadget freak and I will be hypocrite if I will not dream of having an iphone 4. This toy is an ultimate gadget to have for me LOL. I always teased my friends abroad who are coming home not to forget my pasalubong (iphone 4) hahahaha. Anyway, this is not a need for me but I am really wishing to have one very very soon.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chilling cold...

Philippines is known to be a tropical country but due to climate change, it is now experiencing very cold weather specially to mountainous areas like Baguio City, Benguet and Mt. Apo area. Since Kidapawan City is in the foot of Mt. Apo, chilling weather is experience every dawn. I can't help but to wrapped my self with futon cover to keep my body warm. I can't sleep without pajamas, socks and jacket anymore unlike before that our airconditioned was on the whole night. Chilling weather has also an advantage, it cut downs our electricity bill LOL!

SRS ID must have for Jobseekers!

If you are searching for a Job, you must have this Identification Card so that any Public Employment Office all over the country will accommodate you in applying a job. The Bureau of Employment through the Department of Labor and Employment ordered the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) to implement the said ruling. If you have this card it means that you are already registered at PESO office and you are actively searching for a job. The card is only valid for 3 months. If the holder is not yet hired after the expiration date, he/she must go back to PESO office to re-register to update his/her profile submitted to the If the holder is hired, he.she is also advice to contact PESO office for the good news so that his/her name will be included in the deployed list. If you have any inquiries, just visit the site for more information.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I love collecting backpacks. I can still remember when I was still a student I am dreaming jansport backpacks to be added on my collection. My dream was fulfilled when I started working. Now, when I saw my favorite bags, I feel good and fortunate because I work hard just to have it. I wish for more bags soon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heart month is coming

Heart month is coming and am sure a lot of sale is on the corner. I talked with my gals friends to have a date next month and wish blessings will pour unto us so that we can shop for ourselves. We need to treat ourselves once a while after working so hard. I am looking forward come on love day. Am so excited to be with my bff, Iris and Ethel dear.

Skills Registration System on the Go!

Third quarter of last year, the Bureau of Labor and Employment have launch Skills Registration Program for all active applicants through out the Philippines. In Region XII only 3 pilot cities was selected namely General Santos City, Koronadal City and my belove home town, Kidapawan City. This year, our office have a massive campaign of the said program. In fact, we conduct barangay registration to give chance my fellow Kidapaweños to avail the said program. We also accommodated non-resident of Kidapawan but encoding and uploading of their SRS Form to Phil-Job Net was done by the Department of Labor and Employment. Only bonafide resident of the City were facilitated by our office on online registration. For those who want to avail the said program, just feel free to visit Public Employment Office on your respective towns.

Safety First

First hour in the office I saw Sir Ed the chairman of City Disaster Coordinating Council worried and rushing. I asked him whats happening and he told me that one of our City collector had a vehicular accident. Sir Ed was asked to informed the family of Eldrich after rushing the victim to a nearby hospital. The accident took place 100 meters away from the Cityhall. Luckily Eldrich wore his safety gear yet he still suffer fractured shoulders. Sir Ed told us that Eldrich will wear a shoulder braces support for his speedy recovery.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Try it dear....

Got a chance to be reunited with my best pal Ethel Vera. They have a surprised visit here at the office with his son Enzo and ever loving honey Dada Raul. I am so happy seeing them in flesh after such a long time. Ethel dear lose weight and it is very noticeable. I asked her secret and she simple told me try to use adapexin p dear, it works for me well and I am sure it will do the same unto you. Oh, thanks Ethel dear, can't wait to look sexy as you are very very soon.

Downloading movies

My officemates are hook on downloading movies since last week. They have more than 5 full length latest movies. During break time, we take time watching the movies together. Yesterday, we watch My Amnesia Girl, it is a funny movie. John Lloyd Cruz and Tony Gonzaga are in character, they look good together and the rapport is simply amazing. I love the punching lines, supporting actors and actresses portrayed their roles perfectly. Thanks to our colleague Julius for the effort and patience of downloading worth to watch movies. I wish for more this coming days!

I love Mosaic!

I am a big fan of mosaic art, I really wish one day I can attend an exhibit featuring the said art. Last year, our neighbor Kuya Edwin and Ate Yvonne were very lucky to bid for a glass mosaic tiles from a nearby city. The design truly amaze me. Every time I visit their house, I love spending time wherein the tile was installed. It blends well on ocean theme part of their home. According to Ate Yvonne they are planning to add more designs soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spread the Good NEWS!

My friend Marie is spreading the good news to all of her girl friends. When she got home last November she shared about the Top selling diet pills on the country where she worked. We are pretty excited about the products hence, we saw how effective the said supplement to our dear Marie. She promised that she will supply us as soon as she got back from vacation. Thanks dear, can't wait to try it!

A New Craze in Town

If you are big fun of Zynga Games, for sure you know the latest craze in town. A lot of zynga fanatics are now hook of cityville. This application is a combination of all games which make a mark on the history of online gaming. My cousin Marivic invited me to play this game, at first I am hesitant but with her perseverance I accepted her invitation. To make the story short, I tried to play the game. I found out, it is very challenging. Cityville is part of my routine now thought I don't hook myself to much or else....lolz!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My I story!

This year I am certain that I can have my own weight loss story. So glad to share that my first week of losing weight is heaven. I have already lost 2 kilos which is a very fulfilling in my part. Its hard at first but with self discipline and determination I can conquer all the hindrances. I am looking forward of attaining my goal. So excited to wear my old jeans again.


Yearly the City Local Government Unit is sponsoring a Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) held at the City gym which will cater all the needs of all Kidapaweños who will renew their business permits. The said activity are well participated by the following agencies, City Land Transportation Board for the renewal and application of tricycle franchise, City Licensing Office for the issuance of Mayor's Permit, City Health Office for the Sanitary Permit, Bureau of Fire and Protection for the Fire Safety Permit, Department of Trade and Industry for the Business Names, Social Security System for the payment of operators and owners of establishment and Bureau of Internal Revenue for the tax clearance. Those establishment which has POS systems are advice to proceed to the BIR main office for the schedule of inspection and releasing of permits. BOSS is extended until 31st of January 2011.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jobs Fair 2011

In line with the 13th Foundation Anniversary of Kidapawan City, Public Employment Service Office in coordination with Department of Labor and Employment and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, we will be having a Jobs Fair'2011 which will be held at Kidapawan City Convention Center come on February 8, 2011 from 8 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. As early as now, our office is very busy preparing invitations for the participating agencies. As usual, I am in-charge of all the communications as well as designing of tarpaulins for the said event. I wish, I can accomplish all my task before the deadline. Wish me luck!

Upgrading for good!

When brother dear got home last Friday, I noticed he is carrying a bag of ATV Accessories. I asked him where did he use it, and I found out that he upgraded his flat television. He is really into modern gadgets and I am so happy for him. How, I wish I can do the same , upgrading and purchasing the latest toy in town. Soon, soon, soon I will be like him lol!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Early Preparation

Come on January 17, SPES registration will start at PESO Office. As early as now, we are preparing for the materials needed for this program. The material handling of this activity was assign to my pretty friend Juvy. As usual am in -charge of the formulation of forms, preparation of pledge as well as designing of the whole activity. Looking forward for a successful SPES this year.


So glad that the our new tv has a free flat tv mounts, it is very advantageous hence kids can't play the screen unlike before that we need to guard the screen every time they are playing at the living room. How I wish I can have the same on my room. Can't wait to have my own flat tv, I am excited to have mine one of this days. I need to work hard so that I can have it very soon!