Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Toys for Josh!

My best friend Jem requested me to buy a gift for his son Josh Danielle who is celebrating his 6th birthday today. Last December 22, I went to Abreeza Mall to buy Paulazh toys. Timely the Toys R Us is having a holiday sale so I save at least 10% on each toy. I bought 2 toys for Jems son, a red remote control car and a transformer 3 replica.
This is a 6 way remote control car that I bought in behalf of my bestfriend.
My nephew Andrei helped me to choose this toy. According to him Josh will gonna love it hence his collection are more on Transformer cars. I have emailed the pictures to my bff when I arrived last Dec 23 so that she can describe the toys to his son. I hope Josh will like it! Happy new toy Paulazh, wish you have a blast today.... We love you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nice gift for dad!

Its like a tradition to me and my siblings to give a birthday present to our beloved parents. Every year I and my brothers is scouting gifts for dads birthday. We use to have list and if ever the most like thing is not available we have another option to choose from. Last November we gave our dear papa a nice belt which he really like. As early as now we are again thinking what to give on his next natal day lol!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

another great creation of my bff!

This is another great creation of my bff Ethel Vera during his brother's wedding last Dec. 10. 2011 at Davao City. The altar and the aisle was indeed captivating. My dear bestfriend is indeed a good artist and she really love her craft. Every time she has new creation I can't stop my self saying this three letter word " WOW"! I am so proud of my dear Ethel Vera! Kudos for a job well done dear!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Tita Smyrz is moving out!

A good family friend is moving out in the City of Fruits of Highland Springs. Tita and her entire family will be staying in Cebu for good. We will gonna miss them for sure but on the other hand my family is very happy for them because finally they find the place they really belong. They deserved to be happy and besides there's no place like home for them. Last Sunday, my mom was there to assist Tita in packing up and Kuya dear helped them in negotiating the cargo vessel. I wish there is a gps truck tracking so that they can be transported by land. They will be leaving next week, I wish them safe trip.....

My baby BIG BOY!

Kuya Andrei Briggs is now 7 years old. When I took this photo yesterday I can't imagine how he turn into a fine young boy. I was his guardian since he was 1 day old. I love and take care of him like my own son. This is the only nephew that I have that's why he had so much attention on our family. Kuya Dei is a consistent honor student and we pray he can maintained that until he graduated college. We love Kuya Dei so much and we are very thankful to the Lord for giving him to our family!


I enjoyed watching PROTEGE, the battle for the big break of GMA 7! This reality show is somewhat similar to the X Factor USA the only difference is that mentors of the contestant are not the judges of the show. The mentors travel all over the country to search for their respective Protege and guided them to the contest proper. Most of them knows how to played Fender Mustang instruments which I envy most. How I wish I can play guitar like them!

Iris Smart phones

My best friend Iris have collections of smart phones and including to her list is the latest model of htc smart phone. Bob her fiance spoiled her by giving the newest and coolest gadgets hence Bob himself is also a gadget addict. I can still remember when this couple gave me the taste of having a smart phone. It was a surprise birthday gift handed by Irish a day before my natal day. I can't forget that moment. This couple loves me so much as much as I love them too.