Friday, August 26, 2011

Seem like its my first time again!

When I received an order to make a billboard regarding minimum wage rates for Region XII, I immediately check the lay-out given. OMG! it's a table type lay-out and I admit I hate such kind of design Like a good soldier, I obey my officer and no room for me to complain... sigh! It takes me 2 days before I perfected it,whew... it feels like my first time to play photoshop again... Thanks God its done and ready for printing!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun shot!

I've noticed that in every MK event, there is a fun shot booth wherein all beauty consultants can enjoy every flash of the camera. The last time I've attended an event I wore ski goggles canada while others wore mask and big sun glasses. It was really fun, I can't imagine the big boss of MK also joined us to have fun in the booth. Looking forward for more events to come!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I can't forget how naive I am when I encounter the word bluetooth a decade ago. I thought it was simply a color of the teeth lol! Anyways, I love using this on my phone most specially in transferring photos and videos. Glad to know that bluetooth barcode scanner is here, am wondering how it works in the POS, anyways, whatever it is I know it helps a lot!


While waiting for Manny Pacquiao we take some pose to Jinky's life size portrait! She looks so stunning in her photos, no wonder the People's Champ is so inlove with his wife. We tried to imitate her pose just for fun... can you see how Ethel dear is internalizing lol!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thanks Sir Oliver!

A belated birthday gift was given to me by Sir Oliver of Michael Angelo agency, he gave me an accident insurance for a year, yahoo..... this is the same company who offers universal life insurance quotes to me last January. Thank you very much Sir, you surprised me, am not expecting it. What a wonderful birthday gift, I Love it1 God Bless!

Ignorance of the law excuses NO ONE!

Just want to share my experience this morning. My brother visit me at the office and we ate lunch together. While were eating we talked about taxes then suddenly she uttered the S_I_T! I asked why? He responded, I forgot to pay the quarterly income tax of our tricycle, for sure we will pay more that double because of the penalty. When I heard that, I got sad and worried because I know we will be exceed to the budgeted amount. Around 2:00 pm, he came back to me and hand in the BIR computation and I want to cry because we will pay 240% of the original amount. The compromise tax hurt me most... I want to blame my brother but I realized all of us have lapses. Shame on me because I keep on complaining about the compromise tax but when I research on it, it is fix and irrevocable. There are no mistakes in life, they are just lessons to be learned.

Kadayawan Festival...

One of the most grandest festival I have attended is the Kadayawan Festival of Davao City. Every month of August this festival is celebrated by pride by all Davawe├▒os. This year the celebration is handed by the private firms hence the local government can't sustain the expenses alone. I love the pop displays in every booth participated in the trade fair on that occasion. Wish my plan will prosper so that I can join the celebration.

How I wish I can wear it!

Every time I can see an equestrian riding apparel, I told to my self how I wish I can wear such one day lol! I find equestrian riders very sexy, I can't take away my eyes unto them. I feel like am a man lol! One of the best equestrian dresser I love most is Mikey Cojuangco- Jaworski, aside from her simple beauty her elegance shows every time she is competing on the field with her suit. How I wish I can watch live playing soon!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Another collection

When Lainy handed me this, am so happy because I love key chains. This is one of my precious collection. Every time my friends took some vacation abroad I always reminded them not to forget my key chain lol! Since, I can't afford to travel abroad, having this souvenir from different places makes me feel I was there lol. Thanks Lainy for this keepsake... mwah!

Enzo's 2nd bday is coming up!

Wow, its seems like yesterday when we celebrated Enzo's 1st birthday at Jollibee, Davao. This coming October he will turn 2 and as early as now mommy Ethel is preparing the freebies for that occasion. She is also in the process of planning the theme so at the design of the invitation cards. When Ethel dear asked my opinion, i told her to visit kids birthday invitations for her to decide what she really want. Am sure she will gonna like this link...