Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All set for the Labor Day Celebration

Thanks GOD we are now all set for the Labor Day celebration come on May 1, 2011. The 3-day celebration sphere headed by the Department of Labor and Employment in cooperation with the LGU-Kidapawan City and other participating agencies will start with a Unity Fun-Run on May 1st from Lanao Elementary School to Dawn's Cafe at National Hi-way. Two days Diskwento caravan and Livelihood Fair will also be conducted and will be highlighted by a Job Fair activity on May 3, 2011. We hope and pray for a fair weather.....

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Two more months to go and my papa will reach the maximum payment month required on his security insurance. I have inquired already how to process his benefits after the maturity date and I found out that we need to wait 5 more months before he can fully enjoy his pension. Its nice also to know that the company also offer SSDI benefits for all of their members who has disability. Kudos to the management!


This Holy week a lot of people will be spending their Lenten break travelling on different places. Its good to know that they can enjoy their vacation specially those who have acquired rv insurance that protects them while on trip. Having peace of mind while on travel is a big factor to consider for us to have an enjoyable vacation. Wish to travel again with my whole family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh dear Andrei.....

My dear little rascals strikes again, He called up his papa on the phone and asking when will it coming home for the Lenten break. His Papa told him that he will be home on Wednesday night. After talking to his papa, he asked me if we will be vising Nanay my mom at Dalapitan. I told him yes but on Saturday morning because I still have to work until Thursday afternoon. He answered back immediately " tita its a holiday, look at the calendar it was mark red so it means theres no work", I smiled at him and explain that I need to work even on holiday because I need to finish something. He again replied " ok, so it means more penny for you?" lol silly nephew!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I like it!

Education is very important for us to be successful in life though I know some people who became famous in their field even without entering formal education. On the other hand, I admire those person who pursue their learnings even they are already old. One concrete example is my Aunt who availed the courses that online universities have offered. According to her it is very advantageous on her part because she can study without sacrificing her job, she need not attend classes everyday which is very impossible for her to do because of her work.

No Holiday for me....

Lenten season is one of the most celebrated holiday in the Philippines. Many are excited for that date to come not only for the believers but also to non-believers because of the long holiday. Yesterday, some of my friends jump-off for Mt. Apo for a 5 day climb. My colleagues in the office also departed for their Luzon tour which will start at Baguio City, Vigan, Laoag, Batac to Subic! As much as I wanted to joined my friends on their Lenten season escapades I can't because tones of work must be accomplished before the month ends. Starting April 25 to May 6 we will be bombard with series of activities from facilitating agencies on their special recruitment activity, employers forum, onsite skills registration on different barangays, labor day celebration (May 1-3) and SPES day. How I wish after this, I will be allowed to take my vacation as well!


My week is not complete if am not updated with acnefree reviews. I care about my skin so much and I don't want to have acne anymore. I love reading reviews because it is very informative and most of all I got a lot of tips which is very helpful . I always share the good news to my friends every time I discover a new review. Being a giver makes me fulfilled.

Pull it up!

I received a text message from Octagon Fitness Center about their new facilities including the most updated and modernly design pull up bars for its fitness enthusiast. I immediately forwarded the good news to my buddy Jessie Boy hence he wished this equipment for such a long time. He replied saying " wow, I can't wait to try it, am glad that I can practice my monkey like ability lol". He is so silly saying this!

Take care buddy!

My colleagues are now busy preparing for their travel because minutes from now they will be departing for Davao to catch up their 6:15 pm flight. I do appreciate my good buddy Juvy for still reporting at the office for half day, she understand how busy we are right now yet our section head allowed her to joined the HR team for a 5 day tour. We wish them luck on their vacation and praying for their safety. Before the team departed we remind them not to forget our pasalubong lol!

KCGEA rock!

To ensure the welfare of the employees working in LGU Kidapawan, the Kidapawan City Government Employees Association entered an agreement with one of the bank offering a payday advance loan. According to Sir Eddie, the president of the association they understand the needs of their members and they wanted to help those in need. He added all interested to avail the said offer can freely visit their office and they will gladly facilitate the application. Kudos sir!

Strict inspection!

As early as last week the Philippine coastguard is closely monitoring all domestic vessels in preparation with the jump-pack passengers on Holy week. According to one of the admiral they are very strict on checking the capacity of the boat to avoid Maritime accident. Over loading is the most usual cause of accident and they don't want it to happen this holiday season. He added that their staff is on alert status to make sure the safety of the riding public.

Supah busy me.....

I ate my lunch today at 1:30 in the afternoon, I don't enjoy my lunch break huhuhu... If you are in public service, you need to stretch your patience even you are very hungry. This is what you called divine sacrifice hahahahah...! Since our Job Fair is fast approaching, pre-registration is is a must to all applicants. I noticed a lot of active job-seekers flock our office from 11:00 o'clock to 1:00 in the afternoon maybe they utilized their break just to visit our office. All I have to do now is to adjust, adjust and adjust lol!

So nice!

Since January of this year, I been into strict diet. So happy to say that I already lose 11 kilos, whew.... so proud of myself lol! Lately, I noticed my momentum of loosing is not that fast anymore so I ask an expert advice. My fitness trainer friend Jojo advice me to use fat burner to fasten my diet regimen. He told me that from 84 kilos to 73 kilos in just 3 months is already a big achievement but if I need to go more then I need to work out so that my muscles will be tone as well.

She just love it!

My good friend Ate Jean just love cigars. A lot of good offer was made to her by our group yet he can't leave her first love. According to her, he felt like melting like a candle when she can't smoke. We respect her decision on that, as long as she is happy on her smoking habit then be it. Anyways, letting go your first love is not that easy lol!e

Rest and Recreation!

Come on April 19-24, 2011, our Department will allow all of its employees to enjoy the Holy week. Some of my colleagues were going to visit Baguio City, Vigan and Zambales City. In our section, only Juvy joined the group hence me and ate Ming will have a lot of things to prepare for the upcoming Labor Day celebration. The group have book their flights as early as November last year via Philippine Airlines. How I wish I can go with them but I can't, sigh! Anyways, theres a lot of next time lol!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Fan

Aside from popular networking sites, my friends loves free online dating page. Glad to say that this site really works. I know a lot of people who met their partners through this process and they are happily married right now. I wish them well and praying for a successful relationship till the end. I also encourage some of my friends to try but of course I told them to be cautious also in choosing the person they wanted to meet personally. Anyways, if it is their destine with each other then they will end up together.

Amazing Food

This is the first time that I heard about foods that increase testosterone. I thought my friend Reggie is just being silly about it but when I checked Mr. Google, its true... I was so naive about this thing lol! It was nice to know that broccoli and eggs are natural source of testosterone. I better advice my brothers to eat those foods regularly cause am sure it will gonna help them big.

Proud Dads

These are my siblings with their babies who graduated with flying colors last March 20, 2011. As much as I am proud of the achievements of my nephew Andrei Brigss and niece Aleighx Fym, am sure that my brothers are 1000 times proud than me lol! The achievement of our little kiddos is indeed priceless. We love them so much and praying to GOD that this is only the start of being an achiever.