Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Renewing my 3P's

I started blogging as past time hobby but after few months of loving it, I entered the world of paid blogging. It's been 5 years since my mentor  and a good friend of mine introduced me this good opportunity. Am still alive and still enjoying it. Because of my hectic schedule I miss 3P's for few years now but I decided to renew once more. I hope I can still catch big fish in my comeback!

Welcome Home Cake!

Thanks Ms. Honey for giving me an idea on how to welcome my Aunt and Uncle from Canada. This lovely cake is indeed a blast, another wonderful creation to the highest level among of your thousandths designs. Our visitor would love this kind of cake for sure!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I wish she can wear it!

I love buying 14k gold chains for my baby Andrea. The first time I bought this kind of stuff for her when she  was  still 8 months old. I love looking at her with jewelries because she is  indeed  a gem to me and to the entire family. How I wish she could wear it all one of this days and learned to take good care of it.

Nice and Yummy Cakes!

yummy top view of sunflower cake
side glance
The green top covering
Who can resist these yummy customize cakes? I really adore Ms. Honey for her passion and love of baking these lovely yummy cakes... The first time I saw her creations, the only word that comes in my mouth is WOW.... and when I taste it, OMG! it doubles the goodness of its appearance. The cake is not just adorable but the taste is really really good. It's very moist and you can't resist how delicious it is....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Well said Mr. Bean!

Even how wacky this man is, Mr. Bean still is full of wit! Mr. Atkinson in real life is one of the most respectable man in his place. Proof? Prince William and Duchess Kate will not get this man as their godfather in their wedding  if he is not . He is one of the funniest person I'd ever watched!

Farewell Ate Ging!

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These are exactly the words that was posted on Ate Ging2X page as a tribute of Chen on how grateful she is having Ate Ging as her mom. I know Chen and her siblings will surely miss their mom... Ate Ging may have her own flaws but as a mom I can say she in one of the best. I saw it in my two eyes how good mother Ate Ging was, she gave it all to her kids unconditionally. On her death, I know her kids life would not be the same but am praying that Chen, Marc and Mahal will stay strong and steadfast on their Faith to God! Farewell ate...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Give me that light!

I personally bought a cfls at my favorite hardware store for our newly extended kitchen area. My brother opt to chose the said product hence as an electrician he knows its capacity. I love the design and of course the light it gives. Needless to say that our house shines every night because of the latter. Thanks for  the light it gives hope and joy to our family.