Thursday, March 22, 2012

W's of life!

I just want to share something, this is far different from the 5 W's I used to know during my journalism days! I love the new version of it and the meaning touches my heart. I'll be happy if you will share the same to your friend. Am sure you will make them smile too!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Diamond is Forever!

The best gift in town is from diamond supply co. according to a friend who loves to received gifts. Xeilah is an artist and she love giving presents to her set of friends including me. I still use the sweat shirts she gave to me during our high school days. I really treasured it because its personalized! Wis to have more stuff from him soon!

Less than a month

Less than a month from now Holy week will be observed again here in our country. This is the most awaited event of the Roman Catholics every summer. In fact some of my believer friends makes sacrifices through climbing the tallest peak of the Philippines Mt. Apo! For other non-practitioners they take advantage the long holiday for a quality vacation with their families. I can still remember some malls here sponsor an egg hunting contest for all ages and some boutiques share Easter gift basket from to all the kids who participated the contest. This year for sure contest will be more exciting.

Want to have this massage!

I miss my lovely cat name "Mezzing"! Every time I came home from office she always welcome me with a sweet "meow" with matching massage on my legs the time am sitting in the sofa! When I saw this pic, I can relate how relaxing a massage is specially during toxic days. How I wish I can visit a SPA this coming days cause I really need one.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspired by Ski!

Last week, dear brother got a chance to have a total make over of her shoe racks! Thanks to my cousin Yeng for sharing some ski racks designs which makes my super excited brother to customize everything. He loves his shoes as he loves himself lol! Kidding aside youngest bro is a shoe lover and I adore his passion for shoes. What I love him most is that he gave his not so old shoes to me every time he purchase a new one, that's why am very supportive of him lol! Go dear bro, my hands are widely open for the gifts!

Go Large!

Summer is more fun this year for my baby bro Choi hence he will be enrolling for a body building class come March 12, 2012. Since last week he was advice to do warm ups like jogging or walking so that his body can easily adopt on the body building program. Yesterday, we already inquire about the food supplements he will be needing, thanks to enlarge maxx reviews for the information, it help us to choose whats the right supplement to be taken. I am also thinking of enrolling myself, hmmmm.... i'll update you soon guys for the development!