Friday, July 15, 2011

It pays to sacrifice....

After 7 years of rocky marriage, I am very happy to know that my good friend Eds and Gene realize that they still love each other. The couple decided to go to abroad and find themselves.. Though they are living separately, there's no formal break-up I can say. For short, they just gave space with each other hoping to find what the missing piece to complete the puzzle of their so called relationship. This couple is very dear to me, they are like my brother and sister. In fact during their wedding day, they rented a van just to fetch me at Davao so that I can attend their sacred vow. During hardest years of their relationship I am there to listen and understand them, I never failed to remind them to keep the marriage because I believe there is no problem that cannot be solve. There is always a solution, all they need is to talk, listen and have an open communication. I am very thankful because all the sacrifices I have been through with them pays off. They are back on each others arms and starting their lives together again. Happy for them :)

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