Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Plate to Remember!

I can still remember when Ethel dear was in the process of renovating their lovely house, we were looking for a wooden switch plate covers for the entire building. I thought it was just a wild imagination of my best friend as an artist but man its true lol! Thanks to Jem an interior decorator friend for helping us, we love the designs she suggested and am thinking to upgrade my switch covers soon... :)

Who can relate to this!

I can relate to this picture that'w why I decided to post it here. I am busy as a bee buzzing around these past weeks and I hope I can cope up things around me. Sometimes I want to panic but I realized it will not be healthy for me if I'll do that. Thanks " MOM" for teaching me the essence of Time Management, it really works specially on cramming days.She always remind me to prioritize things according to deadlines so that no time will be wasted and that's what am doing nowadays. She also told me to take all task easy and enjoyable even how difficult it is! Applying it all MOM, hope I can be as good as YOU! Love yah!

Friday, January 13, 2012

All by myself!

Just wanna share my experience early morning today, I was woke up by an annoying noise. When I check it out I was surprise that our faucet connection was broken because of too much water pressure. I immediately off the main bulb and double check the damage. Since I am the only adult at home so I fix the damage by myself. Just so thankful that there is an available threaded stem casters in the house thus it helps me a lot.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saving for a dream vacation

I and my brother is planning to have a tour of course with our babies. As early as last year we started saving for that trip. Early this year I am scouting for the disney packages which I know our babies will surely enjoy. I have found one for the month of August but my brother prefer the tour on December. I hope I can find a good package on that month, wishing for the best!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

YEPA keeps me busy!

This is my first time to make a video presentation for PESO-YEPA and honestly I am very much nervous because the software is new to me. My boss told me to use PROSHOW which is am not familiar with. I have no choice but to asked a DOLE personnel to have a tutorial session which only lasted 5 minutes because of the whole day brownout. I have no choice but to learn on my own hence I need to finish the video in 5 days time. When I asked my boss about the coverage of the presentation she told me to highlights all our achievements for year 2011. Oh men, I need to recall all the major activities and check all the pictures and data needed. I hope I can beat the deadline, praying for the success of my assignment.

Whats the difference?

Am wondering whats the difference between an ordinary helmet from a horse riding helmets, thats my question yesterday but thanks to Mr. Google for answering all my questions. Last year, I bought a motorcycle helmet for my elder brother and he loves it. Again, he is asking another one what if I will give her the helmets mentioned above lol! What do you think, folks?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I want a new bed

This year am thinking of having a new bed for me and my baby Andrea, I already browse for some model designs and I am very much attracted with the log beds. I want a bigger bed yet chic and classy. Hopefully soon my plans will prosper. For now I need to save for that bed, I need to minimize unnecessary expenses specially on buying extra food lol! Kidding aside, it is a must buy for me this year 2012. Can't wait to have my new bed!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year to all of us!
This year will be the year of the water dragon! I have heard a lot of predictions this year and positive vibes.. I hope all the good predictions will come true and all negative vibes will be wipe out. I am a dragonians and praying this year will bring me more luck! With devotional prayer and doing the right deeds I know GOD will bless my whole family! Have a prosperous New Year Guys!