Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Luck to Me!

Our department's bowling tournament will be officially open today. All of them were excited except me because I have played this game 10 years ago and am afraid all the balls will be thrown in the canals lol! In fairness, I love our uniforms, kudos to Sano our designer! I hope I can have a passing score tonight's game, Good luck to me!

Monday, October 10, 2011

I wish I have a long lashes!

I feel envy every time I saw a girl or a guy having a long lashes. How I wish I can have the same. When I got pregnant I wish that my baby girl will have a gorgeous lashes just like my dear nephew Andrei. So thankful that Ea have it, my wish was granted, am so happy about it. A friend of mine told me that there's still hope on me to have a long lashes by the help of best eyelash growth product. Hmmm.... I better tried it!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

10 months and counting!

Oh man, I can't believe am on my 10 months of agony having my brackets on! Last January my orthodontics Dra. Thess Mandin required me to have it to correct my teeth hence it affects my chewing ability. At first I am hesitant of having brackets because I know it hurts and very costly but Dra. Thess explained the consequences of not availing it on my health. For short, I was convince to have it on the first week of January 2011. I was fully amaze how Dental Technician Jobs touches lives of many by inventing this brackets. Thanks Dra. Thess for the patience on me, I know I gave you headache every time my brackets was loosen up and my wires broke up.

Mama is sick!

After celebrating mama loves 62nd birthday she got sick because of too much stress. Since were not living together, I decided to bring her home so that I can take good care of her. I decided to take my leave of absence so that I can monitor her vital signs every now and then. I love my mom very much and I hate seeing her sick. So thankful to her physician Dra. Vargas for being so good to us, though mama was not admitted Dra. was there to assist us every time we have questions, she is patiently answering our calls. So lucky to have her!

Do you know him?

When I asked by my friend Iris do you know arturo fuente ? I also answered him with a question why your asking me dear? She just laughed and say, just go to this website and you'll know who he is. With my curiosity I immediately go to the web and when I discovered something I can't help myself but laugh. Why don't you click arturo fuente to meet him...


My father need the expertise of motorhome repairs service now. Our car is in trouble 2 days now and I know my dad is having a hard time every time his favorite toy is not in good condition. Yesterday my big brother rescued my dad, thanks it not raining that time or else... I wish 580 will be fixed as soonest as possible.