Friday, January 28, 2011

SRS ID must have for Jobseekers!

If you are searching for a Job, you must have this Identification Card so that any Public Employment Office all over the country will accommodate you in applying a job. The Bureau of Employment through the Department of Labor and Employment ordered the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) to implement the said ruling. If you have this card it means that you are already registered at PESO office and you are actively searching for a job. The card is only valid for 3 months. If the holder is not yet hired after the expiration date, he/she must go back to PESO office to re-register to update his/her profile submitted to the If the holder is hired, he.she is also advice to contact PESO office for the good news so that his/her name will be included in the deployed list. If you have any inquiries, just visit the site for more information.

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