Monday, February 28, 2011

KCGEA's benefits!

Every year the Kidapawan City Government Employee's Association is giving away a health card to all of its members. So glad that I was able to avail the Medicare part D plan package. It is a given privilege of the Association to all of its members so that it can avail the best offer of the Health card company. Last week, first batch of the employees card where release. Sir Ed told me that my card is included on the next batch which will be distributed next week.

Reconnected with Ate Mercy!

So glad that I am reconnected with this beautiful lady through Facebook ! It's been ages since we don't have communication . I haven't notice Ate Mercy immediately because of her surname. When our common friend ate Beth told me that they are chatting, I told her to add me. Ate Beth told me that she already added me. When I checked my list I saw her request and so amaze because she looks the same. The ever beautiful MAGNOLIA I ever know lol! I was still on college the last time I saw her. Ate Merz is happily married now and I am very happy for her.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its unclogging time!

Every quarter the city maintenance team routinely unclogging all the toilets in the city gymnasium area. It is part of the maintenance check that the engineering department has been doing for several years now. Engr. Tayabas led the team. As a head he sees to it that his men are doing the right job. Of course we are very happy because we are one of the beneficiaries of this activity hence our office was included on it. Kudos Kuya Nonoy!

I remember him!

Every time I heard about skinny ties, I remember my best friend Arvin. He is a big fan of neckties and I can say a collector of it. It is still fresh on my mind when we were hopping at the Mall, we saw cartoon character ties and am telling you from that moment alone he bought 5 ties which has Tasmanian devil prints. He never stopped until he doesn't completed the Looney Tunes collection. My best Arvin gets what he wants specially income of neckties.

Reunited Through FB!

Thank you Facebook for reuniting me with this guys. They were my friends in Mati, Davao Oriental. We were still studying when we met at that place, wow that was more than a decade and half which means were getting older already lol. They are Retieza Santiago and Dexter Salgado. They were both freshmen when our friendship started. I am so glad we are keeping in touch again. Once a friend will always be a friend no matter how apart we are and how many years of no communication.

Cool wedding!

In this picture we can see how happy this couple saying I DO's! Alex and Mae's wedding is very personal. They both conceptualized the whole wedding from the motif, invitations and the entourage. These friend of mind are artist in their own way so to compliment their art-crafts, our group decided to gave them a creative wedding gifts from Personal Creations. FJ was the master mind since she work abroad she was in-charge of the whole thing. According to the couple they love our gift very much. I am so delighted to hear that , wish them the best!

Love the lighting!

I love the outdoor lighting on this picture. This was taken at Peoples Park located at Davao City. I am sure Enzo was fascinated with the lights thats why he ignores Dada Raul's shot. On the other hand mommy Ethel gave her beautiful smile. The signature smile of my Ethel dear captured Dada Raul's heart 3 years ago, right dear?

Thanks MK!

This is my MK Director Jeanly Declarador. We usually call her momita! She is a good friend of mine before she started her Mary Kay career. In every endeavor she takes, she always does her best. No wonder, she is very successful in every field she engaged with. I am very proud of all her achievements. I love momita very much!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sexy Marie!

So happy for this pretty girl. She successfully lose weight with the help of the best weight loss supplements in town. Marie was 88 kilos before and look at her now very sexy and stunning. She is looking forward to lose more until she reaches her 60 kilograms desired weight. Go, go, go, dear, I know you can make it. You inspired us my dear, we are so proud of you!


Yahoo, I am proud to say that in one month time I lose 7 kilos. Yes , its very true! Thanks to my dentist Dra. Thess for convincing me to have braces lol! I can't believe that because of my brackets I can lose weight that fast. With this good development, I need not worry of side effects of phentermine. All I have to do is to convince myself to continue eating soft foods and no rice at all. How I wish in 3 months time, I can achieve my desired weight!

Hello Kitty Bday Party

Jun and Cathy's little angel turned two last January 31st! Julia Margarette's birthday party was inspired by Hello Kitty. Mommy Cathy and the rest of the gals really took time of preparing the invitations, the venue, the menu as well as the lovely decoration. Tita Jacky sponsored a Jollibbe Show for his super duper cuttie niece. The party was full of fun, the celebrant as well as her visitors really have fun. More birthday to come baby Julia!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pinoy MD

I enjoyed watching Pinoy MD every weekends. Last Saturday they feature how take good care of our skin. They also discuss common skin problems like having scabies, dry skin and pimples that turns to acne, . The resident doctor also gave some tips on how to maintained a healthy skin using materials that can be found on our kitchen. She also gave some acne home remedies for the viewers to try at home. This kind of tv show is worth watching, see it for yourself!

Healthy Muscle

My good pal Jessie has started his work out three days ago. He is inviting me to joined him and his wife to make it more exciting. Hmmm.... I would like to but I'll need to arrange my schedule so that I can joined them. According to Jessie his trainer advice him to use a creatine powder after two weeks of work out to tone his muscles. I tease him not to over work out or else he will be our candidate to Mr. Muscle 2011 lol!

Tres Maria's

With me in this picture are my two best friends forever. Ethel Vera on left and Iris December on the center. I love these girls so much, we are like sisters. We treated each other very special, we are there for each other not only during good times but most specially during our darkest moments. We may leave far from each other Ethel on General Santos, Iris on Davao and me here in Kidapawan but our communication is very open. Seems like were together every day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

It work wonders...

Would you believe that this face was full of Acne before? Ma'am Vicky was diagnosed to have a moderate acne but with the help of the best acne products in town, she is now acne free. You can't see any traces of acne in her face anymore. When she let us see her old pics with acne we can't believe how it transform to that gorgeous look. If u want to have that beautiful skin just PM me, and I will be glad to share it to you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Men also wear diamonds

If we talk about diamonds, the first thing that comes on my mind is an engagement ring. Girls love diamonds and it was label as their best friend. . I remember when Dada Raul gives Ethel dear a diamond ring, she cried because of so much joy. I thought only girls do wear diamonds until I watched the Bachelor reality show, I learned that men's Black Diamond rings were also a hit. According to a diamond store attendant men's also love wearing diamonds but they prefer coated diamonds to fit their personalities.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Cubero Siblings

I met this wonderful guys way back 1997 at Mati, Davao Oriental. They became my good pals and I was able to establish a good relationship with their family as a whole. I haven't heard from them for 10 years and I am so happy when I saw Stephen Joy at Social Networking Site. I been looking for them for such a long time but I can't find them. One day our common friend Retieza added me and unexpectedly I found them through her. I was so happy when I finally reach them, the reason why I can't locate this guys was they are using the names of their sons, lol! They are all happily married and they have very lovely kids. Looking forward to see them in flesh very very soon at Davao City.

My dream phone

I am a gadget freak and I will be hypocrite if I will not dream of having an iphone 4. This toy is an ultimate gadget to have for me LOL. I always teased my friends abroad who are coming home not to forget my pasalubong (iphone 4) hahahaha. Anyway, this is not a need for me but I am really wishing to have one very very soon.