Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Job Hiring

We have a blast last first quarter on our targets and we are very happy about it.This second quarter PESO office will very busy once again hence we have a series of activities ahead of us. Starting April we will be preparing for the Labor Day celebration come on May 1st. As early as now we are happy to announce that we already have 20 confirm participating agencies and looking forward for more participants. Mia have started encoding the submitted Job Orders and there are a lot of vacancies for skilled workers, nurses etc. My best friend Arvin inquired if there is a charlotte jobs included, hmmm..... I better check it out!

Good Investment!

Davao City is really doing good in terms of economic development. I live in that city for almost a decade and its far different now compared 5 years ago. Zoning value of lots whether commercial or not was doubled but still a lot of investors are flocking the area. It really shows that Davao is truly a booming city. Its been 3 months since I never visited the city. Last week I was amazed when I reach the city proper a lot of high rise building are under construction including condominiums. I remembered what my Aunt told me last November during their visit in Davao that one day this city will build building as beautiful as the new condos in Edmonton. Well, its happening right now!

So Proud of my Pamangkins!

Our two lovely kiddos graduated in Kindergarten with flying honors. Andrei Briggs bagged the First Honor, Best in English and Best in Mathematics. Aleighx Fym got the Fifth Place with Best in Art award. Both of them has a citation certificates and medals from PRISSA being representative of Central Mindanao Colleges for Mathematics Quiz Bee, city wide meet. So proud of them, love them so much!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am very familiar with acne treatment because it address my needs. This time I want to try the nodular acne treatment. My best friend Iris is using this and she highly recommend the said product. We have the same skin problem thats why we share whatever good news we discover for ourselves. Thanks bessie, can't wait to try this one!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My called my aunt in Canada last night and shared the good news about the achievement of our two kiddos. Tita Baby is very happy when she heard that Andrei and Aleighx are doing good in school. She told my mama that they deserved a good treat, wow thats exciting. Tita Baby advice me to visit the wilson cell booster canada page and choose the item which they like most. The kids are very excited when I told them and looking forward for their packages! Thanks tita!

Top 10 Final Examination!

Both of my nephew and niece will be taking their final examinations today. They were both included in top 10 and I am very proud of them. As of pre-final results my nephew Andrei bagged the 1st rank while Aleighx is on the 5th place. I hope they can make it this time. I felt like a stage aunt for them lol, I am busy preparing their reviewers and I always remind them to do good. I felt nervous now but I am really praying that my two angels can do it. Will surely blog the results very very soon..........chao!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Business Opportunity Seminar

I was invited by my friend Leilah to attend a business opportunity seminar. When I read the brochure a franchise opportunities is included and she told me that it will be fully discuss by a well known speaker who is known in franchising business. It excites me and I feel interested on the said activity when I heard it. Registration is free anyways and theres no reason for me to thinks twice about this invitation. Looking forward on that date!

PESO on closely monitor!

When the civil war started in Libya, the Local Chief Executive of our city has ordered our office to closely monitor if there are Kidapawe├▒os who got affected of the said crisis. Among on the lists were my friends Arvin and Eda. When the media learned that we have contacts on the said personalities, reporters from different media organizations visited us to get some information. Different scopes of interviews was made through radio and local TV station were scheduled. When my best friend Arvin arrived safely here in Kidapawan, I was asked by my boss to talked with my best friend if he is available for an interview at DXND Lakad Bayan Radio Program. I am happy when my best give me the go signal. He was also interviewed by GMA 7 and ABS-CBN!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thanks GOD he is safe!

The one holding a Libyan flag on the center is my best friend. Arvin is working as a nurse at Benghazi, Libya. He was one of the thousandths Overseas Filipino Workers who got trapped during the Civil War on the said country. According to him, they are on their way on the Benghazi Port when the leftist group were rejoicing because one of the town was successfully seized by them. Enable to be safe, they pretend to be one of the leftist group so that they can pass freely. We are closely monitoring when my best was still in Libya, we are praying hard for his safety. We are so glad when he arrived home safely! To GOD be the GLORY!

Mother of Beautiful Dress!

Few days ago I was reunited with ate Merz and so glad that we have communication again. Her family was into gown designing and rental business and we called her mother Tita Ana as the mother of beautiful dresses. Their business is well known in Mati City most specially during special occasions such as wedding day, promenades, birthdays and others. I can still remember that Tita Ana personally choose our prom dresses. Of course, I and my friends were very fortunate because as a designer she know's whats best for us. I am so happy I saw them again!