Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wedding month is coming!

Two days to be exact and its already wedding month. I am glad that side line business is awake for my dear sister- in- law lolz! I really love watching her doing the floral arrangements, I really wish I can mimic her artistry.  She really has a good taste of combining colors. She put her heart on her crafts that's why she can produce good output. Good luck Manang, I know you will be very busy then, just give me a call and I am very much willing to help for free, wink!

Elai's Resort has it!

A family friends resort was finally opened to served the public of Kidapawan City. When I visited the place early this year, I was mesmerized by its beauty. The resort has a modern outdoor furniture that adds the classy look of the place. Elai Resort is a must visited place in our City. Pretty soon, its hotel rooms will. also cater the public. Congrats Nunun for another business venture!

Happy Birthday Dear Bro!

Three Hundred Eighty Four (384) months ago, my mother delivered a bouncing baby boy named Aris! He was became the apple of the eye of our family. He is indeed very dear to us! When he was still in grade 2, I personally took care of him hence, we are away with our parents.  As a preacher of the gospel my father was assigned in the remote area.Since they want us  to have a good education  they've enrolled us at the Poblacion area. My brother and I were very close and I am very thankful with that. Now, that we have our own babies, the relationship is getting deeper and deeper because of our kids! Thank you dear brother for all the joy , love  understanding and help that you gave to us. Happy birthday to you and may the LORD GOD shower more blessings on your special day! WE LOVE YOU!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Back it up!

I always back up my files. I know the importance saving  multiple files because in times of trouble you can really depend on it.  My friend CJR started to computerized everything on her business and the first thing she does is to have a business backup. She is a veteran  of business  and for sure she don't want to gamble what she have nowadays. Smart move my friend!

Same old me!

This picture was taken 7 years ago and its the same old me lol! Honestly, this is one of my favorite profile picture during Friendster days, am happy I still have a copy of it. Thanks to Blogger album for showing me this picture again. I can't stop my self smiling when I browse it this morning. A million thanks again!

Proud to be a SCAN International Member!

I am a proud member of  Society of Communicators and Networkers International since 1997. This year the organization sponsored a Be Ready seminar to all of its members and luckily I was able to attend the event last March timely in preparation of  the Holy week : Bantay Lansangan Activity". Speakers from Philvols, Bureau of Fire and Protection emphasized the importance of readiness all the time so that in time of accident and calamity, injuries can be avoided or lessen. To apply what I've learned during the seminar I always see to it that I have car emergency kit  every time we travel, accident is everywhere and  its good to be ready all the time.

Do it yourself!

If I will be given a chance to create my dream house I will do it myself hence, do it yourself steel buildings  is on the go. Am really fond of creating stuff on my own, I love fixing things. When I visited my cousin's furniture house I saw ready to assembled cabinets and to my eagerness to learned I asked Mang Rudy if I can try to build one, lucky my request was granted... Am so happy seeing that stuff standing am so proud of myself.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Job Fair on Labor Day

We have a very successful Job Fair during Labor Day! The event was so tiring in our part but its very fulfilling. Another job well done to LGU-Kidapawan through its working arm Public Employment Service Office and of course in coordination with Department of Labor and Employment.Thank you to our SPES beneficiaries for helping us and making the event a meaningful one.