Friday, January 28, 2011

Chilling cold...

Philippines is known to be a tropical country but due to climate change, it is now experiencing very cold weather specially to mountainous areas like Baguio City, Benguet and Mt. Apo area. Since Kidapawan City is in the foot of Mt. Apo, chilling weather is experience every dawn. I can't help but to wrapped my self with futon cover to keep my body warm. I can't sleep without pajamas, socks and jacket anymore unlike before that our airconditioned was on the whole night. Chilling weather has also an advantage, it cut downs our electricity bill LOL!

SRS ID must have for Jobseekers!

If you are searching for a Job, you must have this Identification Card so that any Public Employment Office all over the country will accommodate you in applying a job. The Bureau of Employment through the Department of Labor and Employment ordered the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) to implement the said ruling. If you have this card it means that you are already registered at PESO office and you are actively searching for a job. The card is only valid for 3 months. If the holder is not yet hired after the expiration date, he/she must go back to PESO office to re-register to update his/her profile submitted to the If the holder is hired, he.she is also advice to contact PESO office for the good news so that his/her name will be included in the deployed list. If you have any inquiries, just visit the site for more information.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I love collecting backpacks. I can still remember when I was still a student I am dreaming jansport backpacks to be added on my collection. My dream was fulfilled when I started working. Now, when I saw my favorite bags, I feel good and fortunate because I work hard just to have it. I wish for more bags soon.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heart month is coming

Heart month is coming and am sure a lot of sale is on the corner. I talked with my gals friends to have a date next month and wish blessings will pour unto us so that we can shop for ourselves. We need to treat ourselves once a while after working so hard. I am looking forward come on love day. Am so excited to be with my bff, Iris and Ethel dear.

Skills Registration System on the Go!

Third quarter of last year, the Bureau of Labor and Employment have launch Skills Registration Program for all active applicants through out the Philippines. In Region XII only 3 pilot cities was selected namely General Santos City, Koronadal City and my belove home town, Kidapawan City. This year, our office have a massive campaign of the said program. In fact, we conduct barangay registration to give chance my fellow Kidapawe├▒os to avail the said program. We also accommodated non-resident of Kidapawan but encoding and uploading of their SRS Form to Phil-Job Net was done by the Department of Labor and Employment. Only bonafide resident of the City were facilitated by our office on online registration. For those who want to avail the said program, just feel free to visit Public Employment Office on your respective towns.

Safety First

First hour in the office I saw Sir Ed the chairman of City Disaster Coordinating Council worried and rushing. I asked him whats happening and he told me that one of our City collector had a vehicular accident. Sir Ed was asked to informed the family of Eldrich after rushing the victim to a nearby hospital. The accident took place 100 meters away from the Cityhall. Luckily Eldrich wore his safety gear yet he still suffer fractured shoulders. Sir Ed told us that Eldrich will wear a shoulder braces support for his speedy recovery.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Try it dear....

Got a chance to be reunited with my best pal Ethel Vera. They have a surprised visit here at the office with his son Enzo and ever loving honey Dada Raul. I am so happy seeing them in flesh after such a long time. Ethel dear lose weight and it is very noticeable. I asked her secret and she simple told me try to use adapexin p dear, it works for me well and I am sure it will do the same unto you. Oh, thanks Ethel dear, can't wait to look sexy as you are very very soon.

Downloading movies

My officemates are hook on downloading movies since last week. They have more than 5 full length latest movies. During break time, we take time watching the movies together. Yesterday, we watch My Amnesia Girl, it is a funny movie. John Lloyd Cruz and Tony Gonzaga are in character, they look good together and the rapport is simply amazing. I love the punching lines, supporting actors and actresses portrayed their roles perfectly. Thanks to our colleague Julius for the effort and patience of downloading worth to watch movies. I wish for more this coming days!

I love Mosaic!

I am a big fan of mosaic art, I really wish one day I can attend an exhibit featuring the said art. Last year, our neighbor Kuya Edwin and Ate Yvonne were very lucky to bid for a glass mosaic tiles from a nearby city. The design truly amaze me. Every time I visit their house, I love spending time wherein the tile was installed. It blends well on ocean theme part of their home. According to Ate Yvonne they are planning to add more designs soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Spread the Good NEWS!

My friend Marie is spreading the good news to all of her girl friends. When she got home last November she shared about the Top selling diet pills on the country where she worked. We are pretty excited about the products hence, we saw how effective the said supplement to our dear Marie. She promised that she will supply us as soon as she got back from vacation. Thanks dear, can't wait to try it!

A New Craze in Town

If you are big fun of Zynga Games, for sure you know the latest craze in town. A lot of zynga fanatics are now hook of cityville. This application is a combination of all games which make a mark on the history of online gaming. My cousin Marivic invited me to play this game, at first I am hesitant but with her perseverance I accepted her invitation. To make the story short, I tried to play the game. I found out, it is very challenging. Cityville is part of my routine now thought I don't hook myself to much or else....lolz!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My I story!

This year I am certain that I can have my own weight loss story. So glad to share that my first week of losing weight is heaven. I have already lost 2 kilos which is a very fulfilling in my part. Its hard at first but with self discipline and determination I can conquer all the hindrances. I am looking forward of attaining my goal. So excited to wear my old jeans again.


Yearly the City Local Government Unit is sponsoring a Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) held at the City gym which will cater all the needs of all Kidapawe├▒os who will renew their business permits. The said activity are well participated by the following agencies, City Land Transportation Board for the renewal and application of tricycle franchise, City Licensing Office for the issuance of Mayor's Permit, City Health Office for the Sanitary Permit, Bureau of Fire and Protection for the Fire Safety Permit, Department of Trade and Industry for the Business Names, Social Security System for the payment of operators and owners of establishment and Bureau of Internal Revenue for the tax clearance. Those establishment which has POS systems are advice to proceed to the BIR main office for the schedule of inspection and releasing of permits. BOSS is extended until 31st of January 2011.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jobs Fair 2011

In line with the 13th Foundation Anniversary of Kidapawan City, Public Employment Service Office in coordination with Department of Labor and Employment and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, we will be having a Jobs Fair'2011 which will be held at Kidapawan City Convention Center come on February 8, 2011 from 8 o'clock in the morning until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. As early as now, our office is very busy preparing invitations for the participating agencies. As usual, I am in-charge of all the communications as well as designing of tarpaulins for the said event. I wish, I can accomplish all my task before the deadline. Wish me luck!

Upgrading for good!

When brother dear got home last Friday, I noticed he is carrying a bag of ATV Accessories. I asked him where did he use it, and I found out that he upgraded his flat television. He is really into modern gadgets and I am so happy for him. How, I wish I can do the same , upgrading and purchasing the latest toy in town. Soon, soon, soon I will be like him lol!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Early Preparation

Come on January 17, SPES registration will start at PESO Office. As early as now, we are preparing for the materials needed for this program. The material handling of this activity was assign to my pretty friend Juvy. As usual am in -charge of the formulation of forms, preparation of pledge as well as designing of the whole activity. Looking forward for a successful SPES this year.


So glad that the our new tv has a free flat tv mounts, it is very advantageous hence kids can't play the screen unlike before that we need to guard the screen every time they are playing at the living room. How I wish I can have the same on my room. Can't wait to have my own flat tv, I am excited to have mine one of this days. I need to work hard so that I can have it very soon!