Thursday, September 29, 2011

Advance Happy Birthday Mama!

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On October 1st my beloved mother will be celebrating her 62nd birthday! Advance happy birthday mama, we love you so much.....

A tire with chain?

When I saw Jerry's car with tire chains I innocently asked him whats that for? He replied me with a crisp laugh, saying we are preparing for winter my friend and we need it every time there is a heavy snow fall in our place. I laugh out loud, telling him so sorry my dear we don't have it her in the Philippines. I was so ignorant on that matter lol!

Our condolences to my boss Family!

Got a bad news early morning, my boss called me crying informing me that Nanay Rosa has passed away. My heart melts when I heard it but in other hand happy hence Nanay have rested well taken care off by her children. Her journey has indeed inside the Church of Christ. To my little ability I have informed their immediate friends on the incident, the Human Resource Department as well posted a notice on the bulletin on the mourning of At Ming's Family. To the Clarito, Maniapao and Infanta family, our condolences.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nice experience!

I first time I tried the online conference calls was two years ago. It was a nice experience, I am my colleagues were first timer then and we are very anxious on how it works. During the conference proper we are very nervous because of too much excitement, we're like a kid who attentively listen to his teacher lol! The conference lasted 1.5 hours only but it was fulfilling and indeed unforgettable experience.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Once a sideline now a main line....

I am happy for my friend Dencio hence he has now a stable job. Thanks to her sister Eda for recommending her brother to a commercial collection agency. He was only working for that office as part-time collector but now he already got a permanent position. He is inviting my big brother to be part of the company as part-timer, and my Kuya is excited about it!

I miss Mommy Luz!

Were missing Mommy Luz a lot. This is the first year that we cannot celebrate her birthday in flesh because God already laid her to rest. Its nice to reminisce our past with her which is full of laughter. I am very proud to say that I am one of her surrogate daughter, she is a spoiler but she never allowed us to be brats. I can't forget our movie date every Friday.Our weekend would not be complete without going to Church every Sunday and having breakfast together after our obligation in the church. I miss the bangus "milk fish", Mommy always gave my share every harvest time at Sulop. I know I cannot see her again in this wicked world but hoping one day we will see each other in the promise land..... i love you mommy Luz..... we miss you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool monitor

I and Jeh were chatting 3 days ago when I noticed a monitor he keeps on starring, I asked him what is that and he said its the latest wireless baby monitor for his son Jeremiah! His son is a special child and needs a special attention, Jeh said they are very thankful to have such new technology hence it helps them a lot specially during working hours. Jeremiah has a twin brother too but Jericho was laid to rest on the second day when they were born.

Is it a gun?

Last Sunday, my baby Andrea accompanied me to the grocery store. When were in the counter she saw the gun type barcode scanners and she immediately told his Kuya Andrei, look Ate has a lazer gun, lol! We laugh at her and she asked why are you laughing its really a gun, look ate is aiming it to the items so that it will be registered in the computer.... hmmmm.... she has a point, very smart baby!