Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Newly upholster!

After 3 long years, finally my father decided to change his favorite red tacoma seat covers to color blue. It looks great on our Toyota vehicle. Six Eighty as I called to our ride looks so macho, specially now with its upholstery. Kudos father dear, Six Eighty is as good looking as you! Am sure you'll be  more  thrilled and enjoy the ride everyday!

Zipping is more fun with my Baby Love

One of the activity we've prepared for our Tita Baby & Company's vacation is to visit Camp Sabros. We want them to enjoy and maximize their 5 days trip here in Mindanao. Camp Sabros Invasion was made possible on Day 3 of their vacation October 20, 2012. We have lots of fun 98% of us were all first timers except for my brother Aris who been in this place for several times. Thanks bro for insisting to include this place in our iterinary. We enjoyed zipping.... we conquered our fear of heights. This  adventure is very memorable  for me because its my first zip line experience and it's more special because I zip with my darling Andrea. I am so proud of her because she was so calm and no trace of fear on her face, she enjoyed it a lot.... Zipping at Camp Sabros is indeed more fun with your loveones!
I am so thrilled while preparing for our launched... my baby looks so calm, am so proud of her!
We're hanging on the air by this time.... took one more shot while enjoying our trip to nature

 riding the cable cart lift going back to the  Base Camp
My baby is enjoying our ride going back to the Base Camp...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sewed with love!

I envy person who knows how to sewed dresses. So proud of my friend Jackie for learning it easily, I saw the mens cherokee scrubs alike designs she make for her hubby Drei. She is so sweet, that scrub is from labor of love. Congratulations my friend another wonderful creation just for your one and only darling. Can't wait to see more designs from you soon! 

Sulit... I enjoyed it!

After a week of having fun and quality time with the whole family and our visitors, its time  to get back to work. It feels good having a break ... away from stressful work and alike. I love having quality time with my baby Andrea, we both enjoyed our trip together. From fetching our visitors from the airport, going to different tourist spots of Davao City, Zipping at Kapatagan, Digos City and Swimming at Agco Mountain Spa Resort at Kidapawan City. Am so happy travelling with her now because she can appreciate it all! More to come soon baby!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Assignment done!

My brother asked me a favor to find the best reporting product that he will be needing for his newly approved project. So thankful to my ever supportive friends for helping me with this quest. Thanks God, It was all set and my assignment is fully accomplish. Am sure little bro will be happy bout it! I hope it will be a great help. Good luck bro!

Five daysForce leave approved!

So happy and thankful because my 5 days force leave has been approved. Am now ready to assist the whole family in welcoming our visitors all the way from Canada. Tita Baby and company will be staying 5 nights and 6 days (October 18-23) with us and am sure it would be tough. I already prepared our iterinary, few revisions was made for day one but the rest is approved. The whole family is ready... pictures will post soon....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am indeed proud to be a member of the CHURCH OF CHRIST.... When my cousin posted this picture, the first words that comes on my mouth is WOW! To GOD BE THE GLORY! This Arena is indeed world class and we are very excited to go here come July 27, 2014, the INC 100th year founding anniversary in the Philippines. Can't wait for that day...

This is the INC Arena, the venue of 100th year  foundation  celebration of  the CHURCH OF CHRIST in the Philippines.

Winter is coming!

My dear friend Jemema called yesterday and complaining about heavy fogs outside their flat. She told me that winter is now slowly conquering Dubai and they are very excited bout it to break the heat. Last year her step dad bought her a pair of jacket and now she told me she got one at north face winter coat online. I visited the page and OMG! I love the designs. I reminded Jem not to forget mine on her next purchase lol!

Dynamite Lumpia

This yummy food is courtesy of my dear cousin Snooky! I wonder how it taste like cause its made of green long pepper wrapped and deep fried. Dear cousin called it Dynamite Lumpiang Sili, hmmmm... it looks yummy and can't wait to taste it soon!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Deal or No deal?

Every time my nephew Andrei Briggs asked something from his papa, there's always a deal. I remember the last time he requested a scooter that he saw on a  knee scooter information page. My brother gave a  challenge to his son and that is to drive a big bike. The said quest was accepted and Andrei proved to his dad that he can drive a without any side wheels. When his dad saw him driving a big bike, he was no choice but to go with the deal, Andrei got his scooter after a week!