Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No Holiday for me....

Lenten season is one of the most celebrated holiday in the Philippines. Many are excited for that date to come not only for the believers but also to non-believers because of the long holiday. Yesterday, some of my friends jump-off for Mt. Apo for a 5 day climb. My colleagues in the office also departed for their Luzon tour which will start at Baguio City, Vigan, Laoag, Batac to Subic! As much as I wanted to joined my friends on their Lenten season escapades I can't because tones of work must be accomplished before the month ends. Starting April 25 to May 6 we will be bombard with series of activities from facilitating agencies on their special recruitment activity, employers forum, onsite skills registration on different barangays, labor day celebration (May 1-3) and SPES day. How I wish after this, I will be allowed to take my vacation as well!

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