Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Its been 24 months...

I can't forget the day when I received a surprise birthday gift from my best friend Iris and his honey Bobby. Its been two years when I have my first ever blackberry phone. I was so happy then, I am not really expecting to received such valuables from that wonderful couple. At first they are laughing at me hence am not familiar with the phone features and I keep on complaining but when I get my track I keep telling them I LOVE this phone lol. That was really unforgettable!

Up-close and personal with PACMAN!

My trip to General Santos City was supposedly purely business. I was given a chance to document the World Vision's Anti-Tuberculosis campaign Trainers Training held at Ice Castle Hotel from June 8-10, 2011. This is my first time to document outside my workplace and am very thankful to all the participants for being supportive and generous of their outputs. On early June 11, 2011 around 5:00 am, were about to ride a tricycle going to the bus station, my good buddy Ethel saw the HUMMER of no less than the People's Champ. Honorable Congressman Emmanuel "Manny Pacman" Pacquiao in front of the JMIX mall owned by the later. To our excitement carrying our luggage we ran to the security guard and asked if Pacman was inside the mall. The guard told us yes he is inside at the PACMAN's Sports Bar playing billiards. We plea to the guard if we can go inside just to pip the World Champ. When he nod and say YES we are so happy, were rushing cause we can't wait to see PACMAN personally. When we saw him playing we thought we will not be given a chance to have a souvenir picture with him but so thankful to the body guard whom I met at their mansion on our first attempt to meet PACMAN, he remember me and during the break he told Manny about our request. We are so delighted when were called to enter the Bar and Hon. Pacman personally granted our request. We are so overwhelm with PACMAN's humility and kindness. It was indeed a one and a life time experience.

"Feeling close with PACMAN"

"Ethel, Hon. PACMAN, me and Jan-jan"

Funny Marketer!

Yesterday, a marketing personnel name Jake visited our office offering different beauty products. We entertained him joyfully since were not so busy at the office. At first he let us tried to use some of his products, to give respect I tried the perfumed it was cool, I like the scent. When he offered creams, out of curiosity I asked him if he has egyptian magic cream, to my surprise he replied " Ma'am you want to look like Cleopatra?". He is so silly, his visit has been fun, I hope all marketers will be like him.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekend activities!

Last weekend, my nephew joined his dad on cleaning his room. His tasked was to wipe all his medals and trophies before arranging it to the cabinet. Andrei enjoyed what he does, while doing it all, he used to reminisced all the activities he have joined and he was joyfully sharing it. I am personally happy for Kuya's development. We are praying for his success all the time!

Sticker 2011

Every school year, I used to design stickers for my nieces and nephew. This year Aleighx and Andrei requested me to include their favorite characters. Gwen Tennessee for Aleighx Fym and the Ben 10 ultimate for Andrei Briggs. I still have 2 designs to finish for Ate Alxia and of course for my baby love Ea. Will post it here for sure....

Friday, June 3, 2011

Baron is on rehab

Character actor Baron Geistler started the non 12 step rehab programs last December 2010. According to the report, he voluntarily undergone the said process to cleanse himself hence lately severe alcoholism affects his attitude. When I saw him in rated K show, a new Baron showed up. As a fan, I am wishing he can go back to the limelight, he is a good actor and his acting awards can attest to it. Keep up the good work Baron.... were still here supporting you!

Best Pasalubong!

My best friend Iris got her htc incredible s last year when his Mahal got home from California. Bobby is a gadget freak and he make sure to have one model to be updated all the time. When I have used the phone for the first time, I am very amaze of the features included. You can't asked for more. I love it. Very lucky bessie to have it!

Happy Birthday Bob!

I love this moment. The siblings were reunited during Bob's birthday.... Dockie Niel took some break on his calling while Ethel dear plan it all to make this day very memorable. Its nice seeing them together once again. Ethel dear is really a planner, the birthday surprise was so great. The whole family have so much fun. Thanks to Grab a Crab Abreeza branch for a wonderful treat!

Jerry's homecoming!

Two days ago, my long time friend Jerry arrived Philippines after 10 long years of living at Dallas. Texas. Salty as I called him worked as a medical staff in Texas and I heard about Texas Work Injury Attorney the first time from him. He is a native of Paniqui, Tarlac my grandma's kababayan lol! Jerry enjoyed and savored his 2 weeks with her beloved mother who is now 85 years old.