Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ignorance of the law excuses NO ONE!

Just want to share my experience this morning. My brother visit me at the office and we ate lunch together. While were eating we talked about taxes then suddenly she uttered the S_I_T! I asked why? He responded, I forgot to pay the quarterly income tax of our tricycle, for sure we will pay more that double because of the penalty. When I heard that, I got sad and worried because I know we will be exceed to the budgeted amount. Around 2:00 pm, he came back to me and hand in the BIR computation and I want to cry because we will pay 240% of the original amount. The compromise tax hurt me most... I want to blame my brother but I realized all of us have lapses. Shame on me because I keep on complaining about the compromise tax but when I research on it, it is fix and irrevocable. There are no mistakes in life, they are just lessons to be learned.

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