Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy feet!

Last year, my niece Alxia got the womens boots she is dreaming to have for such a long time. Her wish was granted by my Aunt from Canada. When we received the package she is very excited and her happiness is immeasurable. My Aunt let him choose the design she wants so are the color. We thought she will choose color pink hence its her favorite color but to our surprise she chose white for her to use every parade because she is a lire member of their school . Good choice ate!

Friday, July 15, 2011

It pays to sacrifice....

After 7 years of rocky marriage, I am very happy to know that my good friend Eds and Gene realize that they still love each other. The couple decided to go to abroad and find themselves.. Though they are living separately, there's no formal break-up I can say. For short, they just gave space with each other hoping to find what the missing piece to complete the puzzle of their so called relationship. This couple is very dear to me, they are like my brother and sister. In fact during their wedding day, they rented a van just to fetch me at Davao so that I can attend their sacred vow. During hardest years of their relationship I am there to listen and understand them, I never failed to remind them to keep the marriage because I believe there is no problem that cannot be solve. There is always a solution, all they need is to talk, listen and have an open communication. I am very thankful because all the sacrifices I have been through with them pays off. They are back on each others arms and starting their lives together again. Happy for them :)

Sophia's opening

In behalf of my boss, I attended the grand opening of the Sophia's Jewelry. I feel so honored to represent our Office during that occasion. The event was graced by different personalities in the city. Our honorable City Mayor was also there to lead the opening. What I like most in Sophia's Jewelry is the lay-away plan scheme which is not yet applied to other store here in the city. When I talked with the General Manager she told me that they offer customize designs on rings which makes me interested. My office mate Juvy asked if they offer they also offer engagement ring insurance hence his brother in law wanted to availed it. Ma'am Stella told us that only their main branch is allowed to do so but they are looking forward to open the same service on other branches as well.


My friends keeps on telling me to use my talent in lay-outing for me to have additional income. Last month, I started making cards, stickers and others. This year am planning to make a sample of customize   Halloween invitations.To make it different I will make it trendy and colorful so that all ages can relate to it. I hope it will become successful.

Grab a Crab experience!

I have my first taste of a Grab a Crab cuisine when Lainy my beautiful sister in Christ treat me for a sumptuous dinner. It was indeed a wonderful experience, I heard of this place from friends in General Santos City way back and at last I was there.... The food were great, very nice ambiance and most of all very affordable price. This is a place to visit at the city of Generals! Hope I can visit Gensan again soon....